To The Moon Alice: Paris 2011

September 2011

Blame jetlag.. Blame not wanting to be home... But I almost forgot my moon post!! And I've been a bit lackadaisical with them of late.. Must remedy that next month!! But for this month.. Here is the moon hanging over St Germain Des Pres.. Back in August 2011 on my first night in Paris!! What a welcome!!


Due to my scheduling error... 'Hong Kong: Who Knew?'  ... will be back soon..
Followed closely by 'Normandy and My French Country Guesthouse'

Have A Great Full Moon Everyone

... Before I Go ...
Of course yesterday [my time] marked the 10th Anniversary of Sept 11.. A sad day for all the world.. The Day Fear and 24hrs News Coverage invaded our lives.. Something that will never be forgotten.. But lets hope for a Peaceful and Tranquil future. My heart is with all those affected by this senseless tradgedy.


**Anne** said...

Gorgeous photo!!!
Anne xx

Sharon said...

The Moon & St.Germain des Pris. What's not to love? Beautiful photo, Julie.

Claudia Lane said...

Welcome back home Julie! Have enjoyed your pics...don't worry about forgetting your moon post I'm sure we have already forgiven you :)
Enjoy the sunshine
Claudia xo

Julie said...

Welcome back Julie.

Julie x

Karena said...

Julie so gorgeous, I have been remiss. I promise to visit more often.


Art by Karena

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Your photo's of Paris and Italy are divine.


Splendid Sass said...

How does it feel to spend your life seeing beautiful things, lucky girl? The image is gorgeous.
have a great week, and get some rest.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Those old roofs, old antennae, only IN PARIS can that look so BEAUTIFUL...Anita

rjerdee said...

Oh, man...I've been forgetting about the moon...must look up at the sky this evening! thanks for the 'minder!

the old boathouse said...

Ahh tres belle!! The moon is no longer the moon without a Ruby post. Look forward to seeing your adventures abroad...I love the word is full of magic don't you think? Hope you get your energy back...remember I'm sure your beautiful harbour missed you while you were away, xx Katherine