LE TOUR 2009: PARIS – Fin

21 Days, 4 Countries, 7 Mountain Ranges, 199 Riders from 20 Teams. But there can only be 1 winner.... This is the Amazing…[oops… wrong race]


This Is

‘Le Tour de France’

and the winner for 2009



and YOU

1900 -  5-2 - parisenimages-fr

and ME


and the ordinary folk


who took to the streets

1900 -  2 - parisenimages-fr

to watch this amazing spectacle


OK maybe



So today The Final Stage of Le Tour concluded it’s relentless schedule

in the City of Light ..


Home to ‘La Tour Eiffel’

wiki - 1902 - 396px-Lightning_striking_the_Eiffel_Tower

Coco Chanel

Coco - 2



& 'La Moulin Rouge'

People came out in force

wiki - 755px-American_troops_march_down_the_Champs_Elysees

by any means available

vintage mini

to greet the riders

take refreshment

La Coupole

And line the Champs Elysees

France-Paris-ChampsElysees photbucket

To see the riders make their entrance

historique_1975 - first finish on champs elysees

And the winner cross the line to victory


[Jacques Anquetil – 1964]

So here’s to


The winners of past

Henri pelissier - won 1923[Henry Pelissier – 1923]

Maurice-Francois Garin - won 1903 - le petit ramoneur[Maurice Francois Garin – 1903]

Firmin Lambot - won 1911 and 1913[Firmin Lambot – 1911 & 1913]

historique_1919 - Eugene Christophe [Eugene Christophe – 1919]



the new friendships

made along the way


So this is Julie from ‘Being Ruby’ signing off from ‘Le Tour’

Hope you have enjoyed the last 3 weeks

It’s been relentless, exhausting, exhilarating, and FUN

toursmokersart-1 - sportswarehouse

I will be sad to no longer have the steady measured voice of Phil Liggett to lull me into dreamland [Thanks Phil]. Nor the hypnotic flashing images of the French Countryside rolling by [Thanks to the People of France for hosting this great event in their wondrous backyard]. And finally THANKS to ALL OF YOU who came along for the ride, your comments are much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed some of this adventure.


So for one last time, BACK TO THE BOYS


Congratulations – Alberto Contador 1st ESP

Sorry Cadel Evans AUS It was not your year!

Yooo Hooo Lance Armstrong 3rd USA Looking Good. You are a freak of nature!

Watch out world – Mark Cavendish GBR – is new in town!


FULL Standings and race details can be found [here]

IF you need to reminisce [here are the archived posts]


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wiki - 396px-Mona_Lisa



Archival ‘Le Tour de France’ images: LeTour.fr, Paris Roof tops & Coco Chanel: Unknown [apologies], Paris Lightning: wikipedia.com, Montmartre: BeingRuby, Art By Toulouse Lautrec: Google images, Paris Archive Images: Parisimages.fr, wikipedia.com and Unknown [apologies], Paris Current Images: wikipedia.com, photobucket.com, Other: Mona Lisa, Eiffel Tower [lightening] – wikipedia.com, Lance Armstrong: Dishiness.com and also found at ‘Dumbwit Tellher’, For Archive Post Thumbnail credits: please see details from that post

BLACK & WHITE Sunday: It’s Time

Just a bit of silliness for a Sunday


It’s time!


IMG_0186 bw

IMG_0186 bw

IMG_0186 2 4

Destination – Paris

IMG_0200 bwp_thumb[11]

Le Tour de France – Stage 21


Thank you for joining me on this Black & White Sunday

Hosted by Anne Marie of Na-Da Farm Life


and Thank You for all your lovely comments this week.

They are always appreciated

ciao JULIE


Image Source and Footnotes: Being Ruby

Thought I’d just have a little fun with various clock faces around my home. Some working, some not, some even without hands. Although it is not evident, I had to ‘de-crumple’ the hands on the top one when it took a swan dive off the wall. A bit temperamental that one! PS The arrow pointing to 'Paris' in the final image was a fluke! It is the bottom of the second hand sweeping round.

LE TOUR 2009: The French Alps!

Week 3 of ‘Le Tour’ and we are nearing the end of this yearly armchair adventure! This week has been an uphill battle, both on the real tour and behind the scenes [i.e. the dull, yet demanding worklife of Julie].

So before we get ahead of ourselves and prepare for the final assault on Paris, I think we should all take some time to relax and enjoy this week’s tour highlight ... ‘The French Alps’




LESSON 1: Learning to breath

Take a slow deep breath!

And inhale the .. crisp .. clean .. pollution free air!

Now if your week has had you feeling …

a little on edge


And you want to just take off ..

and fly away

paragliding - annecy - francetrabelguide-com

Then take a little trip with me…

wiki - 800px-Mbianco

OVER the peaks

wiki - Mont_Blanc_003 - mer de glace

and glaciers of Mont Blanc

wiki - Mont_Blanc_SPOT_1179


the weaving valleys of the Rhone Alps

google earth - rhone alps

until we reach



Alpine Lakes

lakeandalpinehomes-dcom-annecy- 1

and … the ‘Venice’ of the French Alps


with tree lined canals


AND colourful boats


Are you starting to unwind?

Maybe we should find somewhere

to stay

and enjoy the scenery?




LESSON 2: Learning to relax

The Lake House

via google earth - panoramia 6

Somewhere to relax

via google earth - panoramia

lexington korg via google earth - panoramia 5 Box_Cushions_Mood_web

forget the world


Sleep in Late!


Laze Around pondering..

well.. nothing



boat b&2

It’s all too relaxing!

I guess we should see how those

crazy boys and their spoked jalopies

are doing

Standings at Stage 18

Standings Stage 18

So what do you think?

Looks like a win for Contador, yes?

No matter the outcome

I think Lance’s performance has been ‘not too shabby’

See you next time…

in … PARIS !

Previous ‘Le Tour’ posts can be found [here]

Postcards From \

[archive image & standings]

ciao Julie


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Annecy: #10 & #11 - google earth images,
Lake House: #12, #13, #15 - google earth images, #14, #17, #18 - Lexington, #16, #19, #20 - Wallacecotton.com, Banner - - google earth images