Sydney Cottage

Imagine renting this place!

I found this on a rental listing some time back. Must of become tired of looking at the drudgery in my local area and broadened my search to dream a little. From memory it went for about $1,500 a week.. and that was a long term rental.. not for vacation...

Well we can only dream!

Perfect pool just big enough to do some laps (assuming I would make that effort) ... and if you get sick of that then you can just wander down to the ocean.

Nice simple living area. Love the white bookcases. Love the dark fireplace. Love the warm timber accents and REALLY LOVE that white lounge. The rug is great also. I think the only thing I would change would be a darker tone for the floorboards.

And then we have the outside. Also love weatherboard. And the colour is pretty good too.

So... we have a great location, small enough to be easy, but big enough for me!
Thanks - I'll take it!


Unknown said...

This cottage is so lovely, I could handle living here too. How about that view! And you are right - those floors would look fantastic in a dark stain. I also love the sophisticated grey/blue colour of the exterior with the contrasting white trim. It's nice to dream!

Julie said...

Hi Julie
Thank you for visiting my blog. Beautiful Cottage, I love the swimming pool and the killer view.
Lets Dream, Dreams come true!!

x Julie(smile)