PRETTY PACKAGING: Country By Mail (sweden)

I'd thought I'd continue my 'Pretty Packing' post by introducing you to some of the 'webshops' I've become addicted to and the gorgeous packing that graces their puchases!! The first being; ....

I have spent many a pleasurable hour, perusing the wonderful bits and pieces this store showcases. So many delightful things to bring a 'Scandinavian' element into your home! And the stock changes constantly ... so you can go back again and again ... and always find something new to tempt you! Of course.. the self imposed 'look and don't touch' got the better of me and I found myself asking the pivotal question ...

'do you post to Australia?'

Well the answer was YES and as you can imagine, I wasted no time in purchasing a number of beauties to brighten my home. The service was friendly and helpful, and delivery was surprisingly prompt, considering my little bundles of joy traversed the world to find me!

Upon their arrival, I had the extra pleasure of finding some gorgeous packing and Vintage newspapers! Needless to say ... I had to keep the packaging and here are some photos I took to show you;

.. pretty packaging ..

.. lovely homewares ..

And these are some of my latest purchases (read 'treasures' or 'new family members'..)

These little darlings are a few more temptations that I have not succumbed to ... as yet ... (maybe soon)

And homewares are not all they offer!

There is also image after image of their inspirational 'Butiken' where you will find larger items for sale such as lovingly painted furniture.

Here is a sample to tempt your tastebuds ...

I hope you will enjoy visiting 'Country By Mail' as much as I do.

Thank you to Maria & Gunilla for always making my shopping experience pleasurable.

Images: 'Pretty Packaging': beingRUBY, all other images 'Country By Mail'

IT'S A WRAP: pretty packaging

I've been out of action all week: busy busy busy with work and not much energy left over in the evenings .. but I am home today nursing a 'bug' so I thought I'd give you a mini post (hope to have the rest soon)...

The subject is 'pretty packaging'

I don't know about you, but I'm always thrilled when my purchases come packaged like special gifts from a friend .... makes it all the sweeter...

FEATURED FLICK: Penny Serenade

Well I am a little overdue in posting another FEATURED Flick so I thought I would give you three featuring my favourite Classic Comedy duo - 'Cary Grant & Irene Dunne'. Being;

- Penny Serenade (1941)
- My Favourite Wife (1940)
- The Awful Truth (1937)

Here is the 1st instalment;


Story Line

The movie opens with the character of Julie (Irene Dunne)lingering over the gramophone as she prepares to leave her husband Roger (Cary Grant). Each record in their vast collection, recalls a moment or event in their relationship and the memories that accompanied it.

The story takes us through their courtship, marriage and inability to have a child. The joy (and hilarity) of finally bringing home a beautiful adopted baby girl. And the sadness and heartache when tragedy strikes.

Be warned - this is a 'flashback' movie, but NOT of the annoying kind. The story is provided by way of flashback, prompted by each song that Julie plays, but thankfully is in chronoligical order and therefore doesn't require mental gymnastics to enjoy! Irene Dunne and Cary Grant take you through all the emotions and the trials and tribulations of marriage. And of course give you many moments of laughter, done in only the way the Classics and these two fabulous actors can!

This movie is a lovely gem!

The main players are;

Irene Dunne: as Julie Gardiner Adams

Cary Grant: as Roger Adams

Other Characters of Interest;
Beulah Bondi: as Miss Oliver ,
Edgar Buchanan: as Applejack Carney ,
Baby Jane Biffle: as Trina - Age 1 ,
Eva Lee Kuney: as Trina - Age 6

Favourite Scenes:
First night home with baby Trina
Trina's first Christmas play

Genre: Classic, Comedy, Drama
Images: Cary, IMDB

who has a new TOY?

THAT WOULD BE ME ... and my new CANON sx200is !!

Just took a few 'first shots' of my country style dresser. Was a touch impatient .. so it is not a full shot. That would require a bit of 'editing' (read 'cleaning')

I shouldn't tell you this..

but if you look closely in the mirrored candlesticks you will see;

1) someone's blog on my pc, and

2) my right arm - great camera work!

AND here ... a CLOSE UP of the lamp

which I am pleased to say is 'homemade' by moi

the stones change often..

sometimes black.. sometimes white..

and sometimes ...

strange coloured ones i tried to dye brown using tea and coffee!!

I can see I will have to do some housework if i am to show you any more!!


is the 'beast'

Images: BeingRUBY

ACCENTS: [The B&W post] : What's Your Flavour?


Whilst rummaging through my images recently, I noticed certain pics kept popping out and grabbing my attention. No matter how much I tried to ignore them, [as they weren't the focus of my search], they just kept making their presence known! And whom do you ask were the cheeky attention seekers?

BLACK & WHITE of course!.. That is... Black & White Accents!!

Even more so than a predominately Black & White Room, Black & White as an Accent, seems to jump out at you and get noticed! And not to be too greedy, it gives it's friend [colour] an added boost!

So.. the Question is:

How do you do your Black & White Accents?



[insert pic here]

[Missing is the ubiqituos B&W striped cushions.
I must have dozens of these pics but couldn't find a single one]

Or do you get a bit more adventurous and go for large floral patterns


And for the truly brave - there is always

- The SOLID Black complimented by White Accents




Graphics: Kate Spade, House Beautiful, Skonahem
Stripes: Country Living , Country Style
Florals: House Beautiful, Provincial Home Living
Solids: Apologies - unknown


I have a soft spot for the Blues.

Be it stripes, plains, blues with white, soft pastels, rich turquoise and especially deep dark BLUES. I LOVE THEM ALL!

Although not overtly BLUE, this home makes my heart sing!

My love affair with this home started with THE Sofa

A shapely number, with generous proportions. The blue and white stripes present a fresh, crisp tailored look, but when you get closer, I suspect it has a soft side that allows you to sink into it's embrace!! I think I love this sofa!!

Ok. .. so moving away from THE Sofa now!

Let's take in a full view of this room.
Oversize white lamps on mismatched pedestal tables flank THE Sofa and create a nice visual frame. Darker colours, introduced by way of deep blue armchairs and rattan covered ottoman, ground the room and stop it from feeling too floaty. And the Indigo throw cushion ties in with these deeper shades and brings the eye back to (yep you got it) THE Sofa!

Here's a close up of Armchair and Ottoman
Cousins to THE Sofa.

Love the rattan tray!

In the bedroom the owner has taken a departure from the blues by way of an antique french screen, decorated in rich grass green with subtle pink flower accents. Paired with crisp white linen, these colourings results in a clean fresh restful space.

Now here's a surprise.
The rest of the house is a careful study of balanced tones ... But here in the bathroom, Bold Turquoise takes the stage!

Sadly here we are at the entrance, and time to take our leave.
I do hope you have enjoyed this little tour of;

'The home of THE Sofa'!

I'm off to find my stripey blue cushions!

Images: Content Agency; Photography: Simon Kenny; Stylist: Karen Cotton