Another Full Moon has arrived and is making it's presence known.

It is only a small moon this month as it is almost at apogee (furthest from the earth). However that has not stopped it from being bright enough to keep me awake last night (or maybe that was the coffee rocklea road I had). Either way I was sitting on my balcony at 5am staring at the moon.

Dreamlike Colours

I've mentioned previously that I wanted a house overlooking the sea so I can watch the moon rise. Well I would like to update that request now please ... I'd like to put in an order for a 'Widow's Walk'. That way I can take in not just the Moon but the Stars as well.

So a little info about this month's Full Moon:

The Moon 'Names' for June are - Flower Moon, Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, Honey Moon. The Moon is Full: Monday June 8th Sydney: 04:12am. And The Moon will be at 'apogee' Thursday June 11th


'Honey Moon, keep a shining in June,
Your silvery beams will bring love's dreams,
We'll be cuddling soon,
By the silvery Moon'


Lyrics: 'By The Light Of The Silvery Moon'

IMAGE: Flickr

INFO: Moon Names: wikipedia, Moon Phase: Museum Victoria


Unknown said...

What a beautiful post...gorgeous. And love the Doris Day lyrics :)
Thanks for looking at my blog!
Simone :)

Beach House Dreamer said...

So beautiful. And a Widow's Walk would be wonderful. And me too dream of a house by the sea, so much that I made it the tile of my blog!

Beach House Dreamer said...

Oh, and your on my blogroll now too! Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

"Fly Me to the Moon" by Bart Howard from 1954.... I love your pictures!

Agneta from Sweden (you know...)



Have a nice day!!


Lee said...

Hi Julie, you're a fount of knowledge. I never knew that when the moon was furthest from the earth it was called 'apogee'. The pic you posted is gorgeous - imagine having the good fortune to look upon the moon over the sea in the evenings. Lee :)

Millie said...

Your post took me back to my childhood Julie! Me as a 6 y.o. sitting in the back of the EH Holden & my darling Dad driving up front singing the Shine on Silvery Moon song at top note!
Millie ^_^