COTTAGE DREAMING: Grey Days / Quiet House

BUILDING EXTENSIONS: added Wed Evening 18/9 - This post has been updated 'Because I Can!'.

ON crazy days like today, all I want is to come home to a clean, uncluttered and calming environment. Of course I have no excuses for clean & uncluttered [blame it on Ruby]! But living in an apartment the ‘calm’ does escape me!

I may not be able to control the noisy neighbours [my headphones are permanently glued to my head!], but I can dream of my ‘one day home’ & creating my own calming haven. Somewhere my mind, body and weary soul can rest.

So today, I am dreaming of the calming presence and soothing grey hues of this Manhattan Beach Home.

[tomorrow of course I will wonder how I will incorporate some colour]


The Foyer

Welcome to today’s lazy daydream. Somewhere to stop, rest and clear the mind.

MB  foyer-


Dreaming Nook

Well here is the Dreaming Nook. Good for reading, dreaming or just plain gazing out the window. In my ‘daydream’ the ocean is just beyond my front yard. I wouldn’t even mind some rain drizzling down the window pane


Winter Lulling Room

This is where I lull in winter by the crackling fire. Sometimes when feeling a tad energetic, I may even have someone play the piano for me. [if they ask me nicely]



Summer Lulling Room

Ahhh. The Summer Lulling Room for the warmer months. From here I can gaze out the French Doors into the yard and watch the butterflies flit along the hedges. Sometimes I even wander out back to the Pool House. Just for a change of scenery.

[in my dreams it is a Pool House, adjacent to a flagstone bordered pool]

MB - familyroom-

Sorry this room came with the house. I think it needs a makeover. Perhaps some plush sofas with white slip-covers for lounging and lulling, and definitely new curtains and area rug.

Do you think so too?


Food Sampling Room

Well all that lulling can work up an appetite. When that happens, I move to the Dining room and have someone whip me up a feast. While I wait, I do some more gazing out the window. Maybe someone will make me a cappuccino.


Napping Room

Eventually one has to rest their weary head and where better than this softly hued room , simply adorned with beautiful linens. There’s also plenty of spots to ‘Stop , Revive & Survive’ as I make my way to the bed to slumber.



Well I think that is enough for today. Thanks visiting my lazy daydream, but right now it’s time for my nap!


Building Extensions Update:
wed evening 18/9

Quiet As A Mouse Guest Room

Due to popular demand I have added a guest room for 'Quiet As A Mouse Guests'

AND If you are wondering what my 'neighbour noise' is all about - see this older post
Link Here: Water Hammer


On A More Energetic 'Happy' Note

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IMAGES: House Beautiful


Unknown said...

Oooh, just what I, move over in that dreaming nook would you.....I have cocktails and cookies(non-alcoholic and gluten free ones)!.....for two?! ;) I thought that might do the trick ;)

And I love the "stop, revive and survive" spots....never heard of that before, I love it!

Beautiful images.....although I would need a little colour somewhere :)

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Can I be your "quiet as a mouse" guest? I LOVE the dreaming nook!

Joan@anythinsggoeshere said...

It is a lovely apartment. Gray is a calming color. I have been thinking of painting some of my "Pile" gray, but right now I am sticking to the ever popular Navajo White...which I already own, which makes it FREE!


Oh that window seat! I want one so badly and this one looks especially inviting - so plush and full of pillows.

Anne Marie said...

I love all your names of your rooms....really!

should I make some signs with those on it? I think so!!

Julie said...

Hi hi Julie
Oh... Can I come and visit your dreamy house please please?? My place is anything but a clean, uncluttered and calming environment at the moment.(lol)
Love love all your collections of the cottage.

Julie xx

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hey Julie...I want to go to the dreaming nook...that's my favourite place (in your post and , probably, in real life!!) the blinds, and the window seat...the only trouble is that I'm not very good at knitting so could you take that away and just bring me a great big cake !!!!!

Courtney said...

Oh Julie, as an apartment dweller myself, I can surely relate! Your 'one day home' will come soon, don't worry. In the meantime, just imagine you're already in your dreaming nook. It is such a beautiful space!

decorator to the stars said...


