BEACH SHACK: Aussie Vintage

Happy weekend everyone.

This cute little beach shack reminds me of a very aussie 'rite of passage'. That is, the infamous weekend away at the beach shack. Lucky for me, I had friends who had one.

Crazy days when life was easy and the hardest decision was where to eat out, and the only worry was hoping your 1st car will make the trip there and back (my little green mini often didn't). Once there, the days were spent at ease with the beach only a walk away down the track.

Well in memory of those wonderful weekends, I thought I would share some Aussie Beach Shack love with you. This particular dandy is another treasure by phographer Simon Kenny.

Beautiful beach, but let's see the shack

Here we are at the front porch. You will notice another aussie tradition, the garden gnome here to welcome us and a bit of Pelican love on the roof!

So come inside. There's plenty of lounges to relax and some great vintage touches to help you feel a million miles from home.

Ok we need some modern technology, just not too modern!

And here we are at the kitchen. If you're hungry there may be something in the fridge!

Ok, so come out the back, there is something I want to show you ...

No.. it it's not this...

It's this!

When your hard day's effort at the beach is over, just take a soak in the tub. No need to walk the sand through the house!

Well I think I would prefer a more soothing palette for a getaway, but these high energy colours do remind me of being a teenager! Although the furnishings were much more 'lost and found' and the space a lot less orderly.

Enjoy Your Weekend!


Julie said...

Hi Julie.
Your post make me happy and sad at the same time.(sigh~~) I think, I need a little beach shack to escape to.. a lot of toothache and more pain is in the future.(grrr..)

Thank you for the dreamy post. Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

x Julie

Unknown said...

Hi Julie!
Lovely always :) I too remember those grab a bag and leave town week-ends with no worries......great memories. I once left for a week-end with 3 girlfriends in the south of France (we were already studying in France so it was a shortish trip)....we left in the middle of the night on a whim and arrived with 10 pairs of knickers and 4 hairdryers between us....that was all!! LOL Those were the days!
Love the bath shot...fabulous:)
Happy Week-end,
Simone :)

Beach House Dreamer said...

Now how cool is that bathtub outside! Oh, I'm dreaming.

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Pretty fancy shack, that. the shacks we had in my home town on Lake Michigan in the US were much shackier...

The House That A-M Built said...

Hey Julie, I can finally visit you now that I have fast internet. What a groovy little beach shack. I LOVE the outdoor tub... my boys would never be out of it! I remember those days of hoping that the car makes it. I had a little red Mazda 1300 in the late 80's that I drove from Tweed Heads to Murwillumbah Hospital for work every day. Every day I would pray that she'd make it! The only care I had in the world! Precious memories! A-M xx

Alicia said...

Girls weekends were the best. My favorite was the crazy ntion that we could go camping in a VW bug...tent & all. It was a blast in the woods of Northern Maine with a billion stars for our canopy but the highlight was the girls going skinny dipping, me staying behind & a sudden appearance of 3 child filled families on the beach for a late marshmellow roast.
I actually love the rainbow kitsch of the shack: cheery!!! The outside bath tub sounds fun but then the 42 year old goes hellooo...dont think so.
Have a wonderful weekend. Make your bedroom your shack for the weekend.

Millie said...

Oh these pics bring back memories Julie! We used to go a friend's shack that looked just like this one. The highlight of the w/end was catching yabbies in a murky pond by the beach & having a huge cook-up over a fire in the back yard. Nothing has tasted quite so sweet since those beauties!
Thank you for your lovely words over @ The Hedge yesterday, I really appreciated them.
Millie ^_^

Julie@beingRUBY said...

The best thing about doing this post has been the comments. Lovely stories of adventure and sillyness and the craziness of our youth. Thank you all for your wonderful comments, you've brought the sunshine into my little world.

Pearl Maple said...

Fabulous post full of sunshine and fun, great beach cottage, think most anyone would enjoy a visit. Thank you for sharing the inspiration. said...

OMG, I adore this house. Where is it? Can I rent it out??? Absolutely beautiful images.

cathypentonatelier said...

Thank you for leaving such a gorgeous comment on my blog it made me cry, what a special person you must be...Is this gorgeous little cottage at Byron Bay????? It looks familiar.....Take care Cathy xx