Happy Birthday Big Brother

Happy Birthday Mark

It is my OLDER (*smile*) brother's birthday today. As I know he enjoys vintage photography as much as I do, I thought this image was appropriate.

I was going to get him a Bentley but couldn't afford the wrapping paper!

Image: Ralph Lauren


Anything Goes Here said...

Can I have a Bentley, too? I'll pay for my own wrapping paper! xo Joan

Alicia said...

Trust me a bow will suffice.

Julie said...

Hi J

Please pass my Happy Birthday wish message to your big brother.. Tell him he is so lucky to have a sister like you..(smile). I have tons of wrapping materials..Let me know when you need them next time..(smile).

x Julie..

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, Happy B-day wishes to your brother from Italy ;-))
Nice blog you have here...I shall return..