Love This Home...? [Cote Bastide]

What Makes This 'Home' So Inviting?

Is it the the beautifully exposed brickwork, enhanced by a soft warm glow of candle light? Could it be the crisp clean linens just begging to be touched? Or maybe it's the soothing natural tones. Nothing too jarring to confuse the senses!

I think I might spy a chaise for lounging after supper!

And What Do We Have Here?

A charming french farmhouse bench gloriously crowned by a 'crystal dripping' chandelier?

And look at those welcoming warm timber doors!

Hang On...

As beautiful as it is...

Does something seem just a bit off?

Maybe just a tad impersonal for a lived in home?

Maybe that's because ~

It is actually the home of ~

'Cote Bastide - Paris'

I say --- Let's Go Shopping!!

All Images: Cote Bastide [1 & 2. Cote Bastide - Paris 3. Cote Bastide - Aix-En-Provence


Unknown said...

Now this is my kind of shop! It looks so soothing and inviting.
Happy weekend to you!

Julie said...

me, me.. pick me to go shopping with you. I will carry the bags, I will treat you a nice cup of coffee..and anything else((smile)..

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!!!

x Julie

The House That A-M Built said...

Oh the light I say... and the linen.... and the brickwork. All things I just love... simple, neutral and elegantly rustic. Just gorgeous! A-M xx

Elaine said...

I would love to shop there. I could really use a petite chandelier.

Happy Belated Birthday and thanks for visiting my blog.