Mothers' Day: [B&W and Sepia Post] [pt2]

What better tribute to motherhood can a young girl give ... then dreaming of growing up to be 'just like their mamma'



a family album

Practice and training in the fine art of motherhood starts early

Young girls pay careful attention and give kind words of encouragement to dolly

They dream of that special day and someday being a bride

And then they reach the age where their dreams turn to hopes of love and finding that special beau

Someone to love and carry you through the hard times

To sweep you off your feet and promise to whisk you away to greener pastures

And one day those dreams come true!

They buy a little home in a nice new estate

Where their dreams of having babies can become a reality



There may be hard times, when they will struggle and worry for their future

They may need to turn to the in-laws for advice

It is then they will take comfort in the extended family and the wisdom and customs that have passed down through the generations

Knowing at the end of the day... when the children are grown...

there will be time to reflect and enjoy life's rewards



Postscript: Pardon the sillyness. This post started out sincere with a few B&W images I had found. It then took on a life of it's own with the images dictating the script.

IMAGES: Most of the images in this sequence were found at Square America A wonderous website - but beware - you may get lost in here for hours mezmerised by the plethora of images


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Happy Mother's Day

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