Thinking of: SPRING

Thinking of: SPRING

Hi Everyone.. I'm back.. I hope! and today I'm thinking of spring!! Unusual as Australia is moving further into autumn, although Easter Time always makes me think of spring!. In fact the weather plays little tricks on us around this time and alternates the days between cool crisp autumn and spring like sunshine. Perhaps the southern skies feel a little left out.. They know that Easter should be springtime.. A time of new growth and renewal.. sunshine and happiness and a bounce in the step.

So I'm just going to fake it and create my own little piece of spring... We'll start with a scene in  the French countryside. Some rolling hills fading into a backdrop of fluffy fairy floss clouds. A little stone cottage somewhere on the horizon invites us to run through the fields and make our way home. A sunflower or two so you know where you are.

Nothing like a bit of pseudo reality to fuel the imagination. In fact I've been on a bit of a roll this week creating pseudo french landscapes. Somewhere between reality and 'the land of everything as it should be' .. little water painting patchworks that take you on a journey to France.. I'll bring them to you soon.. But you'll have to wait till after Easter.. I'll tell you more about it as we get closer to that time.. But for now... take a run in the fields or lie in the grass and watch the clouds float on by, and no matter from which hemisphere your horizons hail...

Enjoy A Little Springtime


 Artwork  [copyright beingRuby©]
Created from original photography:  [beingRuby©]
Location: Normandy, France, August 2011

To The Moon Alice: Into The Night

Into The Night

Grandfather Moon summoned all his strength to glow brighter on this last night of his ascent. He had not seen the earth child this season.. The one that wanders and watches his journey each month. Where could she be he wondered.. As much as the earth children had grown accustomed to his monthly visits, he had grown accustomed to theirs and in particular the blonde one, the one who's hair reflected his smile and floated on the wind like the seagulls that danced around her.

Where could she be he wondered.. The full moon season was almost at it's end. He could feel his powers slipping with each nightly ascent. Already his face was losing it's structure.. His hairline had aged and receded quickly this month, there was little time left before his ears would fade into the darkness of the universe then how would he hear the blonde one's wishes.

One last try he promised himself. I will search out her home and rise up above the rooftops  throwing such a glow she will hear the insistent knocking at her window.  So Grandfather Moon changed his course across the night skies.. Moving south he fed upon the rising stars and asked the clouds to assist his journey... But still he could not find the blonde one.. The trees had grown thick with their summer leaves and thwarted his view upon the earth. It was growing late and soon the earth children would prepare for slumber... With a kind and gentle voice he asked the trees to move south with the clouds, to make a path for his journey.. We can't they cried.. We are bound to this earth in the place we were created.. We cannot wander from our birthplace. So the moon made a pact with the trees... and the winter winds would assist the task.

A fierce wind was blown upon the earthbound trees. A wind so fierce, the summer leaves lost their grip and scurried through the night sky to search out a safe haven. Barefaced and rigid, the trees stood stark and still, chilled from the sudden undressing. And there, hidden behind the branches, Grandfather Moon found the blonde one.

Not lost.. but waiting.. 
Hair alit by his brilliant smile

The End
[till next time]

Me Again

Hi Everyone.. My story is by way of apology to the Moon for being so late with my moon post this month. I hope he forgives me!! And the artwork is for all of you.. So you too can make late wishes upon the moon.

Autumn is here in Sydney... Some days summer is hanging on... forgotten to come earlier it is making a last ditch attempt to warm us before the chill of winter sets in.

I hope to get back to regular posting soon. And to all of those who have been emailing and commenting on my whereabouts.. Thanks for thinking of me.. I've been thinking of all of you also and will try and catch up with emails and visits soon.


Moon Over Sea:  Original Photography & Artwork  [copyright beingRuby©]
Location: Amalfi Coast, Italy, August 2011
Grandfather Moon Story:  [copyright beingRuby©]