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To The Moon Alice
June 2013

Good Evening Ladies & Gentleman, Young and Old. 
Sit Back, Relax & Welcome to Your Feature Attraction.

This week we are showing a Super Moon Extravaganza. Full to the brim, Mr Moon is whipping up a ferocious sea and doing battle with Mr Big Waves. Known for his exciting action scenes, Mr Big Waves will be making a SPLASH across the big blog screen in a dueling battle with Mr Moon. Who will be the victor? Or will these two exciting players find a sense of calm amidst the brewing storm? Only time will tell. Whatever the outcome you are sure to be thrilled by the emotion sparked by these two big names on the blog circuit. Only Mother Nature herself has ever managed to tame their antics once the feuding is set in motion.

Tonight's action is mellowed by an up and coming new player 'A Pocket Full of Posies'. Never before seen this side of the Plimsoll Line, this quiet and sensitive stunner will be sure to pull your heart strings. A warning for the sensitive folk, some scenes may disturb! 'Posy' finds herself in the midst of a ferocious storm. Will her petals survive? Will she be blown to the 4 corners of mother earth? You'll have to wait for the sequel. So come back next week for our coming attraction when 'Mr Big Waves' visits 'Posies' quiet village home at the edge of the sea.

We Hope You Have Enjoyed Tonight's Attraction! 
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This has been another Ruby Time Production©
Artwork from original photography: [beingRuby©] 
Location: A Little Bit of Everywhere
Mr Big Waves likes to stay at The Four Seasons 'Shoreline'
A Pocket Full of Posies is dressed by 'Mother Nature'

Disclaimer: No Flowers were hurt during the making of this 'featurette'. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the Sailboat which capsized shortly after filming the storm sequence. A replacement is being drawn in as we speak to ensure next week's sequel is brought in on schedule