Creative Avoidance - what's your flavour?

I often find that my most creative moments arise from the attempt to justify my avoidance of some mundane (yet necessary) task. My latest avoidance is 'doing my tax'... arrrgh.. I am sure no-one enjoys this task, but I find it too similar to work which already invades a large portion of my personal time. Usually I will justify time wasted in rearranging furniture, painting some odd unused item, and even once I resorted to washing out the council bins (yuck) to avoid studying.

Image: Richard Downs

My latest 'creative avoidance' is blogging. It started out with just perusing the beautiful interior and design blogs out there ... then I started my own. This of course led to a daily exercise of changing my blog appearance. And when I couldn't find a template I liked, I created a second private blog so I could play and practice with html. It would probably help if I read the instructions and guidelines, but me being me, I prefer to just jump in with edit and learn by trial and error.

But the day has come!! (drum roll please!). Today I must knuckle down and do, or at least start, my Tax...

I would love to hear what creative avoidance you employ?


Julie said...

Can't wait to view more of your pictures from Venice. I can't tell you what my creative avoidace is.. TOO MANY... that's all I can say(smile). Still dreaming of Venice.
x Julie

The House That A-M Built said...

I love your new blog layout! My creative avoidance is definitely blog cruising. What did I do before blogging? I can't even remember, it was so long ago! I think I spent my time cruising hence I found my land and had to build a house. Hmmm, yes the best creative moments come out of creative avoidance... I agree! A-M xx

Lee said...

My 'creative avoidance' is definitely blogging, but also creating linocuts.

BTW, love your blog! I've bookmarked it & will be back to visit again.

Lee :)

Unknown said...

Thank God blogging was not around when I was at uni (many moons ago) as I don't think I would have ever got through my degree!
These days, blogging is definitely my favourite form of avoidance, butthere's always plenty of magazines that 'need' sorting through. I wish I had a more productive avoidance strategy, like baking magnificent cakes, or knitting even.