LIFE'S A BEACH: and moments like these

Well I was hoping for a relaxing Sunday. Maybe a nap. But NO it was not to be. My upstairs neighbours decided it was high time they drilled and hammered and generally clanked around.

In my frustration I decided to go and clean my balcony. As much as we all love a Jacaranda tree, it is not the wisest choice to have in close proximity to one’s balcony. Winter usually finds me tip-toeing through the apartment trying not to crunch up the Jacaranda leaves more than they already are. No matter how careful I am with the balcony door, the leaves always end up inside. This is not what I had in mind with bringing the outdoors in. So out I go and clean the balcony. A bit of sweeping, a bit of mopping and voila, tidy clean balcony. How nice! Clean and fresh, think I will just sit out here and enjoy this moment.

So, coffee and magazine at the ready, just as I get comfortable, I am serenaded by the dulcet tones of yet a different neighbour with his electric sander. So besides the noise bombardment, my nice clean balcony is now covered in a layer of sawdust.

This really is the lucky country!~

To cheer me up I went in search of my long lost travel photos. If I don't find them soon, my ‘IF IT’s TUESDAY posts may dwindle. I did though find these. Taken approx 9yrs ago at one of my local beaches that skirt Botany Bay in Sydney. [if i was more patriotic i would say 'girt']

I hope you enjoy these and remember, when the sawdust chips are down;





[Sydney skyline and airport in background]

[images – me]

I’m off to vacuum up the crunchy bits!!

Cheers - Julie


Kellie Collis said...

Drilling and the vibrations of it makes me want to cry... I would have had to leave the house!!

Flax and spindle said...

Sorry your Sunday was stepped on...people around here LOVE mowing the lawn...let's see...around 7am. I feel your pain.

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I can't stand it when my neighbors are loud... and then sawdust! My goodness... but it is always fun to look through old pictures!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I bet it would be quieter, too , at the beach. It is like a suburban Saturday morning when everyone fires up the lawn mower at 8am. Go back to sleep, people! Hope things have quieted down a bit and you're enjoying the rest of the weekend.

Maya said...

What a great local beach where you can see Sidney in the distance. In Switzerland where I grew up making noise on a Sunday is not allowed..., no power sanding or lawn mowing. Here not so much..., as I'm typing this I'm actually hearing my husband mowing the lawn!

The House That A-M Built said...

Weekends in the city are not for the faint hearted. No wonder we all crave a tree change!... at least you have a squeaky clean balcony and somewhere nice to sit to listen to the 'dulcet tones'......Botany Bay... beautiful! A-M xx

Unknown said...

If I known you were planning a non-relaxing Sunday, I would have sent my son over, he was up this morning at 5.53am precisely....he would have given your neighbours a run for their money!!
Hope your day got a little quieter :)

Haven and Home said...

Cute post!

Porchlight Interiors said...

Beautiful photos - Sydney is such a gorgeous city! Tracey xx

sarah said...

nothing worse than neighbours with noisy power tools, we had one once who seemed to be obsessed with power hosing his whole house/drive/shed every weekend

absolutely stunning photos of Sydney...lovely

cate said...

I am sorry but I cannot hear the noise over the waves lapping on the shore..loving the photos :)

Oliveaux said...

I hope you have had a quieter start to Monday! Love your pictures of Sydney.

Unknown said...

The joys of city living!
I love your photos. I have a thing for what I call 'big sky' images - paintings and photos, so these won me over instantly.

Julie said...

Oh~ NO..
You could've come and stay at my guestroom(smile).Your photos are always so gorgeous.

Julie x said...

Loud neighbours can be disturbing. Anyway these photos are very calming.