BLACK & WHITE Sunday: ST Antonio Basilica - Padova

Happy Black & White Sunday [2 for 1]

I’m being a little lazy and re-posting a photo you have seen before. But considering it is Sunday, I thought another Basilica was in order. This is Basilica di Sant'Antonio in Padova [Italy].

I took this in 1996 from the rooftop terrace of a friend’s apartment in Padova. I had been staying in the heart of Venezia [sigh!!!] for a few days and on the last night my friend took me to his hometown [Padova] to show me around.

Side tracking here, but the BEST BEST pasta I have EVER encountered. The restaurant decor was reminiscent of what you would find in a Chinese Restaurant in Sydney… very strange to say the least and had me a little concerned. But when the food came out… Mamma Mia… Dio Mio!! Heaven… YES Heaven!!! Who knew pasta is not pasta unless it is pasta from Northern Italy!!!!

Ok.. Back to the story.. Now St Antonio [St Anthony to us English speaking folk] is the Saint for Lost Causes. Of course that makes him my favourite and I would think my own personal Saint, given I am one who is prone to disasters and mishaps. So on the last day, just hours before heading out to Firenze and 2 weeks of language school, Paulo [my friend] took me to the Basilica for a tour.

They wouldn’t let me in!!! Inappropriately dressed!! Even St Antonio was not going to step in here and save the day. So, as a result, I have never seen inside this gorgeous basilica and will forever remember it just as it is below. If you want to see the colour version, you can pop over to this post [here]


Basilica di Sant'Antonio – Padova, Italia

beingruby- ST Antonio Basilica

As with all my travel photos, there was no fancy camera, just autofocus. This was taken at twilight, so without correct settings is quite grainy but yes I like it like that!


And yes that is a Full Moon you see there. Lucky Me!!

Venezia! Good Food, Great Friends and a Full Moon! I guess Saint Antonio was there after all!!

Black + White Sunday

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I've posted 2 B&W Sunday posts today. The other post is [here]

IMAGE: Being Ruby [moi]


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Right Julie, now here is my wish list,
After telling you (ages ago !!!!) that I would like a print of St. Sophia Basilica, I would now like, to go with it, Basilica di Sant'Antonio, and , because you should never have things in two's, always odd numbers, you will have to find me another one to go with them!!!!!
I love this photograph and, being grainy just adds to the haunting atmosphere......Can you also get the restaurant to send me a bowl of their pasta? sounds divine.
I don't think that's a lot to ask !!!!!!!!!
Beautiful B & W Sunday from you, as usual. Your photographic talent is there for all to see. XXXX

erin's art and gardens said...

ooohhh......... love this shot!! especially with the grainey effect! i only use an autofocus too. i hope to upgrade my camera soon! you are so fortunate to have visited such wondrous sights in your life. i have only left the states to see mexico. the "French Quarter" in new orleans is as european as i have gotten :( .some day..........all the best!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Bellissimo , Padova is one of my favorite,(all Italy and Sicily is) I wish I knew you in 1996 I would have told you, keep a foulard ( scarf)in your purse at all times. My Saint is Santa Rita the Saint of the impossible. Believe me I am. Buona Domenica

Drawn to The Sea said...

Now hang on... that shot is wonderful, just as it is. Proof positive that it's not the camera, it's the photographer (most of the time, anyway).

Happy Day, from the other full moon loving Julie ;-)

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Such a hauntingly beautiful photograph! Italy is such a wonderful place to visit....your mention of Venice reminds me of our trip there two years ago and all the sights we saw. It is a destination like no other!

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes, I like your nice & lovely blog, and leave a swedish footprint after me...

Regards from Agneta in Sweden

Unknown said...

This is a beautiful photo Julie, what a lovely quality to it.

Happy Sunday honey :)

Carole said...

WOW 2 for 1 You are good. It's their lose that they didn't let you in...Saint Julie or Saint Ruby whoever you were that day!!!ha-ha
I think the graininess makes it look vintage much much better and I could stare at forever.

Carole said...

Oh it's me again. I wanted to mention that the best lasagna I'd ever had was in Italy when I was 16. I still think about it to this day!!!

Joan@anythinsggoeshere said...

Maybe a little grainy {WHAT?} but just beautiful.

cate said...

Italy !!! isntit just a food & wine feast I always manage to pile on SO much weight whenever i am there. :)Cate
P.S your photo is perfect!!!

Elaine said...

Saint Antonio, I must remember this saint. Could come in handy!

Lovely photo as always. I love the graininess of it. I hope you have that photo framed in your home.

Sweet memories of your trip! said...

Great shot. Love it.

Samy said...

Wow what an amazing shot Julie. How I wish to vist Italy...


Kellie Collis said...

Full moons fascinate me! My husband thinks i am extra mad during a full moon!

Courtney said...

You have such a way with words and photography. Your story really made me laugh, and the picture is gorgeous!