Featured Flick: Charlotte Gray

One such movie is 'Charlotte Gray'. Based on a novel by Sebastian Faulks and directed by Gillian Armstrong.

Story Line

The story begins in London during the WWII blitz and follows the storyline of a young Scottish woman 'Charlotte Gray', who joins the English Special Operations Executive (SOE) to search for her English lover who is missing in Nazi-occupied France.

Charlotte is sent to France to work with the French Resistance and it is there that she meets Julien, the leader of the local resistance group. (ooh la la!) sorry should be taking this topic seriously!

The movie reflects the tragedies that occurred during this time and the struggle of the French people to maintain a sense of pride and identity whilst their government was collaborating with the enemy.

The main players are;

Cate Blanchett as 'Charlotte Gray'

Billy Crudup as 'Julien Levade'

Others Items of Interest;

Michael Gambon as 'Julien's father'

All the scenery of a 1940's French Village

Some spectacular shots of lavender fields

Scenes from an 'actual' derelict french chateau

Images: courtesy of Warner Bros

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beth said...

Hmmm. I've never heard of that one. Sounds good. I'm gonna have to check it out.