She Wore Flowers In Her Hair

Welcome to the blog 'Formally Known as';
 'Being Ruby'!!

Now that would be a title! It is how it seems at times. The incredible shrinking Julie. Or is it Ruby. Either way it seems there is not enough of either of late. So here I am with 2 moons, a sea or two and a flower child thrown in for good measure. 

Most of today's artistic endeavours are re-works of previously published art, alla' Ruby. A little makeover if you will. A do over into something less concrete, more fluid. Something to allow the mind to wander and the heart to dream, final destination unknown . A little less reality as I, like many of you, could do with a little escape from our daily lives. 

With that said, I need to get back to my reality, so thanks one and all for hanging in there with me and I'll catch you on the flip side!!

PS. For those of you [Yvonne!]  who enquired as to Posie's well being, I'm sure she is fit and well and living it up somewhere on the mediterranean, unlike us!! I hear rumour she may return one day, but for now let's just be envious of her flippant ways!

This has been another Ruby Time Production©
Artwork from original photography: [beingRuby©] 
Location: A Little Bit of Everywhere