The Ancestors: In The Nursery

Chapter 1
'In The Nursery'

Like all family's of a certain distinction, there was a good dose of dysfunction lurking beneath their cool exterior. To understand the depths of their twisted psyche, lets wander back to the early years and inspect the workings of children at play.

Maman and Papa were often absent parents. Busy with their ever so important positions in society, they would leave the children unattended for hours and even sometimes days. Papa would be off sailing the seven seas, going into battle with the castoff scum that blighted the wild blue yonder with their pirating ways. Maman would be locked in her salon, entertaining 'guests' or stuck in a state of perpetual indecision, unable to choose which shoes should accompany some overblown garment purchased with the booty of Papa's pirate capturing rewards.

So.. Left to their own devices, the children would engage in a battle of their own. A battle to determine who would be the victor to rule the roost of the coveted nursery.


Although identical to her twin brother in physical attributes [well mostly], that was where the likeness ended. Georgiana detested the look alike outfits she was forced to endure and would plan and devise frivolous ensembles ready to be worn once the clock struck 10, for then George would be off for his private lessons and Georgiana would have the nursery to herself. Many hours could be spent grooming her vast doll collection, donning the outfits schemed in the morn, and rearranging the decor to something more suitable to her feminine sensibilities. Maman surely would be pleased [if only she would visit]. Georgiana was becoming a fine young lady, a replica of her Maman, and she felt it was high time she had her own salon and no longer had to deal with George and his silly little boy ways. But she was content for now. Like all little girls she dreamt of the day she would marry some dashing Captain and move to her own chateau far away from the annoying George.


Destined to inherit the riches of his family, George would become a hapless young man with no ambition and even less intelligence, devoid of the gumption that inhabited his youth. For as a boy he was quite the devious little fellow. A little spoilt and more than a little cunning. Infuriated that Georgiana would girly up the nursery with her fluff and bother, he would set to work to put it right.. A man's world he would create. A world where pirates were aplenty and dollies should hide in their silly little houses lest some wicked pirate were to capture them quickly, cut off their heads and use their locks of hair  to tie up the mainsail. Captain Cordoba would keep watch from the chair and alert George of the approaching enemy. Yes a pirate's life seemed just right for little George and justly so a beastly pirate should have beastly pirate things to play with.  

So it was a stalemate of sorts
Time and destiny would determine the victor of the nursery
[to be continued]

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Hi Everyone!! Thanks for your indulgence. Too much fun has been had creating The Nursery and I've had to stop myself from messing with the images. We'll save some ideas for future chapters, but now back in 2012.. I hope you are all off to a good start with your week. I'm currently in limbo. Waiting for a new contract to start and delays with the paperwork.. I'm not very good with waiting and have been distracting myself with this 'fluff and bother' as George so meanly describes it!!

Well it's off to the post office for me. Sending off the booty to the giveaway winners

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 Artwork & original photography:  [copyright beingRuby©]

This Has Been Another RubyTime Production
Mmlle Georgiana is dressed by Miss Ruby
Master George dresses himself thank you very much!!!
All decor and styling by Miss Ruby and her team of multiple personalities
No Dolls were harmed in the making of this production



Every year Australians and New Zealanders pause to remember and honour the brave ANZAC troops that landed on the beach at Gallipoli [Turkey] on April 25 1915. A tragic encounter, for both sides. That is the face of war. Men fighting for home and country. Their own and those of their allies. On this day we also commemorate all our troops that served in the armed forces. Men and women alike irrespective of age or rank, or where they served, they are all considered heroes of their nation.

They shall grow not old
As we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them
Nor the years condemn

At the going down of the sun
And in the morning
We will remember them

Lest We Forget

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On a happier note, it is also time to announce my giveaway winners and to say a big thank you to all who entered. Thank You all and if you missed out I suspect I will have another giveaway soon for my upcoming half century [eeeeks!!]. But first.. the winners;

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 Artwork  [copyright beingRuby©]

Paris Neutral: Mr Man & Architectural Whatnots

Shifting Into Neutral Gear 
OR A More Masculine Look At Paris

Hi Everyone.. One of the things I love about Paris is the soft muted light and the way it reflects an ethereal glow against the neutral coloured backdrop and architecture.

