Inspired By: Pink & Blue

Inspired By

I haven't put up an 'inspired by' post in a long time so thought I'd share with you some of what I'm dreaming about these days.. Little Miss Flu Head is still taking up residence over this way.. though.. fingers crossed I might have her packing very soon.. Actually what I'd really like is to have Little Miss Flu Head stay behind in Sydney and send myself packing instead...  If only Hawaii was situated on the flight path between Australia and Europe I'd plan my perfect holiday..  Although.. Thailand is not too shabby I think..

It's funny what can inspire travel.. A simple full bloomed rose with a palm tree backdrop has me thinking of Hawaii.. Add the vintage tins from a french brocante and now I'm dreaming of Indochina or the French countryside.. Of course a travel dream wouldn't be a travel dream without some Italy thrown in.. and the Blue Lady you ask? I just love her.. Perhaps a little restrained.. though I can imagine she is about to embark on a transatlantic crossing upon a stately ship from a bygone era.. By the time she reaches her destination.. the sea will have tossled her hair and relaxed her smile and I do believe there will be a sparkle in those sad  blue eyes..  I think she looks happier just at the prospect.. .. [of course all those years of frowning it will take some work]. Maybe I'll call her 'Dorianne Blue' ......

Now Before I Go

I'd like to make some belated thanks to two lovely bloggers who recently passed awards my way:  
It's always a pleasure to visit their blogs and I hope you'll do so too ... 

[where you'll find tons of decor inspiration]

[beach inspired beauty brought to you from my hometown Sydney]

Have A Lovely Week

And whatever part of the world you wake up in.. I hope the sun is shining for you...  

Image Source & Credits
Roses & French Vintage Tins,  Anacapri, Italy &  Palm Tree, Phuket:
Original photography & artwork [BeingRuby©]
[vintage tins from My French Country Brocante]

Blue Lady: Original image from Soulful Adornments
A little Less Blue Lady: Alterations [Being Ruby©]

To The Moon Alice: June 2011

Hi Everyone ... 
Little Miss Flu Head Here...  

I'd love to share some wonderfully clever insights with you about the naughty naughty moon and the crazy stormy weather she has brought this week.. I'd love to tell you that I was up before the sun to watch the total eclipse of the moon in the wee hours of the morning ... But No... The flu has it's own agenda and all I can manage is these few quick shots I caught before that naughty naughty moon hid herself behind the storm clouds she's been hanging out with ...

It's been one of those weeks that brought both good news and bad... Perhaps that is the duality of an eclipse... but my hope is.. wherever you are.. that good news comes knocking on your door.. and that you are home to welcome it in!!! Meanwhile I'm taking my flu back to bed!!

Have A Lovely Week Everyone
And Enjoy This Stormy Full Moon Season

Original Photography & Artwork [BeingRuby©]
Location: Sydney Australia

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Baby It's Cold Outside

This weekend marks the opening of the ski season in the New South Wales ski slopes.. and I have to say.. I can feel the snow from here!!.. An icy wind has been visiting Sydney this week bringing winter with it... and I have finally succumbed to the winter flu that is making it's rounds...   So I thought I'd photoshop my memories to keep warm!! hehe.. 

Being out of action.. I am very late to participate in Kim Klassen's texture tuesday.. This week's challenge was to work  'words' or text into our creations.. Well this was right up my alley [so to speak].. Those of you who have been around for a while know that I can't help but plaster 'words' all over images.. and I've been wanting to create something with these tree branches for eons.. So today I finally put myself to the task..  Although unlike me.. I went 'subtle' hehe....  I've also used a layer of Kim Klassen's 'Luminous' [again!]..  Without a doubt my favourite texture of hers, it often make it's way into my creations since it came to visit.  Thanks Kim for creating such beautiful textures!.. As always you can pop over and see the works of others at Kim's blog [here].

These images today are actually re-created re-runs. The vintage shot of my mamma I posted a few weeks back [here] and the spindly sparsely leafed branches are from some city shots I posted last year!! [here] .. I'm quite besotted with both of these photos at present.. The mamma shot I only recently dug up.. It must have been in my possession for at least a decade yet somehow I don't recall ever seeing it..  I'm quite addicted to playing around with the little nuances and acquainting myself with my mamma as she was as a small girl. It is quite strange to unearth a 'new' photo of her..  I'm sure all of you who have vintage family shots will know what I mean.. They are usually so well known to us and have travelled with us through each stage of our own lives... creating their own unique memories.. Yet this one is new ... A new chapter to add to my memories.

Have A Love Weekend Everyone

Once again I must apologize for my lack of visits..  
I'm such a slacker lately... Slowly but surely I'll be over your way..

Original Photography & Artwork [BeingRuby©]
Textures: A combination of my own textures & 'Luminous' by Kim Klassen
Vintage Photo of My Mother: From The Family Library of [BeingRuby©]

PS.. I just noticed I wrote have a 'LOVE' weekend.. ha.. think I'll leave it that way. Let me know if you do have a 'LOVE' weekend.. then again.. don't!

World Oceans Day

Today I'm linking up with my good friend Rhonda [Shellbelle's Tiki Hut] to post for World Oceans Day. A moment to celebrate what we love about the ocean and how it has a positive impact on our lives.

Truly.. the happiest part of my day is walking beside the ocean and the bay it feeds.  It's the best medicine in the world to lift my spirits and it's beauty never ceases to amaze me... so I thought I'd share  some of what I love with you.  But don't take my word for it.. These guys look pretty happy about it too.  'Red' [as I like to call him] goes for a daily run with his owner around the bay near my home ... and well I think his face says it all... And just in case you can't get to the ocean yourself..  I've blown up one of these images for you.. Take a seat on the rocks as I do.. and looks out to sea and you'll find your worries drifting away.. if only for a moment..

Relaxed? Ok.. now pop over to Rhonda's post [here] to be truly blown away by a creative artist and his gift to the sea... Rhonda is generously hosting a 'Beach Party'.. so you'll find links there to other ocean loving bloggers and their spin on World Oceans Day.

SEA You There

And have a lovely weekend

Original Photography & Artwork [BeingRuby©]
Sure I've cheated a bit with 'Red'.. my original shot has him running along the boardwalk.. but I couldn't resist!!