Cottage Love and Blushing Pink

Pink seems to be the topic of the month.. so here is my contribution....
I am not often a pink person, but this month's 'Australian Country Style' magazine features a charming country cottage that has cleverly incorporated pink accents.

It could be just a reflection, but I love the pale pink blush of this verandah awning
(everything else in this image is on my want list also!)

The living area has the same subtle tone.

However here they have also incorporated stronger pinks and gold accents

Yet still managed to avoid the overly girly look... (not that there is anything wrong with that!)

I scanned this next image which doesn't give it the justice it deserves,
but again there is a nice balance between pink accents and other neutrals

How I long for a cottage..

Sydney Cottage

Imagine renting this place!

I found this on a rental listing some time back. Must of become tired of looking at the drudgery in my local area and broadened my search to dream a little. From memory it went for about $1,500 a week.. and that was a long term rental.. not for vacation...

Well we can only dream!

Perfect pool just big enough to do some laps (assuming I would make that effort) ... and if you get sick of that then you can just wander down to the ocean.

Nice simple living area. Love the white bookcases. Love the dark fireplace. Love the warm timber accents and REALLY LOVE that white lounge. The rug is great also. I think the only thing I would change would be a darker tone for the floorboards.

And then we have the outside. Also love weatherboard. And the colour is pretty good too.

So... we have a great location, small enough to be easy, but big enough for me!
Thanks - I'll take it!

Water Hammer (noun)

\wa-tar \ham-mar\

An aggravating noise which may wake you at various times during the night and in the early mornings

Often inflicted by neighbours who lack the ability turn taps on and off with a gentle motion. Although not restricted to, will often be found in high density living situations where its affects can reach a wider audience

Not to be confused with the 'hammer' sound that is generated from the impact of a tool against a hard surface. The 'hammer' sound will most definitely be found in the wee hours of a Saturday morning.

Personalised Paper

This is the result of me being woken too early!

I created this personalised wrapping paper for a friend's House Warming Present!

Hope she likes it!

I would've taken a photo of the wrapped present... but I don't have a digital camera!

Take A Walk On The Dark Side

And now to indulge my dark side ...............

There is nothing like 'Ralph' for heavy dark timber and warm leather couches, dressed with deep blues and sea greens.

Throw in a few fresh white and silver accents .......and this is cocooning at it's best!

I just need a good book and I can retire for the coming winter!

Images: Ralph Lauren

Natural Beauty

For a long time now I have had the dilemma of whether I prefer neutral interiors ...... white furniture and a few warm natural accents, ... or dark timber with blue, green and white accents. I seem to oscillate between the two. Whenever I cut back on my clutter and simplify with more natural colours, I soon get bored and start to bring out the bolder cushions and bits and pieces. I suspect this will be a never ending cycle with me.

However, this home certainly seems to bring the two styles together. Simple neutral palette with touches of greens and orange cleverly balanced to keep it from being too stark. This is not the first article I have seen of this home. Somewhere in my ever burgeoning collection of magazines is another article where the decor, although very similar, has a few more accents of colour livening the space. (I will find the original version one day and re-post)

Lets have a look shall we?

Notice the daybed in the garden!

Venture inside and it just gets better!..

And who wouldn't love this kitchen. It is white and simple but with just enough touch of old world rustic charm. (Again I think I prefer the original pics which had a few more pops of colour on the kitchen shelving.. but can't complain about this either)..

And finally... out in the terrace and garden...

Images: House Beautiful - "Calm & Pure - (Ojai)"

Religious Icons - Mexican

I've always loved Religious Artefacts.

Be it painted icons of religious saints, ex-votos, crosses, candelabras, milagros, religious sacrements, anything really of this nature. Those I like the best are usually based on the traditions of cultures foreign to my own. Although not being brought up in the Catholic Church, I have a fascination and curiosity with those traditions also.

