IF IT’S TUESDAY: This must be Mykonos

Well you should be used to it by now! That is… Tuesday being Wednesday! Today I bring you MYKONOS. Little Venice in Mykonos to be exact! And in 3 colour variations. So this was my first time to Mykonos, and just like it’s namesake, ‘Little Venice’ had me at ‘Hello’!

Pardon the scratchy marks [top left corner]. These are scanned copies of my original photo taken in 1993. This poor little pic has been moved from house to house, photo frame to photo frame [you get the idea]. Hence scratchy itchy bits!!! But scratchy and all… I still love it!!

Image #2 is the original colour!!!

Images #1 & #3 are just a few variations to keep your visit interesting.

Little Venice


1 beingruby_mykonos 4b


2 beingruby_mykonos 3


3 beingruby_mykonos 5


4 beingruby_mykonos 5

[no 4 added 17-7-2009]

[source – beingRuby]

Which variation do YOU prefer ?

Well I have to say Mykonos is a dream. A fantasy that traps you within it's grasp. Never ending winding cobbled paths that seem to change each day you venture out. Turn left and you might find a huddle of cute shops vending their wares. Turn right and suddenly you come to a full stop with nothing but sea ahead of you. It takes days to remember which little cafe marks the turn back to your hotel. But that is part of the adventure!

I was suppose to stay 3 days and then move on to Santorini, but I couldn't bring myself to leave. 10 days later I flew back to London before heading off to Hawaii and then home. I was so disappointed that I missed Santorini ... I went back 3 years later!

I do hope you enjoyed a taste of Mykonos. There are more IF IT'S TUESDAY posts [here] and maybe next week I will bring you Santorini [if I can wait till then!]

NB I fixed my boo boo [don't think anyone noticed!]

Image no4 added 17-07-2009 - another attempt at sepia


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I think I like the middle one best with those little dashes of pink and that fabulous dark blue water.

Unknown said...

For once, I think I actually prefer the colour version because of the beautiful contrast between the white of the building and the glorious blue sky :)


Hi, Julie! I haven't been to Mykonos, only Santorini (which I loved!) but your original photo really captures the light in Greece so I think I like that one the best. The first one is very pretty too.

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

I think I do prefer the original version, simply because I really love the blue..., and Greece is so much about blue!

Courtney said...

A beautiful photograph! I think I love the original colors the best with the clean, white buildings against the vibrant sky and water.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

My favourite is number 3 Julie, I love blackey, whitey sepiary(!!)
But whatever colour it comes in, it looks beautiful.
It's one of the places that I haven't been, so you have just given me a little glimpse.......I think that I want to see more. XXXX

beachvintage.com said...

Maybe I am a little sentimental but I love the first image.

simon said...

the middle one because it looks like a painting, or something someone should paint!

Kellie Collis said...

THe white buildings in contrast with the incredible colour of the ocean is amazing...

Giulia said...

Hello Ms. JulieRuby...Susan from Giulia Geranium & bricolage blogs (where you stopped by some time ago...sorry it's taken so long to get over here to your lovely blog). To jog your memory, it was a Ruth Orkin photo/post that elicited your comment.

Anyone who has a label 'Bella Italia' has my allegiance:)

Re: Greece. My first time I did the exact opposite as you & just as happy with the results. From Crete into Santorini & was so tired from my other life, that I just stayed put for a few weeks. Mykonos another time. Both great. But I also love the less populated islands, having been an ancient studies undergrad.

As for the photos: I like them all. The original, naturally, because of the blue. But I'm also of a mind as someone about sepia-ed stuff. I not only love those sorts of pix but my latest writing project involves a "sepia-ed" historical period. All three are lovely.

I would like to follow you but have such computer problems, that I've had to take almost everyone off & put them on my site(s) instead. Computer upgrades (or might require new computer) plus fast internet soon. Then I can follow anyone I want.

Enjoying your site & now off to trying to get life back on track. Will be back but have subscribed to your feed.



Anonymous said...

I am fron greece...mykonos...is perfect!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I adore the first photo. Scratches make them just that much more interesting. I have the traveling bug so badly & Mykonos will be on the list no doubt! Lovely...

Carole said...

All 3 are gorgeous...but I have a preference for the 1st and last one. The 1st one has wonderful tones to it and looks like you used a vignette option. I liked reading all the comments on the 3 styles.

iva yaneva said...

I think I like the one at the bottom best, it has some kind of a vintage feel :)

my boyfriend just came back from mykonos and I hate it that I couldn't go with him. looks like a beautiful place :)

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Just found your blog and I don't plan on leaving...gorgeous journeys through beautiful places!

I love photo #4!

We were in Greece 3 years ago, and we didn't have the time to make it to Mykonos, so it's on our 'for sure to see' list next year!

The House That A-M Built said...

Oh Julie, I was on Mykonos in 1990 I stayed in a pension up on the hill for 2 glorious weeks. I have the most vivid, glorious memories from that time in my travels. I have never eaten so much octopus in my life. There was this little place that served the best octopus salad... I had it every day for lunch! Wow, that was almost 20 years ago... can remember it like yesterday. Thank for a beautiful trip down memory lane. A-M xx PS the first photo for me!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Julie....you're messing with my mind....adding another photograph, I have now got to tell you that I like number 4....it's even more sepiary (111) XXXX

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Of course that was the evil plan! To mess with Jacqueline's mind!!!

Thanks everyone for your wonderful and interesting comments!!!

xxx Julie

Slices of Beauty... said...

Love these.
Lovely blog too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie. I haven't yet been lucky to visit Greece, but I hope to do so in the near future. Of course Greece is traditionally linked to the combination blue-white, therefore I at first felt like going for the original picture.
However I do prefer the first picture. There are some colours in it, yet they look as if they were faded over time. Actually my preferences match the order in which you placed the pictures!