I have a soft spot for the Blues.

Be it stripes, plains, blues with white, soft pastels, rich turquoise and especially deep dark BLUES. I LOVE THEM ALL!

Although not overtly BLUE, this home makes my heart sing!

My love affair with this home started with THE Sofa

A shapely number, with generous proportions. The blue and white stripes present a fresh, crisp tailored look, but when you get closer, I suspect it has a soft side that allows you to sink into it's embrace!! I think I love this sofa!!

Ok. .. so moving away from THE Sofa now!

Let's take in a full view of this room.
Oversize white lamps on mismatched pedestal tables flank THE Sofa and create a nice visual frame. Darker colours, introduced by way of deep blue armchairs and rattan covered ottoman, ground the room and stop it from feeling too floaty. And the Indigo throw cushion ties in with these deeper shades and brings the eye back to (yep you got it) THE Sofa!

Here's a close up of Armchair and Ottoman
Cousins to THE Sofa.

Love the rattan tray!

In the bedroom the owner has taken a departure from the blues by way of an antique french screen, decorated in rich grass green with subtle pink flower accents. Paired with crisp white linen, these colourings results in a clean fresh restful space.

Now here's a surprise.
The rest of the house is a careful study of balanced tones ... But here in the bathroom, Bold Turquoise takes the stage!

Sadly here we are at the entrance, and time to take our leave.
I do hope you have enjoyed this little tour of;

'The home of THE Sofa'!

I'm off to find my stripey blue cushions!

Images: Content Agency; Photography: Simon Kenny; Stylist: Karen Cotton


Julie said...

Happy Moday Julie
I have a blue stripey fabric(blue and white stripey??? I could make you a cushion cover for you.(smile) Its from my toile fabric collection.. Would you like that??


Porchlight Interiors said...

So gorgeous! Tracey xx

cate said...

I just love blue too!!!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Thanks Girls.. I really appreciate comments.

How sweet is Julie from 'Chic Little Shop"!!

Lee said...

Hi Julie, I loved this house too - the sofa is to die for! I also love the oversized lamps, splashes of indigo & the rattan. It's a great look isn't it. Did you see the house in the latest edition of Home Beautiful. Lovely.

BTW, thanks for the comment you left on my blog - the Est shop is so much better than their online offerings. The linens in the shop are really, really lovely. It's worth the trip.

Lee :)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Looks like I will be buying Home Beautiful tomorrow! .. Not that I need a excuse to buy a mag!


Hi! Thank you for your comment:)

Gorgeous photos!! Love your blog!!


Millie said...

Love that blue sofa too & the contrast of the navy chairs is fab. Timeless, stylish, elegant decorating - yum Julie!
Millie ^_^

red ticking said...

like i posted on porchlight.... FABULOUS.. i am so glad i found your blog!! lovely.... and one of my dearest friends daughter's name is ruby... and she is adorable... so of course i think you are too...

red ticking said...

love your comment on my blog... julie and ruby... 2 great names... responsible and fun! have a lovely day...pam

Unknown said...

This home is just so elegant and beautiful. Have you bought your copy of Home Beautiful yet? It has some absolutely gorgeous homes in it this month, although I'm biased because it is my favourite magazine.

Romana said...

This is what was missing from my "blue" post! A great sofa! I'm with you - I want one too :)