Versailles: Look to The Heavens


Look To The Heavens

Ceiling: Derived from the Latin 'cælum' meaning heaven or sky

That's where you should look next time you are visiting Versailles
For it is there you will find  hidden treasures dancing in anticipation of your visit

I've been to Paris four times.. but it was not until the last day of this recent trip that I managed to drag myself out to Versailles... I had meant to go a few weeks earlier and meet up with the lovely [Ange], but things got hectic before my flight to Rome so it was postponed until I returned to Paris for my final few days in France ..  

I took the train out and assumed it would be quite easy to find the actual palace.. All I have to do is follow the crowd.. So that is just what I was doing when I turned a corner and WOW..  Words defy me.. Actually they didn't.. There were a few words uttered that I really shouldn't post here, quickly followed by the thought.. 'No wonder the peasants revolted'... This massive palace, strategically placed at the end of a broad avenue and atop [what looked like to me] the highest point in the vicinity.. A position of dominance and power.. Glaring down at it's menial public!! haha.. But seriously.. It certainly grabs you with this feeling of awe... Awe and dominance.. That was my first impression.

By the time I arrived it was past the midday hour and swiftly moving into late afternoon.. No problem I only wanted to see two things.. The Hall of Mirrors.. and La Petite Trianon.. So I joined the long winding queue to purchase my tickets to decadence... Upon request of said tickets the answer was 'Non!!'.. 'Non?' What do you mean 'Non'?.. 'Madame there is not enough time to visit both'... Really? There was still almost 4 hours left before closing.. seriously.. Not enough time? I mean I wasn't going to dilly dally... Bucket loads of tourists are not my thing.. So I had planned on getting in.. getting my shots.. and getting out.. Not a dilly or a dally would I make... The answer was still 'Non'.. so with a quick decision I chose the Palace and The Hall of Mirrors.. [goodbye Petite Trianon .. I will see you next visit].

Famous last words.. I 'dillied' and I 'dallied' like the best of them.. and upon reaching the Salon of Hercules... I lingered in awe of the painted ceilings of Francoise Le Moyne..  I spent so long in this room just taking in all the incredible beauty.. It didn't hurt that the overall room tones were blue and green.. which just added to my delight and feeling of calm.. Actually calm might not be the correct word... as I distinctly remember my poor aching neck from trying to take in every angle of that ceiling... If I could have lain on the floor to take the shots I would have.. but that might have caused some unwanted attention.. so finally, exhausted with beauty, I left the room sure that that was it! .. Nothing was going to match that sight!... 

That was.. until I came to the famous Hall of Mirrors.. I'm pretty sure it was at this point I uttered the words 'All this beauty is giving me a headache...' No wonder Marie Antoinette became blaze .. There was too much to take in!! One could become desensitized to beauty in these surrounds.. So much beauty ... So much detail. Each and every square foot depicting some nuance or story that was begging  your admiration.. and I did my best to comply...

By the time I escaped the clutches of 'Beauty & Excess' my mind was whirling and a calm stroll through the gardens was just what I needed.. Not to be.. It was at this point the heavens opened up and sent forth a cleansing shower that saw all the little tourists running like scared rabbits... 'Petite Lapin' ...  One of the few French words I remember..  So there will be no garden shots from me!! Although the sudden downpour did assist me to achieve a few shots of the Palace buildings and facade without too many little 'lapin' hopping through my field of vision..

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As you can see I've given up on chronological order..  I think I'll quickly jump back to the beginning of the trip with either another Normandy or Paris next, before moving on to Italy and Roma.. Don't worry there's still plenty more Versailles to come.. Interiors [including Marie Antoinette's bedroom] and Exterior shots of the Palace.. And of course.. More Chandeliers!!! There's also still plenty of Normandy and Paris to come.. Which I'll interject here and there as we move on into Italy. .. So basically.. 

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ALL Text, Original Photography & Artwork [copyright beingRuby©]
ALL shots taken in  Versailles, France .. September 2011

'Pardon the repeat of the Lady Looking Up.. 
It was imperative to my well being to post her in colour & B&W!!'

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Travel gives us the ability to look at the world with fresh eyes.. A child's view. No nine to five or daily duties to wear us down, we take in the world with childish enthusiasm. So with this is mind, here are some 'views' of Paris from my recent trip. I do believe my quirky 'Louis' may have influenced me just a little.

Thanks for the kind words on the last post..
I hope you are not tiring of my Europe posts?  I may be back home but my heart is still there.

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ALL Text, Original Photography & Artwork [copyright beingRuby©]
Shots taken in Paris & Versailles .. August 2011