The Ancestors: In The Nursery

Chapter 1
'In The Nursery'

Like all family's of a certain distinction, there was a good dose of dysfunction lurking beneath their cool exterior. To understand the depths of their twisted psyche, lets wander back to the early years and inspect the workings of children at play.

Maman and Papa were often absent parents. Busy with their ever so important positions in society, they would leave the children unattended for hours and even sometimes days. Papa would be off sailing the seven seas, going into battle with the castoff scum that blighted the wild blue yonder with their pirating ways. Maman would be locked in her salon, entertaining 'guests' or stuck in a state of perpetual indecision, unable to choose which shoes should accompany some overblown garment purchased with the booty of Papa's pirate capturing rewards.

So.. Left to their own devices, the children would engage in a battle of their own. A battle to determine who would be the victor to rule the roost of the coveted nursery.


Although identical to her twin brother in physical attributes [well mostly], that was where the likeness ended. Georgiana detested the look alike outfits she was forced to endure and would plan and devise frivolous ensembles ready to be worn once the clock struck 10, for then George would be off for his private lessons and Georgiana would have the nursery to herself. Many hours could be spent grooming her vast doll collection, donning the outfits schemed in the morn, and rearranging the decor to something more suitable to her feminine sensibilities. Maman surely would be pleased [if only she would visit]. Georgiana was becoming a fine young lady, a replica of her Maman, and she felt it was high time she had her own salon and no longer had to deal with George and his silly little boy ways. But she was content for now. Like all little girls she dreamt of the day she would marry some dashing Captain and move to her own chateau far away from the annoying George.


Destined to inherit the riches of his family, George would become a hapless young man with no ambition and even less intelligence, devoid of the gumption that inhabited his youth. For as a boy he was quite the devious little fellow. A little spoilt and more than a little cunning. Infuriated that Georgiana would girly up the nursery with her fluff and bother, he would set to work to put it right.. A man's world he would create. A world where pirates were aplenty and dollies should hide in their silly little houses lest some wicked pirate were to capture them quickly, cut off their heads and use their locks of hair  to tie up the mainsail. Captain Cordoba would keep watch from the chair and alert George of the approaching enemy. Yes a pirate's life seemed just right for little George and justly so a beastly pirate should have beastly pirate things to play with.  

So it was a stalemate of sorts
Time and destiny would determine the victor of the nursery
[to be continued]

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If you missed it. The prelude to The Ancestors can be found [here]
With much encouragement from our readers we are pleased to have presented Chapter 1

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Hi Everyone!! Thanks for your indulgence. Too much fun has been had creating The Nursery and I've had to stop myself from messing with the images. We'll save some ideas for future chapters, but now back in 2012.. I hope you are all off to a good start with your week. I'm currently in limbo. Waiting for a new contract to start and delays with the paperwork.. I'm not very good with waiting and have been distracting myself with this 'fluff and bother' as George so meanly describes it!!

Well it's off to the post office for me. Sending off the booty to the giveaway winners

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 Artwork & original photography:  [copyright beingRuby©]

This Has Been Another RubyTime Production
Mmlle Georgiana is dressed by Miss Ruby
Master George dresses himself thank you very much!!!
All decor and styling by Miss Ruby and her team of multiple personalities
No Dolls were harmed in the making of this production



Love the artwork!! Lovely:)


It's me said...

You make beautiful art !!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


The story telling, the images, YOU MUST YOU MUST put a book together dearest Julie!!! I truly believe artwork helps us form poetry and story telling and now with these great technologies, we can create images that make our thoughts soar. My husband just bought me PHOTO SHOP (the suite with all the good stuff) and I am looking forward to using it to really help my art and photo be elevated to new heights, if only I COULD FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE THINGS!!!!!!!!

Be well my dear and thank you for visiting!! Anita

mermaid gallery said...

You are a bit of a nut you know!...Tthat gave me a big grin for the day!....Such stern children!....and what a life they lead.... the French are a little different though.....and diffused through an aussie....they become a new species altogether.....looking forward to further antics!

Jennifer Beaudet said...

HaHa! I loved Chapter 1 and can't wait to read on! The images along with your words really make the twins come to life! So fun! HaHa! I just read your end!:)
What a great way to start the day...I'm up so early.
Have a great week, I hope they get all the paper done and you can start.
Jo Jenoxo

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Im rolling on the floor, Julie... rolling on the floor! You are hilarious. I believe you are a published artist and just haven't told us. If you aren't, you should be!
The images themselves are worth a thousand words.
Happy Monday.

myletterstoemily said...

this so much FUN! you are beyond
talented and clever.

Beach House Living said...

How fun and such a great story.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

How fun is that!!
Your imagination is this! :)

Loree said...

What an intriguing story. You have me hooked. Thanks for your comment.

rjerdee said...

Julie, you are HILARIOUS. However do you do this stuff? crazy images, I'm still smiling from ear to ear!

La Petite Gallery said...

The phot's cracked me up amd the story is terrific. Julie, what a mind you have Darling. Loved this.

Rae said...

Oh my dear...
How lovely your post is!!!
I love it!
Thanks for popping by and saying hi! I love that, and now I'm here to say, Hello friend...have a "good-day" as you say!!
Much love,

Sharon said...

Ah, twins with issues. You chose the perfect face/glance for these lovelies! I love the cat. And the bee. Very cool. I'm wondering what they're chatting about.

Shaz said...

Hi Julie, haven't been in blogland for months. But now Im back and visiting, your new "look" is fabulous. Love the art too, you are VERY clever. Sx