Shakespeare & Co

Be Not Inhospitable To Strangers 
Lest They Be Angels In Disguise


These are the words that welcome visitors to the Shakespeare & Co bookstore located on Rue de la Bûcherie, Paris. Of course the trillions of books lining the walls will welcome you as well, but I think the loveliest welcome is the sweet zinc table and assorted chairs out the front. Somewhere quiet to sit and read, reflect on life, or just rest one's weary feet after a day's sightseeing in Paris.

Sadly the owner of the store George Whitman, died just last month but his legacy will live on and the bookstore known to many via the film Julie & Julia, will continue to enthrall the hoards of tourists who make their pilgrimage to Paris.

Now I do not know these people who happened to pop into my camera's lens.. Usually I avoid posting people shots due to privacy.. But I think they aptly reflect the clientele .. Well according to my imagination they do.. The elderly gent who enjoys the buzzing atmosphere of the young and young at heart, and the tourists.. weary but happy from their day's adventure, keenly plan their next foray.

All Are Welcome Here
Strangers & Angels Alike

Speaking of Angels..  Thanks everyone for the well wishes and support in my request to the universe.. She is a bit slow to respond this week.. but I'm sure she's busy creating options as we speak ..

Happy Weekend Everyone
It is just around the corner

ALL Text, Original Photography & Artwork [copyright beingRuby©]
Location: Shakespeare & Co Store Front: Paris, France [August 2011]

A Room With A View [Numero Deux]


I Demand A Do-Over

About this time last year I Feng Shui-ed my blog with images of Rome and a virtual travel angel.. Well It worked.. I did get back to Europe last year and of course Italy and France were the destinations.

About a year and a half ago I requested the universe's help to find somewhere new to live.. And the universe delivered there also.. In fact it provided two choices although I suspect I made the wrong one.. So after all these months I feel it's time to try again. I'm asking for a do-over. Please Dear Universe, Send me somewhere clean, quiet and happy to live.. You know the requirements... In fact I've helped you out with a little visual aid!! OH.. And this time.. Could the internet work everyday?

If Only Finding Somewhere New To Live Could Be Created With Photoshop!!
[perhaps I should have put a satellite dish on top]

Have A Lovely Weekend All

ALL Text, Original Photography & Artwork [copyright beingRuby©]
Houses: Paris, France [2011]

To The Moon Alice: The Lighthouse

To The Moon Alice
January 2012

This month's full moon feels cheeky and full of adventurous spirit...
Bright and bold she is lighting up the night sky with her luminous lemony glow.
Casting a light of luck and goodwill in your direction.. 

... A Personal Lighthouse 
To Guide You To Your Destiny...  

Happy Full Moon Everyone
[Will update the Moon Notes soon!!]

ALL Text, Original Photography & Artwork [copyright beingRuby©]
Little Miss: BeingRuby's mamma [circa 1930's]
Backgrounds:  Various locations NSW Australia 

Little Miss: Takes A Journey

Ciao Mamma & Bonjour Maman
Little Miss has been doing a some travelling.   Her little girl dreams are filled with fields of wild flowers & daisies, and travels to far away places [and pretty little dresses to suit the climate].

It's no surprise Little Miss has big dreams right now.. It's a new year. Still fresh and sparkly with hopes & promise. Time to dream big and envisage new adventures.  Time to change 'maybe' into 'possible'.

Without little girl dreams 
Where would we be?

I Hope You Are All Dreaming Big Right Now
It's our little dreams that grow into big possibilities.. Take out some childhood hopes and wishes, dust them off and plant them in a field of daisies.. Imagine them growing strong and healthy and spreading their tendrils upward and onward till they leap off that storybook page into your own world of reality.

And for all the little boys out there
The same applies
[sans le pretty dresses.. unless that's your thing!]

Dream Big This Year

ALL Text, Original Photography & Artwork [copyright beingRuby©]
Little Miss: BeingRuby's mamma [circa 1930's]
Backgrounds:  Paris & Rome: , August  2011

Little Miss 
Is dressed by Ruby
Hair by her mamma

This Has Been Another RubyTime Production©
Little Miss is a RubyTime  Associate and available to make guest appearances for your high profile functions.  Little Miss chooses to stay at 5 star hotels whilst on location and  has a standing order for 'milk and cookies in the evenings' and 'porridge with brown sugar for breakfast'. The inability to meet these requirements will negate any written contracts and subsequently render any  future engagements defunct.

Any resemblance to real persons is purely INTENTIONAL