Natural Beauty

For a long time now I have had the dilemma of whether I prefer neutral interiors ...... white furniture and a few warm natural accents, ... or dark timber with blue, green and white accents. I seem to oscillate between the two. Whenever I cut back on my clutter and simplify with more natural colours, I soon get bored and start to bring out the bolder cushions and bits and pieces. I suspect this will be a never ending cycle with me.

However, this home certainly seems to bring the two styles together. Simple neutral palette with touches of greens and orange cleverly balanced to keep it from being too stark. This is not the first article I have seen of this home. Somewhere in my ever burgeoning collection of magazines is another article where the decor, although very similar, has a few more accents of colour livening the space. (I will find the original version one day and re-post)

Lets have a look shall we?

Notice the daybed in the garden!

Venture inside and it just gets better!..

And who wouldn't love this kitchen. It is white and simple but with just enough touch of old world rustic charm. (Again I think I prefer the original pics which had a few more pops of colour on the kitchen shelving.. but can't complain about this either)..

And finally... out in the terrace and garden...

Images: House Beautiful - "Calm & Pure - (Ojai)"

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Unknown said...

I know how you feel - I vacillate all the time. I will never stop loving white with lots of neutrals, but sometimes I like a pop of colour, other times none at all. Then sometimes I like things a little girly and feminine, and other times more spare and masculine. Looking at all the wonderful blogs out there doesn't make it any easier either!
Love these pictures though, great find.
Thanks for you comment on my blog. The site you recommended has actually become my bible of late - this is where I got all the info about ODD and the connection to food. I really believe that diet does make a big difference - I've been converted!
By the way, I don't normally ask this, I normally just plunge ahead without permission, but as you asked me...mind if I add you to my bloglist?