INSPIRED BY: Art and Hues of the Sea

Inspiration from the mysterious sea and it's hidden depths of blue and green.

Image: from Ralph Lauren

The sea has long held a fascination for me. I think my introduction to this obsession came from my grandfather's many watercolours of sailboats and majestic ocean liners, lovingly worn books and his own personal stories of life at sea as a cabin boy. Long after he was gone, his books and paintings continually strengthened my obsession, as did my brother's own art. Unfortunately for me, he was the one to inherent this talent (and possibly the watercolours??).

I suppose it should not surprise me then that my favourite colours are blue and green. And not just the light and friendly hues. My passion also runs deeper to the dark, deep blues and steely grey greens. Any colour really you would find in an ocean storm.

Hawaii Seascape: by Betty Paeth

I love to bring these passions into my surroundings so I can enjoy them daily. My preference (but still a dream) is to have a somewhat neutral setting which can then be punctuated by bursts of colour (often changed to suit my mood). One way to introduce this colour is by artful placement of cluster paintings, or even a large looming piece that dominates the space. At the end of this post, you will find some wonderful art that has recently inspired me. But for now, here are some examples of both art and sea inspired hues found in my online meanderings.

Nautically Inspired

Sea Foam & Deeper Hues

Ships & Sailboats

IMAGES: House Beautiful , Ralph Lauren, Nicholas Haslam, Velvet & Linen, Taverne Agency

Some great inspiration for cluster art can be found at Anna Spiro's blog Absolutely Beautiful Things. This designer has the touch for bringing art and fabulous colour into your home.

Wallpaper (with hues of the sea)

The first two images above are from Shannon Fricke's home. Another fabulous Australian talent. Her home is something to envy.

And of course, finally, the wonderful art that inspired this post. These pieces below fascinate me. Oh how I would love to own and cherish them myself.

Art That Inspires Me

A little Blurb about the Art

#1 - I like to call this the 'Blue Lady'. I can look at her for hours and wonder what her life was like, and what she was thinking in this moment. This elegant lady seems a little sad to me. Perhaps she is stifled by the protocols of her station in life. (found via 'Absolutely Beautiful Things' blogspot)

#2 - Seascape by 'Whistler'. One of the many beautiful seascapes by Whistler. This image was found at 'House Beautiful'

#3 - This painting was posted at 'A Bloomsbury Life'. I really don't know anything about it other than the colours and composition sing to me. [postcript: artist: Dora Carrington]

#4 - I just adore this artwork by Adalaide Johnson. These two ladies look very carefully attired and almost uncomfortable in their surroundings. Is it just the shoes not suited to the terrain? I think it might be another case of being stifled by protocol. This was part of an art show held by the fabulous store Curious Sofa. I can't get to the store, but I love visiting her blog 'Curious Sofa Diaries'.

#5 - 'Centennial Park' by Marcella Kasper. Subtle muted colours. The subject here is not the sea, but Centennial Park in Sydney. I used to park my car there every morning on the way to work. Some winter mornings you could be lucky enough to see a mist sweep in from the sea. So not of the sea, but from the sea.

Well that is all for this post. If you can't live by the sea, at least you can bring it into your home by way of art and colour. I love to know 'what' inspires you and 'how' you incorporate that love into your surroundings.

Dedicated to 'Dagga' ... and

'Those who go down to sail the sea in ships

who do their business on the high seas'

If you happen to make it to the end of this post ... congratulations ... it was a bit 'mammoth' and became somewhat of my 'archilles heel'.


Julie said...

Hi Julie
Great post. I love your idea of having neutural surrounding and add the color to fulfill the mood.
You always have a great ideas.. Great inspiration! I love all your selected interior decor and the Arts.

x Julie.

Lee said...

Julie - fantastic post! Loved every single image & the meaning behind them. Hope you've had a terrific weekend. Lee :)

Kellie Collis said...

Hi Julie. Thank you for tagging me!! I have noted this on my blog. Only recently saw it!