When we think of the French Blues and Soft Greys synonymous with this famous city, it's easy for our mind to quickly associate with the soft feminine interiors of the 18th century. Today I thought I'd show you some of the men of Paris [human and otherwise] that I shot during my trip, that fit perfectly into that  soft coloured world we have come to love.

Mr Man of the human variety just popped into view as I was walking along Rue de Rivoli not far from the Louvre. I have no idea what his business was to be dressed in such a manner.. but it was a quick rush to get my camera out and aim for a shot without the ever present crowds.. I only managed two and he was lost into the world of tourists and such but those few moments were such a treat. I did feel like I had stepped into another world for a moment. His suit may be modern day but the top hat just made it all a bit surreal.

My other Mr Men here of the non-human variety were hard at work protecting a doorway. Bouncers from a previous century. Although I think their somewhat scanty dress might have attracted more than a few visitors of the female persuasion. Perhaps that was the intention. Either way I think they are doing a splendid job and should be rewarded for their vigilance.


Before I go I wanted to say thanks to all my lovely readers and commenters who encourage me to keep blogging. As many of you know it can be a time consuming task playing with the artwork and photography, so it's nice to know that you are out there to appreciate it. Also thanks to Julie-Ann and the 'The Decorating Forum'  for featuring my blog this week.  Pop over there and check it out.

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 Artwork  [copyright beingRuby©]
Created from original photography:  [beingRuby©]
Location: Paris, France,  August 2011

Somewhere In France: Life Is A Picture Postcard

Somewhere in France
'Life Is A Picture Postcard'

Hi Everyone.. I hope you are having a lovely week so far. Here in Sydney it is raining cats and dogs. Almost time to build an ark, but I'll hold off on that for just a tad longer.

Today I'm continuing with my French Week in celebration of a whole bunch of recent and future events, one being featured at the 'The Decorating Forum' this week. Once again thanks to Julie-Ann and all the readers who nominated my blog and a big welcome to my new readers. If you are just tuning in with me this week, I am also holding a photo-art print giveaway. More on that at the end of this post, but first a little blurb on my photo-art above;

Life Is A Picture Postcard: Whilst traveling in Europe last year I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Normandy, staying at Sharon's Guesthouse [see other post here]. I would have to say it was one of the most relaxing weeks I have spent anywhere and not least because of the lovely company of Sharon and family, but also the beautiful countryside and village architecture that greeted me when I did decide to move a muscle or two and venture out on a walk. It's a funny thing. We travel far and wide hoping to find nourishment for our spirit. Some will travel to an up market spa and others to a far flung meditation retreat. For me it was found here, the countryside of Normandy. In the small things that pleased the eye and greeted the weary traveller and in the simple quiet that rested slightly above the earth as if floating and swirling around me without making a sound.

Buying Milk On A Monday

These photo-art images above were created from shots I took on one of my walks through the local countryside. Little water-colour patchworks, snipped and smudged and coloured and painted till they formed the images that my memory was keeping.. 

This particular day was a Monday!.. Mondays in rural France are quiet days.. Shop closed days!. I knew this. I had been warned. A helpful notice posted in the cottage was there to remind me, and even with a verbal reminder from Sharon I still managed to overlook the fact I was about to run out of milk and on a Monday no less!!! So determined to rectify my silly lapse of brain cells,  I took off on an adventure.

I made out for the next village by foot. Then the next, crossed a valley and the river that runs through it and finally came to the little village of Chambray. And here I found the local bar was indeed open, on a Monday and yes they had milk. From memory it was a 4 hour round trip by foot, but hardly a burden enjoying all the sights along the way. Lucky for me Sharon's eldest son miraculously turned up on pushbike just as I was entering the village so I had a handy interpreter to champion my cause. Thanks #1 son.

Now of course.. back home in everyday life buying milk is nowhere near as pretty an adventure, but at least I have the memories.

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 Artwork  [copyright beingRuby©]
Created from original photography:  [beingRuby©]
Location: Normandy, France,  August 2011