GET ON BOARD: You're Tagged

Well I haven't been blogging much as I been down with a 'bug' (non-swine variety). BUT .. now I have been tagged!! Double Tagged that is by two of my favourite blogging beauties;

The fabulous Lee of 'Glimpse Of Style'

I look forward to her Monday Morning Shop Post each and every week. Along with all the other beautiful posts she shares, whether it be a Glimpse of beautiful decor or a Glimpse into her own personal world, it's always a great visit.

The sweet Julie from 'Chic Little Shop'

Julie always leaves the sweetest comments and her sweet nature shines through in her own tag post. Be sure to pay her a visit and see her wonderful world.

Thanks ladies for sharing your wonders with me!

So Let's Get on Board:

The objective is to write about 6 uninteresting things that make me happy. Well seeing I am double tagged, I am going for 7! I may have taken some liberty with the definition of 'uninteresting', however I am sure some of these things will be uninteresting to some. So here we go in no particular order;

1. Vintage Photos
I love looking at old Vintage Photos dreaming about the lives of the people within. As a child I loved to rummage through the back of cupboards, drawers etc to see what I could find. Often I would come across a few Vintage Family Photos and I would ponder these for hours wondering about the lives of these people. My favourites were always those of my mother's teenage years and the gorgeous fashions of the 40's.

2. Tap Dancing
OK May seem strange - but I love tap dancing. I spent my entire childhood tapping the floorboards of our family home and watching all the old Tap Dance musicals. ie 42nd Street, American in Paris, Shirley Temple, the list is endless. I think (no.. I know) I drove my mother nuts. Well I inherited this love from her!

3. Old Buttons
Love old buttons. Especially the pearly creamy white or bone variations. I like to store them in glass jars and photo frames, and swirl them around to hear the tinkle swishy noise they make.

4. Documentation
This will be the strangest for sure. Part of my job is to produce specifications, flowcharts etc. Most colleagues I know detest preparing their documentation. But, for me..l secretely love it and seeing the final result is akin to producing a work of art. (strange I know). They call me the 'Documentation Queen'!

[no image necessary]

5. Sleep
I love Sleep!! Can't get enough of it!! Woe betide the person who wakes me prematurely from my slumber!

6. The Moon
This is certainly my favourite thing, although I sometimes forget it's existence. I get incredibly excited when the moon is full and we are lucky enough to have one of those great big fat yellow moons, burgeoning in the sky, then I will jump in the car and drive to a good vantage point to sit and soak in the wonderful vista. I wish for a home overlooking the sea, in part so I can have front row seats to this monthly event!

7. Comments on my blog
Like all of us, it is always a special treat to get comments on my blog posts. It lets me know that 'Someone is listening'.

Now I have to tag 6 people I think would like to play and each of these six have to pass this on to another 6 people.

The Rules are;

* Link back to the person that gave it to you (little me)

* Tell 6 uninteresting things that make you happy

* Let the 6 you choose know they have been tagged

Six? Really? .. I can only tag six? This is going to be difficult as I have so many favourites. How about I continue my double tagged tradition and give you 7? Of course there are many more I would like to include! But here are my 6/7 in no particular order;

#1. Hayley & Tracey @ Porchlight Interiors

#2. Catherine @ Simply Natural

#3. Millie @ Laurel Hedge

#4. Kellie @ Ada and Darcy

#5. Alicia @ Delightful and Delovely

#6. Red Ticking

And lucky rule breaking #7

#7. A Beach House Dream

Have a great weekend


Lee said...

Hi Julie, I think these are actually very interesting things that make you happy. I love old buttons too - I have a jar of them sitting on my desk. Have a great long weekend! Lee :) said...

Love to hear about your loves, etc. Have a great weekend.

Julie said...

Wow.. Julie
Your uninteresting things are very very interesting to me. I guess its always " The grass is greener ... the other side of the fence" (smile) Thank you so very much for your sweet introduction about me.(that's me JULIE).. I guess thats from the name(you know what I meant...) I will have to show you my vintage button collections.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!

x Julie..

Porchlight Interiors said...

Very interesting things Julie! I must admit that I'm a sucker for a full moon too - it's meant to be stared at I think! Thanks for including us - it may take a while to narrow it down to 6 uninteresting things that make us happy - there are so many things! Tracey xx