LE TOUR 2009: OH Chateaux !

Week 2 of Le Tour has become a somewhat interrupted event for me! Firstly, SBS decided that unless you have high definition capability, then you don’t deserve to get Le Tour each night. Thankfully they did broadcast to us ‘antiquated folk’ on Wednesday night which was Stage 11. Here the boys took us on a magnificent tour through the Loire Valley. Miles and miles of Castles and Chateau and the glorious Loire Valley.

So what is my disappointment? The Green on my TV went on strike!! What was it thinking? Is it trying to affilliate itself with the Italian bloggers? Have I really forced it to show me so much Green that it now has built up an intollerance for the colour of nature?? Maybe I have just used it all up. I took advantage. I forced it to continually display all the rich and fabulous Greens of nature until there was just …… nothing left. I’ve sucked the life giving Green right out of it!! Time for a new TV.

Chateau de Chambord - wikipedia - 1

It has been a faithful, and mostly honest friend, but it is behind the times. Truth be told it is TV’s fault I am missing the high-definition airings! So this weekend I think I will be trading up. Moving on to ‘greener’ pastures [sorry that just got in there by it’s own accord].

Well with no actual footage to inspire my post I just had to imagine. If I were to live in a French Chateaux, how would I decorate? Well perhaps because Green has deserted me, I found myself drawn to creamy creams with maybe just a dash of pink and reds to keep it warm when winter returns to the valley! Nothing ostentatious, just comfortable and pretty! [ok so not strictly French decor either]. Come along, I’ll give you a little tour! It’s only a small chateaux but it will do!

Here we are at ...

'Ruby's Imaginary Chateaux'

Nothing too grande, just somewhere to come at the end of the day and rest your weary head.

chateau 1

Oh no dear, look away.

That is not the house that is the stables!!


Let me get the door for you!

Chateau Dufresne - flickr-photoproze

Just pop your hat on that chair

and come with me!

lounge 2

On a quiet day I love to relax in my fresh light filled sitting room.

The dogs belong to a visitor. Can you guess who? She’s added a few homely touches to make her feel at ease!


And the cat… well the cat belongs to a friend down the road, she is just staying for the week. Which is a good thing really as she has taken a shine to my favourite reading chair!


And through here are the guest bedrooms. The chateaux has many, but these are some of my favourites.

Put your bags down here and we will find you a room.


This room is so charming and it has glorious sunshine all day long. I can move those dresses if you want. I was just musing on what to wear to dinner tonight.


Or if you prefer something quieter, try this room in the west wing.


I’ll pop that sofa near the window so you can sit and read.


And a few quilts in case it turns chilly!


OH mind your head there

I am just installing my new chandelier!

Armchair_trader_chandelier_jpg [from Armchair Trader - here]


When you have settled in …

We can pop by the maid’s kitchen and grab a snack … OR

cabbages & roses - kitchen 2

Come out back and we can have a spot of lunch in the garden !

Mr Smith will join us!


A little something to eat?

mark burstyn - 1

Maybe a cuppa jewels , I mean tea!!

jewels atlanta

Or, you may prefer some wine, it is the wine region after all!

Reach in there… I’m sure it’s under the roses!

flower 1

And then we can sit by the olive trees and ponder our next move!

terrace 2

AND if it’s all too much

We can simply ponder the reflections in the lake!


Well that concludes our tour of my imaginary Chateaux. I hope you felt at home during your stay!


Now back to …


Standings at Stage 15

Standings Stage 15

It took me 2 days to get this post up

This was the standings at Stage 13

Standings Stage 13

Well now Cadel is out of the picture … I can say


See you next time… somewhere in France

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800px-Chambord_pano wiki

Ciao Julie


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Jacqueline @ HOME said...

That was absolutely brilliant Julie...two great posts on the trot.....Can you tell me how I book and do you think they have vacancies in September ? I'm not overly house proud , but I do think that the dogs and the cat ( oh !! the cat did make me laugh for some reason ) could get off the immaculate furniture !!...and I think that the grey dress should be your choice for the evening...
Fantastic post Julie XXXX

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

P.S. ,,,, I guess that the visitor is ME ....Union Jacks being the clue... I thought that I would stay about 6 weeks if that is O.K ?......and I wondered if you would be so kind as to lend me one of your gorgeous dresses ?

