Today was a long overdue day of rest for me. And well I’ve had quite the strenuous day! Slept in… ate a little.. slept some more… I am sure something else.. OH yes I exercised. Exercised my right to shop!

Online shopping of course, wouldn’t want to get out of my favourite PJ’s. What do you say this has to do with Wallace Cotton’, well they fit right in with all of my day’s tasks. This New Zealand based store provides Bed Linen, Quilts, Sleepwear, Bath Towels, Kitchen textiles & more, and of course an Online Web-shop filled with treasures and gorgeous imagery to help you dream the day away!

Wallace Cotton - Settler[This is an older pic from Wallace Cotton, but still a favourite]

Now I had intended to continue my series of ‘Pretty Packaging and Wallace Cotton fits the bill. Another store that not only provides great products but they come delivered to your door with that little extra ‘Pretty Packaging’. The packaging this time comes in the guise of a ‘free’ Cotton Drawstring Bag.

Wallace Cotton - BlueDelphineLaundryBag

So, not only is your purchase presented beautifully, it is re-useable for so many purposes. Of course the obvious.. to store your new purchase of Quilt, Duvet Cover or Linens, but also any other little thing your heart desires. Like my PJ’s for example, or for keeping Linens fresh and dust-free in the Linen Closet. These great little [or big] bags come in a myriad of the same fabrics used within their product range. So … we have established I like the Cotton Drawstring Bag.


What else is it that I like about Wallace Cotton?

  • Fabulous products at an affordable price
  • Great range of product [most being 100% Cotton and changes seasonally]
  • Easy to use online store filled with ‘I Want’ products and images
  • Loyalty Rewards: $50 credit voucher after $500 spend [and I like to be loyal!]
  • Friendly Service & Prompt Delivery [made it across the pond quick as can be]
  • VERY reasonable postage costs [$10 to Aus: better than some Aussie shops]
  • FREE Draw String Bag with every purchase [equates to free postage really]

So Let’s See Some Products

Duvet Covers, Bed Linen & Cushions

DelphineStone_webDelphine Stone Duvet Cover [I have this one], [Box Cushions – and these too]

Wallace Cotton - Panama

Providence Quilt – In Taupe

Wallace Cotton - ProvidenceTaupeQuiltweb [I want this one]

Blanco Bedcover – In White & Linen

Wallace Cotton - BlancoBedcoverweb [and want this one too]

Most of the bedding range is also available as separate Pillowcases in Euro and Standard sizes. So if you like a little extra on the side, then that can be arranged.


Sleepwear & Robes

So I mentioned I love my PJ’s. Wallace Cotton has a great range, all in their fabulously comfortable ‘Classic’ relaxed fit and 100% Cotton. I just purchased more today as I do tend to laze around in my ‘Jim Jams’ on weekends & on days working from home. I can easily work from ‘morn till midnight’ before realising I am still in jammies. So you can see I need a lot!! They also have great Cotton Robes to complete the lazing at home ensemble. Here are some favourites;

Cotton Pyjamas & Robes

Wallace Cotton - BhandiniPJPantsweb Wallace Cotton - PosyRobeweb

Now a friend of mine suggested I buy the coordinating Quilt too, then I can camouflage myself and sleep the day away without being noticed!

[I live alone so not sure who I am hiding from, but sounds like a plan]



Did I mention you can also purchase additional drawstring bags online? They come in various sizes and at very affordable prices. Perfect for storage, keeping your favourites fresh and lots of other ideas I am sure you will find. But as well as the bags, there is a host of other accessories you may like.


Well I think I have covered quite a bit here, but of course there is much, much more at their online shop [here]. I didn’t even get started on the Bathroom, Kitchen, Kids Wear and adult’s Daywear. So pop over to their website. Beautifully presented with glorious images that evoke ‘Relaxation’, ‘Beauty’ and ‘Comfort’. You may have seen some of their fine images gracing my posts. Like this one which graced the cover of their Last Summer’s Brochure and snuck into my ‘Birthday Wishlist Post’ [here].

Brochure_Homepage[Don’t you just want to run away to this little Hut?]


This dreamy room that snuck into my ‘LE TOUR – French Alps’ post [here]


So Run, Jump, Skip or Hop over there and see what they offer. I'm sure you will find something you like.

It’s in the Bag!

Ciao Julie

IMAGE Source: All images – Wallace Cotton


Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

Wow! Sounds like a great shop. And isn't it nice to get something for 'free?' You are right about it covering the shipping. I also like your idea of matching your duvet cover to your pjs so no one can find you! ;-)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

You certainly like a drawstring bag,don't you Julie !!!!!and it's also nice to know that you can get a little extra on the they ship to the U.K.( with extras!!!)
Seriously, it all looks wonderful and I want it and I probably can't have it as they probably don't ship to the U.K....but they might so I'm going over to Wallace Cotton to have a little browse.
Thanks for a great, humorous do it every time. XXXX

Maya@A Beach Lovers Place said...

You're such a good writer! And don't we all sometimes want to camouflage ourselves..., and it's almost inconceivable but I yet have to find the perfect PJ's. Have a great weekend...

Carole said...

I could use a new pair of jammies though this time of year it's just too hot! I'm always on the look out for new sheets but I've vowed myself to buy no more comforters. TOooooo many to count..... but there's no harm in looking!
Wonderful and entertaining post as always,

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Book me in the hut NOW!

white flower farmhouse said...

Hi Julie!

So ... sold! Instead of the free drawstring bag, do you think they would mind just slipping in that amazingly large sliding barn door in the first photo? To use as a headboard with their bedding?

Great, thanks! I know you'll put in a good word! Oh, and shipping to the US is free, yes? Great, thanks!

You have such great taste, Julie!

Lee said...

Hi Julie, What great products Wallace Cotton have. Alas, your post came a week too late! I've just bought some Sheridan bedding but I like the Wallace Cotton stuff much better. Have a great sleepy Saturday. Lee :)

Alicia said...

You can hide from reality Julie. We all need to do so every now & then.
Your time in Florence sounds like a dream & you're rain ways would be mine too!!!
Sleep in tomorrow. Im off to see if Wallace ships to America.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ahhh. Everything looks just divine! And that little tropical hut...SOLD!

Sorry I scared you...

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Those beds are so beautiful, and they look so comfortable! :)

Jennifer Beaudet said...

I'm definately going to check out this shop. I'm glad it's online because I don't think we have one anywhere near me or at least I've never heard of it. I love bedding, thanks for posting this! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. So cozy...

Have a restful weekend,

simon said...

such a girly blog! ;o)

I clicked the link to the ALPS and it has utterly "done my head in"!!! just beautiful! thanks!

Unknown said...

Julie - The shop sounds wonderful! I love the two pillows on that rattan chair. I have the perfect place for them. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. I will certainly be back to see your lovely blog again.


Elaine said...

I like the linens but love that drawstring bag. Would love to spend a day on the beach by the hut or maybe an evening at the hut with the outside illuminated only with tiki torches- very romantic.

It's nice to have a lazy day now and then.

Bed Linen said...

Sounds great. I love the bag.