Personalised Paper

This is the result of me being woken too early!

I created this personalised wrapping paper for a friend's House Warming Present!

Hope she likes it!

I would've taken a photo of the wrapped present... but I don't have a digital camera!


The House That A-M Built said...

Hello Julie@Being Ruby! Lovely to meet you. Thanks for visiting over at my place and for your kind words. You have joined me at the most stressful time in my house build so I do hope that I can get back to the pretty side of things sooner than later.... makes for a more enjoyable read. Over the years, I have lived vicariously through so many of my friends house builds too! I only ever wanted to experience this once and I think this will be the once for sure. Tick 'Build A House' off on the 'Things To Do Before You Die List' A-M and move on! I'll add you to my bloglist and keep in touch. I love meeting new Aussie bloggy friends! Thanks for saying hi! A-M xx

Unknown said...

Cute paper! That's a great idea. You've got to get yourself a digital camera - I couldn't live without mine!