BLACK & WHITE Sunday: Around The House

Happy Black & White Sunday [2 for the price of 1]

I’ve posted 2 B&W Sunday’s today. Couldn’t decide which to put up. They are both mostly ‘re-hashes’ of previous photos I’ve posted so being ‘second hand’ I thought I’d give you 2 for the price of 1. The other post is [here]

So… Here are some things from around my home. Some you may have seen already [like these teapots which have become a favourite of mine so I am going to force them upon you again!! ha ha].

Ruby’s Things!

Crystal paperweights [thanks Nanna]


beingruby- b&w0

Teapots by Vinnie's!



beingruby bw 4b

Silver Vase by Vinnie’s

I’ll try and get a better shot of this vase another time. All the good ones had a reflection of me and my camera!!! ha ha ha don’t need that on a Sunday!!



beingruby - BW6

Bedspread by Ralph


The ‘bedspread’ is actually a Ralph Lauren sheet I picked up for a song. It is blue & white and looks great in summer.

The bedhead I picked up in a warehouse sale [and no Jacqueline that is not a Wallace Cotton drawstring bag!!]. The painting is by my brother.


And Picture of MUM



Black + White Sunday

Thank you for joining me on this Black & White Sunday.

Hosted by ‘Anne Marie of Na-Da Farm Life

Happy Sunday



IMAGES: All images by me. Except the one of my mother – cause of course that would be impossible!!!


Lee said...

I love your Sunday bits & pieces! Those teapots are just gorgeous - can't believe that you picked them up at Vinnie's!!! Lee :)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Why is it that photographs look brilliant in black and white ?
Colour is beautiful too, but the same photograph completely changes when in B & W, doesn't it?
These photographs, of articles around your home, are just lovely.
One little suggestion.....
I think a whole post on 'My Wallace Cotton drawstring bags' is in order !!!!!
Could be a winner !!!! XXXX

The House That A-M Built said...

Such gorgeous images Julie. Love your Mum one! A-M xx

erin's art and gardens said...

"mum" is adorable!!!! i'd love to see more of your brothers delicious paintings....... is he published somewhere?

Anne Marie said...

you tend to always make me smile dear Julie.....some seriously awesome pictures (that technical talk you know)....but at the same time a bit of whimsy -

thanks for joining in (again) - and have a blessed day.

Unknown said...

I love these Julie although the one of your Mum is my favourite, there is such a lovely feeling to it.....beautiful xo

Joan@anythinsggoeshere said...

Isn't Mum cute? Before or after she met your dad?

Sahildeki Ev said...

I like taking pictures of certain objects at home but never tried BW. You gave me an inspiration. It looks like shiny objects pose better

Courtney said...

Lovely photos, Julie. Your Mum is just too cute!