FEATURED FLICK: Penny Serenade

Well I am a little overdue in posting another FEATURED Flick so I thought I would give you three featuring my favourite Classic Comedy duo - 'Cary Grant & Irene Dunne'. Being;

- Penny Serenade (1941)
- My Favourite Wife (1940)
- The Awful Truth (1937)

Here is the 1st instalment;


Story Line

The movie opens with the character of Julie (Irene Dunne)lingering over the gramophone as she prepares to leave her husband Roger (Cary Grant). Each record in their vast collection, recalls a moment or event in their relationship and the memories that accompanied it.

The story takes us through their courtship, marriage and inability to have a child. The joy (and hilarity) of finally bringing home a beautiful adopted baby girl. And the sadness and heartache when tragedy strikes.

Be warned - this is a 'flashback' movie, but NOT of the annoying kind. The story is provided by way of flashback, prompted by each song that Julie plays, but thankfully is in chronoligical order and therefore doesn't require mental gymnastics to enjoy! Irene Dunne and Cary Grant take you through all the emotions and the trials and tribulations of marriage. And of course give you many moments of laughter, done in only the way the Classics and these two fabulous actors can!

This movie is a lovely gem!

The main players are;

Irene Dunne: as Julie Gardiner Adams

Cary Grant: as Roger Adams

Other Characters of Interest;
Beulah Bondi: as Miss Oliver ,
Edgar Buchanan: as Applejack Carney ,
Baby Jane Biffle: as Trina - Age 1 ,
Eva Lee Kuney: as Trina - Age 6

Favourite Scenes:
First night home with baby Trina
Trina's first Christmas play

Genre: Classic, Comedy, Drama
Images: Cary Grant.net, IMDB


Millie said...

No doubt about it Julie - Cary G. was all style & class.
Millie ^_^

Julie said...

Hi Julie
Hope you are doing well.
I haven't watched much of classic movies, I shall watch some of the movie when my home is all organized.. Have a great weekend!

Alicia said...

Old movies in a post!!!! Following!!! Nothing gives me more giddiness than discovering an old favorite on the tube(TCM commercial free)& sharing it. I love that my godson Grant at 10 will still watch "Meet Me in St Louis" & always remembers our first cozy night wtaching it on my then sofa...the comfy couch as it was known.
Goodness Cary Grant was the epitome of debonair.
Must rent these its been too long.