A Room With A View [Numero Deux]


I Demand A Do-Over

About this time last year I Feng Shui-ed my blog with images of Rome and a virtual travel angel.. Well It worked.. I did get back to Europe last year and of course Italy and France were the destinations.

About a year and a half ago I requested the universe's help to find somewhere new to live.. And the universe delivered there also.. In fact it provided two choices although I suspect I made the wrong one.. So after all these months I feel it's time to try again. I'm asking for a do-over. Please Dear Universe, Send me somewhere clean, quiet and happy to live.. You know the requirements... In fact I've helped you out with a little visual aid!! OH.. And this time.. Could the internet work everyday?

If Only Finding Somewhere New To Live Could Be Created With Photoshop!!
[perhaps I should have put a satellite dish on top]

Have A Lovely Weekend All

ALL Text, Original Photography & Artwork [copyright beingRuby©]
Houses: Paris, France [2011]


Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Sigh. Paris.

I hope the universe comes good! xox

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

If wishing could make it so........ Good luck with your house hunting.
Bonne semaine

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

omg - beam me there scottie - that is divine!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh darlin', you know how to really bring on the beauty. SAVE SOME OF THESE for my Paris Simply Irresistable link party in May! FABULOUS DEAREST, Anita

Beatnheart said...

Dear Julie,
may all your wishes come true. Your new work is so beautiful,so inspiring. What Ana amazing talented lady you are. You deserve all you dream for. may 2012 be the tear it all happens for you.

Ann said...

Dear Universe,
Julie needs it. She's not asking for much, just the basics.
Please hear her!

Julie's friend


Très belle création. J'aime ce côté "décor de cinéma" où l'on imaginerait très vite, une scène jouée par des acteurs, dans un univers romantique.


Anne said...

Wishing you luck in the coming year. The good thing is that there is always a chance for a do-over. I have a couple of places in mind for myself. It will be interesting to see what develops. Enjoy the journey, as well as the destination.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Oh, I hope you find the place of your dreams. Love these row houses.
You are very fortunate to be able to travel like you do.
Have a great Sunday, dear Julie.

Gypsea Nurse said...

If I talk to the universe.. can I go too? Stunning!

Blondie's Journal said...

Hoping you find the perfect place! Paris isn't too shabby!


Carole said...

I pray you find your perfect home. I know it's been a long standing request so I think its time is due.
Sending you good mojo!!!

btw photos are gorgeous!


simon said...

I remember that! (love the photos too), well its a year in March since I was in Paris, and what a year its been. A total roller coaster. I hope you get that place to live and another trip! ( but not on an Italian cruise ship!)

Anonymous said...
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Mary said...

I want to live in one of those houses too! They are exquisite, and look quite Mansard-ish! My favorite architecture 'style'. When my now husband and i first moved in together about 19 years ago, our first wonderful apartment was the top floor of an 1875 mansard house in Portland, Maine. Loved it there! Even though in the early 1900s it served as a funeral home. I know, right? And the hallway between the living room and the kitchen was once a casket ramp and had an odd tilt. I aways wondered what that was. I just thought it was an interesting quirk in an old house. Wasn't until 8 months after we moved in that i asked the landlady about it, and she told me. lol. Guess she thought we wouldn't rent it if we knew. She may have been correct. But i'm glad we lived there...

crafty62 said...

Dear Julie, am hoping that your wishes come true, your work is truly inspiring. Wouldnt it be great to live in a house like this. .xx Lee

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I'll live in the blue one and you can live next door in the pink!
Wouldn't it be nice to photoshop our lives?
Ah well...I'm hoping the perfect home comes along soon for you.
Take care Julie,

helen tilston said...

Hello Julie

I wish you good luck in finding your new home. May it be all you wish.
May there also be money left over so Julie to pursue her love of travelling.

Helen xx

I Dream Of said...

Good luck, Julie! I hope the Universe delivers for you. Love your Paris dreams posted here. I'd love to live in one like that for awhile! Fingers crossed for you... XO

Loree said...

So very typical of Paris - the houses I mean. Hope you find a wonderful house to live in. I am on a de-cluttering re-organizing re-decorating binge right now. Our house definitely needs it.

Roberta said...

The Universe is presently preparing the perfect spot for you! Must you have a 'lift' for one of those top floors or will the stairs be just fine Julie? :))xoRoberta

julietk said...

A late but hearty greeting from me to you.
I had a Holiday filled with nursing. Hubby was Ill and had a nasty infection, Most festivities were cancelled.
I am attempting to catch up with my favourite bloggers and you are one of the the first I wanted to look up.
Beautiful houses. I hope there is one with your name on it. I am hopeing to get some creative time back soon. Best wishes for 2012 Juliet x

count it all joy said...

Hi Julie, you just know that after harnessing the collective powers of he Blogosphere, your next aode is going to be AMAZING! You should write a llist & dont be shy.....imagine if it all comes true! I'm a big believer in the power of writing down a goal and praying over it. This could be the strart of an exciting new chapter

Laurie Blaswich said...

Hi Julie,
Sigh ... breathtaking.. I'm adding you on to my blog sidebar, I have to follow you and your dreams.

Sharon said...

Thank you, Julie for demanding a 'Do-Over'!!! I never would have thought of asking the Universe to intervene on my behalf. For me, it's really all about the gardens. So if the Universe is in a delightfully beneficent mood, I would adore just a small pied-a-terre at Le Palais du Luxembourg. Best part of it (she said smiling) we'll be neighbors!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

oh, ruby.... i need a room in one of those too!! im covered till the fall, but then its a mystery where i will live ( and im ok with that )
... those look perfect tho :)
awesome pics as usual
happy 2012 !
~pooch xx

Stephanie said...

What a view that is! Best of luck to you on your search for a new home. Wherever it is, I know you'll make it beautiful. And yes, I hope you have internet every day too!

mermaid gallery said...

the penthouse looks perfect!...but somehow i can't imagine this lovely place in Oz....maybe a beach shack with a perspective that goes on for miles would be more like it.....something cozy anyways...the universe is searching right now!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Julie, THANK YOU for coming over!!! I had so much fun making these lollypop hearts!!! Have a great evening, Anita

Jennifer Beaudet said...

HaHa! I love it! Yes, Universe, a do over for Julie please. I love the feel of this post, once again. It's magical and the row house is amazing! You might have to move to Paris you know! Jenniferxx

beachcomber said...

one day you will have your paris apartment and i'll have my boatshed :) just putting it out there!

oldgreymare said...

My the universe grant your request, and may you choose wisely. You deserve a do over. :D

Renée Finberg said...

i want to paint it!

Julie@beingRUBY said...


Julie@beingRUBY said...