IF IT'S TUESDAY: this must be BURANO

A few more images from my 1996 european vacation; brought to you by the recently recovered old desktop hardrive.

Everything Old is New again!

Welcome to Burano

Burano is one of the tiny islands found in the main lagoon of Venice. These islands can be reached by ferry and some are linked to each other by low lying bridges and walkways. I have been blessed to have been able to visit Venice twice. Both times some of my favourite moments were spent exploring these tiny outer islands.

One of my favourites was Burano. It is well known for its intricate lacework, but also, for it's small, brightly-painted houses. The choice of colours used for each home is governed by a specific system according to the age of the structure's development. Owners must seek Government approval when changing the exterior colour, which makes for the kaleidoscope of colour and beauty you see here today (or in 1996 above!)



Hi! Thank you for your nice comment:) ... more summerpictures is coming up;)

Burano looks beautiful!!


Porchlight Interiors said...

I already have the travel bug really bad right now and these gorgeous images have just inspired me more! Tracey xx

Kellie Collis said...

So beautiful, how gorgeous is that first image, so charming and eclectic... I have not been to Venice, you have captured what i hope it to be like beautifully!!

cate said...

AR...Venice...thank you for this post, you have brought back wonderful memories. I tried to buy a Channel coat in Venice and it nearly gave my husband a heart attact when he saw the price he!he!
...never bought the Coat but the look on my husband face was pricless.
x Cate

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Glad you girls are enjoying this little trip to Venice and YES it is that beautiful and colourful.

Cate - I didn't feel game to walk in to any of the shops that sold Channel - but I did buy a Diesal jacket and a beautiful medallion.

A Beach House Dreamer said...

Burano is absolutely charming. I visited Venice once, years ago, in the winter.

beachvintage.com said...

Loving the little coloured boats. Thanks for stopping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment. xx

Alicia said...

Look up charming in the dictionary and your shot is the defintion.
Colorful row houses, laundry flapping in the breeze & boats just as cheerfully painted!!!!
The lavender boats the best!!!!
Gratitude for the post.

Julie said...

Hi J
When are you going to Venice next?
Can I come with you? please please.

visiting your blog make me smile..(ALWAYS...)

x Julie