The Future of Australia

Happy Australia Day
to my fellow Aussies

HI Everyone.. It's been one of those weeks. Dosed up on antibiotics for a dental issue and an internet that just won't play play nicely with others.. So I have been tardy in visits and lacking in posts. But .. today is Australia Day.. Living on Botany Bay the birthplace of our nation,  demands that I honour the occasion.  But what? Another cockatoo or two? A banksia tree? How about a wombat?

Better still a shot of the Future of Australia..  A second generation Australian who just happens to be my 'great nephew' [with respect to the author we will refrain from using the term 'great' from this point in].  A cheeky little terror who is happy to sit around in his singlet and eat whatever is put in front of him.  Hmm.. seems like a typical Aussie to me .. hahaha.. But seriously folks.. I think he makes a good ambassador. We are a relatively young country of mixed heritage that doesn't stand on ceremony or worry too much if we get a bit of egg on our face. [or whipped cream in this case]. We tend to be casual in our dress and manner and naive enough to embrace our mistakes and laugh them off as a learning curve.. A good way to be and I should remember that next time I'm in a pickle. 

So Have A Fabulous Australia Day
And a Fabulous Week to The Rest of The World
Internet permitting.. I'll pop round for a visit soon

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Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Oh, such little darling! He is just precious!
Hope all is well with you other than the internet problems, and the tooth thing.
Have a great week, Julie, and keep the photographs coming!

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

what a little sweetie!!!!

I hope the dental issue is not too painful xox

Sharon said...

Well, Julie, if this is the Future of Australia, I would say Australia can expect a very bright future. What a charming little Aussie. What an absolutely adorable child! Happy Australia Day - and no worries. Hope you're feeling much better soon.

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Happy Australia Day Julie! And welcome to the continents latest ambassador, cream faced and all!
hope all is well with you
best wishes

Carla said...

Your little nephew (yes totally drop the great bit) is such a little cutie unfortunately I don't have any left at this adorable it will be the Great Aunty Carla bit!! but that is a way off.
Happy Australia day Julie and am loving the pics you are posting Brava all beautiful.
Carla x

It's me said...

What a that your son ?? happy australien day

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Oh dearest, no wonder I have not seen too many friends around Blogland; I had trouble getting into a blog last night and I hear from a pal that she is having troubles on her site. GOOD TO SEE YOU! Anita

Jayne said...

Lovely post (and pictures!) He is a charming little man. Happy Australia Day to you and yours!

mermaid gallery said...

being easy going is a wonderful thing and aussies are renowned for it....your kin looks like a grand ambassador for you and your country. Dental work is the worst and i sympathize completely...heal up fast! Enjoy the big Oz day!!!!

Giulia said...

Wonderful portraits, Julie!

Happy holiday...

michelle said...

He is absolutely adorable Julie! I love these shots. I hope you had a wonderful day and I wish the rest of the world was as casual. :)

Jennifer Beaudet said...

He's so cute! You did an amazing job capturing him on film. Happy Australia Day!! It would be so amazing to visit someday. Take care:)

rjerdee said...

Such a thoughtful post and what a little cutie!!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh he is adorable! Your "great" status reminded me of my son when he was 3 or so referring to his great grandmother as his grandmother. I mentioned she was his great grandmother, not just grandmother, but he just didn't get it - I kept saying "nani is your Great Grandmother" and he kept saying, "I know, she's terrific!" lol! so I am betting you too are a Terrific-Aunt! Happy Australia Day!

Roberta said...

What a cutie pie Julie! A bright spot in your day I'll wager! Happy Australia Day and hope your feeling better by now. xo

Carole said...

Love both of these...the stunned one and the cream on his face. This is such a great choice for Australia day. I'm sure he will carry on the tradition of the easy going Aussie. That's why the world has such a love affair with your countrymen and their country.

Happy Aussie Day,


the old boathouse said...

Great? Did you say great nephew? Julie you are far too young to have that attached to your name ha. But what a cutie! Hope the teeth are feeling better soon... Teeth are really nothing but trouble once you get to a certain age. Miss our chats, I have been slack blogger for so long now. But I have your pics in my hallway so you are never far from my thoughts xxxx

La Petite Gallery said...

What a darling baby. He could be President. Have a great weekend and hope your tooth is better.


La Petite Gallery said...

What a darling baby. He could be President. Have a great weekend and hope your tooth is better.


helen tilston said...

Hello Julie

Hope you are feeling better
The baby is adorable
Happy Australia Day


Francine Gardner said...

Your nephew is just too cute and adorable! Belated happy Australia day!

Claudia Lane said...

he is gorgeous Julie...I love how your mind works, just fantastic! xo

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

As a fellow Australian, I love your summary of the Australian character.