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I am booking my flight right now. I will be there soon so move those dogs away from my place on the couch.

Maya said...

If I ever lived in a Chateaux (which is highly unlikely), I'd pick one room and live there happily ever after..., in regards to the TV..., we still have the one that my husband bought in college (more than 20 years ago!). And it amuses us greatly!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Love your site more and more. We went to a Castello last year in Sicily "Castello di Donnafugata" and the custodian's daughter took us in special rooms. My husband loves keys and guess what! She had a box of old keys from the castle and she gave them to him. I should do a post! Thank you for stopping by today, the best part of Virginia and Giorgia story is that the never met before.. Ciao Rita.

Carole said...

That was the fantasy tour that I needed. Fun to dream. Wonder if those chateaus really look like that before the decorators and magazine people come in.
I had to read the part about the tv being without green to my husband. We've had a tv since we were first together-20yrs.~ that for over a year now has developed this unusual circle in the middle. We call it the black hole or all seeing eye. It's become a source of comedy and after a few minutes we don't even notice it anymore.
Denial is bliss!
Wonderful post!!!!!!!!!!!!

Porchlight Interiors said...

You sure would do France in style! Tracey xx

Alicia said...

Im so glad you moved into the chateau down the lane. It's been rather quiet here in the countryside. I'll bring over several bottles of our best vintages & we shall dine luxuriously under the tents. May I ask if I prefer to fide over on horseback or by carriage do you have stable room whilst we sup & gossip????

Lee said...

Hi Julie, thanks for allowing me to be a (virtual) guest at your beautiful chateau. You do indeed have the most wonderful taste! Lee :)

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hello Julie,
Carole of Maynard Greenhouse sent me over....what a wonderful blog you have! This chateau looks amazing and I am ready to fly over there and stay a very long time! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics! I will be back to visit again soon.
Take care, Laura

The House That A-M Built said...

You have just described the perfect life! Magnificent! You know, the Loire Valley is so special to us that every company/trust we have ever had, has the word 'Loire'veraciz in it somewhere and my hubby's business name? - "Loire Consultant's and Advisors". Close to our hearts! A-M xx

Kellie Collis said...

Looks amazing Julie.... May i come round to visit???

My husband thinks Contador has it won.... I had a rest as well last night. Kellie

Millie said...

Absolutely the post of the week girl! You should be writing real estate blurbs for the Agents in France - they'd sell out of Chateaux in a flash with a description written be the amazing Julie!
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...

I must have the bedroom with the sofa!! so romantic!

Gaia said...

i really believ you if this post took you 2 days!!! the result is amazing. i love castle, the interiors are fabulous and you have been a perfect owner!!!
an't wait to come back to visit you...what are you preparing for us?
next time I'll bring a chocolate cake and a bottle of champagne!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

I hate to admit it, but the 2 days was just getting around to the posting part after I finished my draft... Some things should just wait... hahaha

Thanks everyone for your comments.. so glad you've had fun!

beachvintage.com said...

I absolutely love the floral sofa and the gold mirrors. What an amazing home.

simon said...

frankly I would be happy anywere in france! even in the stables!

I bought a new TV and it drives me NUTS with all the options and settings.... (I am getting too old me thinks...)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hi Julie: Fabulous post as always. I would love to come visit. Great company (& yes believe that could be Jackie staying with you) and unbelievable surroundings. Oh to only live that life?! Do you think Alberto is going to nail the Tour this year?
I hope you picked out your new tellie? Hard to live without one!

Xxx deb

Slices of Beauty... said...

Fab pics rubie!


"Nothing too grand." Ha! I love it!

lily-g said...

I'm packing my bag too, after a stressful day at work, its just what a need a week in a chateau, what a gorgoeus post xx

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous - put me in with Jackie please!!

Exquisite Accessories said...

Hi julie finali got to get back to see whats happening been a bit busy and missed a few legs, so glad I caught this one loved it I think you should wear the dress hanging on the back of the door I will put the one on hanging on wardrobe we will have some champagne from the kitchen & go see the horses at the stables oh you have me all dreaming now hee.

my gosh wiggins B is 3rd oh 4th where did he come from again trust me to miss some post, thanks Julie I am enjoying this so much, you know its got to be a yearly post for you now, you have made it so much fun Elaine :)