My Week In Review: [or Calamity Julie with a tag]

I’ve had one of those weeks. Some days I seem to attract disaster, but this week was a doozy.

[wanted surrender - this will do]

This is how my week went;

Last Weekend - Set myself on fire filling a candle lighter – burnt clothing not me - Lucky

Monday - Broke a tooth eating salad (extra hard bacon bits!!) – Not lucky

Tuesday - Stabbed my finger on a scone (extra sharp bacon bits!!) - Strange

Wednesday - Got hit by an automated garage door (why?)

- Had emergency temporary filling and will need a crown - $$$

- Temporary filling fell out whilst waiting to pay

- Had another emergency temporary filling

- Discovered had misplaced my purse whilst waiting to pay

- Walk back to car in rain, find purse

- walk back to dentist in rain, pay $$$

- Leave dentist cross road – oops forgot umbrella

Friday – bee in car whilst driving in peak hour

Still alive – but workmates are worried

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY: The wonderful Cate at 'Ella And Baba' tagged me to play '6 uninteresting things that make me happy'. Considering my week they are;

1. Still have hair

2. Still have other teeth

3. Still have fingers

4. No broken bones

5. Found Purse

6. Didn't crash car

I am suppose to pass this on to 6 other bloggers. However, given the recent flood of tagging, I will do as others have done and offer it up to anyone who would like to play? Don't be shy ... you know you want to!

Meanwhile, go and give Cate a visit. Her blog is a haven for beautiful, stylish posts brimming with gorgeous images and so worthy of your visit.

I particularly like her 'Blue Posts'.


Anonymous said...

your blog is good .
I like it.

Fabulously French said...

I am sure that next week will be a better one!

Re the tooth issue I had the similar happen last year, I broke 2teeth eating baguettes, so blame France for this.....

L xx

Julie said...

Oh. dear, dear..
I am so sorry to hear how you week went. but why can't I stop laughing? somthing's wrong with me?

I will pray and pray, you will have a wonderful and wonderful coming week. Starting NOW..

x Julie

Unknown said...

Sometimes there are weeks where you are simply better off pulling the covers over your head and never leaving the bed! Hope next week is better for you and have a great weekend Julie!

Beach House Dreamer said...

Oh, dear! But you know how to turn your "adventures" (may I say) into a very funny post!

Millie said...

You carry all your calamities with such style Julie! My last broken tooth came from slurping soup - go figure! Would alcohol help get you through this? Tragically I'm not partaking at all presently, so please feel free to have my share!
Millie ^_^

Julie@beingRUBY said...

To Millie and Leanne
It's heartwarming to know others fall into the 'weird broken tooth' category.

To Millie
I hardly drink anymore. I suffer hangovers of monumental proportions. But thanks for the offer.

red ticking said...

sooo sorry to hear about your week... and mine have been nuts ...sorry i did not have a chance to do your tagged post.... i would if i could stop a moment and think about it! hope your weekend is fabulous....relax and enjoy... x pam

Anonymous said...

You indeed had a terrible week. It's almost a classic example of Finagle's law ("anything that can go wrong, will — at the worst possible moment")!

Be careful next week!

Alicia said...

Good Lord you certainly got headbutted by life this week. I prescribe a week of do nothings, eating ice cream & being ;azy. Take 3 times a day & call me with any questions.
Dr. Fun

flax and spindle said...

oh wow, so sorry about your mini ordeals :(

Kellie Collis said...

Julie.... I hope your weekend was nicer to you? Wow what a week!?!x

white flower farmhouse said...

that is -- hands down -- the funniest post I have ever read! sorry for you troubles but you totally made my day!

susanna said...

Clearly the message here is to stop eating bacon bits! ;p