Some of the more colourful are the Mexican Icons. Mexican Art in general is full of bright vivid colours with bold substantial subject matter. No wishy washy muted colours or diminitive figures. The depiction of the subject does not seem to focus on realistic representation but rather on the emotion of the subject. I think this is why I love it so much. (eg the works of Frida Kahlo.. but that can be another post).

Their religious icons also seem to follow this trend.

This painting is of "Our Lady of Mount Carmel". It is one of my favourites. Unfortunately I cannot remember where I found this image. I would love to know what it is she is holding (see inset).

Facts Update According to Wikipedia;
Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a title traditionally given to Blessed Virgin Mary, in honor of her having given the Scapular of Lady of Mount Carmel to Saint Simon Stock. It is a devotional scapular typically consisting of two small (usually rectangular) pieces of cloth, wood or laminated paper, a few inches in size which may bear religious images or text.

Well as you can see, researching your blog posts is an education in itself!

Featured Flicks ......!

I thought I'd start a regular post about my favourite movies.

I find the main influencing factor that grabs my attention about a movie is the cinematography. A good story line doesn't hurt!, but I find movies that are "beautiful" to watch, I can play over and over whenever I need a dose of beauty in my life. Be it the scenery, interiors, architecture or fashion, as long as it pleases the eye, it usually pleases me!

Featured Flick: Charlotte Gray

One such movie is 'Charlotte Gray'. Based on a novel by Sebastian Faulks and directed by Gillian Armstrong.

Story Line

The story begins in London during the WWII blitz and follows the storyline of a young Scottish woman 'Charlotte Gray', who joins the English Special Operations Executive (SOE) to search for her English lover who is missing in Nazi-occupied France.

Charlotte is sent to France to work with the French Resistance and it is there that she meets Julien, the leader of the local resistance group. (ooh la la!) sorry should be taking this topic seriously!

The movie reflects the tragedies that occurred during this time and the struggle of the French people to maintain a sense of pride and identity whilst their government was collaborating with the enemy.

The main players are;

Cate Blanchett as 'Charlotte Gray'

Billy Crudup as 'Julien Levade'

Others Items of Interest;

Michael Gambon as 'Julien's father'

All the scenery of a 1940's French Village

Some spectacular shots of lavender fields

Scenes from an 'actual' derelict french chateau

Images: courtesy of Warner Bros

London Calling

How fabulous are these?

And not just lighting. Vintage kitchenware, glassware and so on.
These are some snazzy little individual egg-poachers I SO want.

The Brits are doing it well again! I wish I could shop in London!

High Life

Or better still - the High Life!

Image: Paris Boutique Hotel

High Tea

I wish I lived in London so I could buy these beautiful pieces from Brissi.

Reminiscent of a time past...

To welcome friends.... or just quiet times alone....

Reminds of my childhood visiting our neighbour who always laid out the table for tea with visitors

Sleeping Late

Louisa Pussy-Cat has the right idea!

I was looking for Peter Rabbit as nice Easter treat, but found Louisa Pussy-Cat by Helen Beatrix Potter. She does fit in nicely with my recent 'bed' theme.

Think I might watch "Miss Potter" again tonight. Such a beautiful movie!

Image is courtesy of Christie's Auction House

Camping Style

I seem to have started with a Sea Theme, so how about a Boat House?

Or a little Cottate by the Sea? Somewhere to sleep? Or read a good book and while away the time! I'd probably never want to go home.

I love the blue-green floorboards in these pics which are all from House Beautiful. The photos are a compilation of 2 articles. The second being "Camp Style".
If that is camping! Count me in!! Especially with those Ralph Lauren pillows and floor lamps!

Journey into Blog Land

Journey Into Blog Land

This is my first foray into blog land. My hope is to use this blog as a vehicle to journey into new lands, new styles and new perspectives.

I'm not sure what direction this blog will take, but hope to fill it with beautiful pictures of homes, travel and what ever else comes along.