I am in love with the dreaming nook. I have 10 thanks.

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

I like your gazing out at the ocean room the best. What a beautiful home!

simon said...

well, I am as "crook as Rookwood" out of bed for the first time ina week ( almost) and yes... I think a trip to the South of france would cure me!

Maya said...

I had my share of noisy neighbors, it's now a thing of the past and I hope it stays there! It's good to dream and envision of what we desire..., setting the law of attraction into motion. I've been busy redesigning Completely Coastal -this should be the last (and lasting) version for a while.

Kellie Collis said...

What lovely rooms. One would think i could be calm and relaxed in these stunning spaces too!

Why are your neighbours so noisy??

Exquisite Accessories said...

Tooo dreamy Julie, right where do I start!!
The foyer I'll just sit on that chair while taking of my shoes.
Dreamy nook I can sit & knit while you watch the rain.
Winter lulling room I can play chopsticks ? some how I think I would'nt make it to the guest room (hee).
Summer lulling needs an Easton Pearson rug now that would add some colour & style!!
Food sampling room I have a sunbean coffee machine my saviour!
Did I make it to the guest room? (hee) sorry for being long winded but just had to thanks for a dreamy day :)

Giulia said...

Lovely, lovely, Julie. I'm in an apartment, too, but though in urban area, I am oh so lucky to be in the back of a small bldg, on the top (3rd) floor, & it's old & therefore more soundproof. Also it looks onto a finger of the large park in the center of DC & some inner burbs. So I just want to come over there & smack your neighbors for being so rude. OK, well, you don't need a bossy American like me to stir up more trouble.:)

I'm thinking of gray lately, too...but don't have a room for it at moment. That Dreaming Nook is my favorite (although all rooms are inviting).

Tell those neighbors if they don't cork it, they'll have to put up with the likes of me! You explain what that means (any which way you like) & it might be solved. For a bit.


Susan & Julie the Cat (who also loves the Dreaming Nook)

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Oh, that would be the life! If that's Manhatton Beach, Ca. that's right near where I grew up for 30 years. That's why I love and miss the ocean so much! It's a gorgeous home to dream about!

Sahildeki Ev said...

It's a beautiful house, but you know what I am thinking.. A real house with real people in it, can never look this neat and uncluttered. This is only for the sake of photography. I kind of like my own clutter, I am sure you like yours also...:))

Drawn to The Sea said...

Lulling rooms... what a nice moniker. I live more casually, but these photos are dreamy.

The Blushing Hostess said...

Oh, this is magnificent. I need a dreaming nook because I am dreamin gof one now!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Wow Julie, your builders are GOOD...they don't hang about, do they ? extension and decorated in 24 hours....could I have their telephone number ?
I love your extension and, as it's the guest room ,I claim it as my own. I'm on the next flight out!!!!
Have you removed the knitting from the Dreaming Nook yet ?

Carole said...

I think that's why I love those gray and white tones soooo much it's so easy on the eyes and jsut makes you want to cuddle on the couch and go to sleep. Not something I do much this days. But a girl can dream!!!

Elaine said...

I love your choice of rooms. I would defintely have a napping room. I do love to "lull" by the fire. I do wish I had a fireplace but I don't. And then of course a window seat would be fabulous.

Fun post. I do like to think about my dreamhouse.

Porchlight Interiors said...

So many gorgeous things to look at in this post but my favourite is the window seat - stunning! Tracey xx

Unknown said...

Hi Julie!
What a gorgeous house. It is always wonderful to dream...
Catherine xx

Drawn to The Sea said...

I had to come back & say this... I've been thinking a need a "Ruby" to blame for the chores & housework that get put on the back burner :-)

erin's art and gardens said...

mmmmmmmmmm......loverly rooms.....makes me nappy (nap-like, snoozy) so calm and serene.....just the way i like it.

Millie said...

Please reserve the Dreaming Room immediately for Miss Millie. I don't care who else got in first, it's mine! I can see a little cottage in Berry with your name on it Julie - go get it girl.
Millie ^_^