LE TOUR 2009: Hola Espanol

Stages 5 through 7 take the boys out of France and into Spain.

Now this is somewhere I have not travelled, except in my imagination. When I think of Spain I think of BLUE! Unusual maybe. I know I should think yellow for the sun, or red for the bullfighters, but no I think of blue and the wild wild seas of the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay. I also think of the Spanish Armada, Salvador Dali and ‘The Pilgrimage’ by Paulo Coelho and his story of the annual pilgrimage taken on the road to ‘Santiago di Compostela’.

Please enjoy this photo montage of all things blues that say Espanol!

The Galleons of the Spanish Armada




all posters - bay of biscay spanish armada

800px-Flag_of_Asturias_svg - wiki

Artwork by Salvador Dali

SalvadorDali - from PC blog

[The Ship]

[The Burning Giraffe 1937]

[look - mini drawer cabinet !!!]

The Pilgrimage to ‘Santiago di Compostela’


scallop_shell_- nantucket scallop shells

the pilgrimage[Road To Santiago]


The Pyrenees


britannica pyrenees


[all images above from Google image search]

NOTE on ‘The Pilgrimage’ by Paulo Coelho:

One of many by Paulo Coelho, author of the best seller … ‘The Alchemist’. His books take you on a journey within and remind you to yearn for more and find your best self. [I really need to read them again!!]. Follow this link to his official website [here].

NOTE on Dali:

Well Dali was another crazy artist. I seem to be attracted to the crazy ones. I share the same Birth Day as Dali and can fully understand his dream interpretations as mine are often colourful, psychedelic and somewhat disjointed, distortions of reality.

Dali lost his beloved mother at an early age. His mother obviously loved and encouraged him, eccentricities and all [as all mothers do], as he was quoted as saying this about his mother’s death ;

"It was the greatest blow I had experienced in my life. I worshipped her… I could not resign myself to the loss of a being on whom I counted to make invisible the unavoidable blemishes of my soul."

May we all find that someone who will;

‘make invisible the unavoidable blemishes of our souls’

Now Back To The Boys

Let’s see how the boys are faring after Stage 7


Overall Standings After Stage 7

Standings Stage 7

[source: archive image & standings]

Well Cadel has certainly dropped of the chart and Lance has slipped a place also. I haven’t actually been watching as much of THE Tour as I would like. Busy Busy and also, when I finally had the chance to watch, SBS had the audacity to show cricket last night! If you want to see the 'Real Boys' head over to 'Dumbwit Tellher' [here] where Deb has given us an expose of the Boys of the Tour!

I will be breaking ‘Le Tour’ someday soon to bring you a THANK YOU and some AWARDS!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have been given an award by the wonderful, endearing and ever inspiring SIMONE of The Bottom of the Ironing Basket. While you wait for me to get my act together on this award thingy, please go and pay Simone a visit [here]. It will certainly brighten YOUR day!!

I will be back on ‘Le Tour’ somewhere in France! If you have missed a Stage along the way, below is a link to all the previous posts in this series.

Postcards from ‘Le Tour

Have A Great Weekend!

IMAGE CREDITS: Most of these images were found via Google image source and come from; Spanish Armada: wisdom portal, antique maps online, all posters Salvador Dali: all posters and art.com Santiago di Compostela: photos de galice, Johnny jet travel, Nantucket scallop shells Pyrenees: various from Google image search and Britannica.com


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hola Julie..... dos helados por favor...... don't know much Spanish (I'm better at French) but that means two ice creams please (holidays in Spain with the children, so a need to know phrase !!) ....and I think quite fitting, as we meander our way through some of the magnificent scenery of Spain with 'the boys'.
Hubby and I were watching yesterday, ooooohing and aaaahhhing at the wonderful scenery and a very exciting finish of the stage.
As ever, fabulous photographs, Julie. The Pyrenees are magnificent. Looking forward to B & W Sunday......XXXX

Tamerie Shriver said...

I lived in Spain for almost two years and I highly recommend you go. Barcelona is my favorite city in the world. Blue is not the color of think of when I think of Spain. I never thought of it those terms but I think I'd say red, if I had to pick. Now Greece, that I see as blue. Anyway, thanks for the tour update.

Jennifer Beaudet said...

I dream of going to Spain too! Until then thank you for these wonderful pictures.Oh, and Dali's work is awesome.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

You see that is what happens when you only visit in your imagination.. it becomes blue!

Maya said...

The Pyrenees are amazing..., I never ever think of mountains when I think of Spain (or France), but they're there. Dali, well, not thing I guess, but genius. And I'm not against crazy.

Exquisite Accessories said...

Hola spain, mmm garlic prawns baked in a teracotta pot, spanish bread to soak up the alioli (garlic) oil then mixed Paella, swilled down with some sangria now get me to the pyrenees I can climb that (HEE) I don't think so, but sooooooo beautifull. Elaine :)

meyerprints said...
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