Still learning this tagging thing.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Kellie x

Tiina of livingConcept said...

lovely blue dining area! these pictures are great! and the mirror in the hallway... oh i need it :)

Samy said...

Hi I found your blog via Ada and Darcy and just wanted to say its lovely :)

koralee said...

What an amazingly lovely heart is loving this blue and white...your wallpaper samples are so so lovely...ahhhh i could stare at them all glad i found your blog...will be back for more inspiration.

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

What a beautiful post and interesting story. I grew up completely landlocked (in Switzerland), and I'm so grateful that my dream of living by the sea came true.

The House That A-M Built said...

What a spectacular post. I too am a 'blue on neutral' girl. I feel that my love of blue has come from having 2 little boys and it has grown from the love of baby blue to navy, to all things nautical, to my current love of cornflour blue/duck egg blue. Love the paintings that you covet! A-M xx

white flower farmhouse said...

Great post! I'm a huge fan of ships and seafaring and stormy seas, myself. That first image is fantastic -- I don't mean to be a pain in the neck, but do you happen to know where in Ralph Lauren you found it? It really struck a chord with me, especially since I'm reading Moby Dick right now!
-- megan

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Julie,

What a beautiful post and thank you so much for the mention. Your blog is lovely BTW. Thanks for all your lovely comments you leave me at ABT.

Kind regards,

Anna Spiro said...

Great inspiration here. Love the old New York photograph.

Alicia said...

Your top image is Winslow Homer's "The Fog Warning". Homer was so inspired by the sea.
I love the spindle bed & of course the blues & whites but the wallpaper in Shannons bedroom. I just saw it in another room image done up mode.. fabulous & universal.
What an inspiring post!!!!

Beach House Dreamer said...

I wonder what ship that is on the framed Nautical Ship painting. It's so perfect over the bed. I love ships, but ironically really never set foot on one, if you don't count ferry boats.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Girls - I am thrilled you enjoyed my post

To Megan
Quite fittingly, it is from his North Atlantic Coast Collection; Only a small image - but still nice

AND compliments of Alica (of Delightful & Delovely) the first image is Winslow Homer's "The Fog Warning".

Thanks Alicia for the extra info.

And To Beach House Dreamer
The image is from a House Beautiful feature (link below). I had a look and they advise it is 'a 1932 depiction of the liner 'Normandie'. Knew it wasn't Titanic, as she had 4 stacks.

Thanks again girls

Unknown said...

A mammoth blog, but oh so worth it. Such a gorgeous, dreamy post, I'm in heaven. I especially love Marcella Kaspar's painting - I adore her work and have featured her art and her home on my blog in the past, but this one I've never seen before.

Dirty Dolly Design said...

I've tried to drag myself away from your blog this morning - but ...... I'm resigned to the fact that i'm going to late !!! It's just tooooo good, toooooo beautiful and tooooo enjoyable.
And you've put me in fantastic mood, thank you Ruby.

white flower farmhouse said...

Oh, thank you so much Julie and Alicia -- I really appreciate your efforts! I'd love to get a print of the painting -- a small size, as I have the perfect frame. Great post!
-- Megan

cate said...

LOVE LOVE the Blue, It is such a great colour and can be represented in so many ways thank you for sharing...I have tagged you for some uninteresting fun!!

lily-g said...

l have used lots of blue in my home from Duck egg blue to Navy and white, thank you for sharing such beautiful images x

Anonymous said...

Oooeeehhhwieeehhh.....I love this post, but I need to read it tomorrow. Just wanted to ask you when you're going to buy that lovely villa of yours in Italy and how often you'll be living in that thing. I'll keep an eye on it for you ANY TIME...-LOL-

Bookmarked your blog....;-)

Cassie said...

Very pretty blog, and some amazing images. That black bed is beautiful!

Ange said...

Miss Ruby (via Julie) you really must read Ahab's Wife (The Stargazer) and try one day to make it to L'Ile d'Yeu...I think you have just written how I feel about blue and green and my next home will be the same...Pure, with bursts of colour. In the meantime I drown in my inks as they mix hues... Love reading your blog