AWARDS: Thank you DEB

Well I have won the Trifecta!

Here I was just merrily minding my own business [yeah right you say!] when I look up to find, Three Fabulous Awards have been bestowed upon me. I have to admit when I first started blogging I was not sure what my style or subject matter would be, nor what sort of audience I might hope to attract. The reality is I am still not sure of style, nor subject matter, and am delighted to even have an audience.

But an audience I do have. Small and friendly and who could ask for better? What wonderfully kind, funny and diverse friends I have made along the way. And really, I am still just beginning. I haven’t hit 100 posts yet, but scarily I am on my way into my 5th month of blogging. Where did that time go? [I know work might say ‘In the wrong direction missy … focus... focus’ ... but hey ... who needs work?]

So in honour of ‘my honour’ … here is the FIRST of my awards from the special gals who call me their blogging ‘Friend’.


‘Blog C’est Magnifique Award’

Created & bestowed upon me by the

Lovely Deb at Dumbwit Tellher’


What a happy surprise to receive this gorgeous award from Deb. Even more so as Deb created this award to show her BLOGattitude to her blogging friends. How special I feel to have been included in this select group. I was lucky enough to find Deb [or her find me] through another blogger and our mutual love of Le Tour de France! So thanks Le Tour, thanks Jacqueline [from ‘Home’], and most importantly;

Thanks Deb

Deb’s blog is a wonder and an inspiration. I know we all use the word ‘inspiration’ these days as often as saying ‘pass the vegemite’, but Deb’s blog reminds me of the true meaning[s]. Here are a couple of definitions from Merriam-Webster;

Inspiration: \ˌin(t)-spə-ˈrā-shən

#1 the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions #2 the act of influencing or suggesting opinions #3: the act of drawing in ; specifically : the drawing of air into the lungs

On a number of occasions I have toddled off to Deb’s blog just to be stopped in my tracks by what I have found. I think she has a crystal ball that gazes into my head and says … [cue the voice of James Earl Jones] … ‘Julie has forgotten her love of [insert .. this, that or the other]. We had better prepare a post to remind her!’ And remind me they do!

Her posts are an ‘enjoyable’ education. Deb can take a subject others might dismiss, and present it in such a way, you want to run off and explore, research and devour. Not only does she supply you with the facts, there’s also a few frills to keep you interested, and always a few stunning images to heighten the senses and sweeten the deal. Her posts are full of passion and remind me of some of my passions, long forgotten. [which is exactly why I am blogging].

Deb is also very funny! And who doesn’t need a little humour to pep up their day. So I encourage you to wander over there and enjoy a post or two. You might befriend a long lost interest. Here are a couple of my recommendations;

Now if I seem a little ‘gushy’ that is because I am!

Being new to blogging does that to you. I think it is the ability to step in and out of worlds either long forgotten, or never before encountered, that remind us to have ‘passion’ and well dammit ‘gush a little’. Which is why I included the #3rd definition of ‘Inspiration’.

For me, to have ‘passion’ is as necessary to enjoy life as ‘the drawing of air into the lungs’. Thankfully, blogging is restoring passion to my world.

So to steal a little from Deb’s blog mantra;

‘Go Forth .. And Live Life With Passion’


Ciao Julie


Now I did say Trifecta. There will be more Awards and disbursements of such in future posts, and a Giveaway also.

But today is to thank DEB

You can find Deb’s Blog on my Blogroll, or here


Unknown said...

Congratulations Julie on a very well deserved award.

You know that I am a big fan of you and your blog, you are a marvellous, clever and funny writer - to misquote someone or other...."I've never met a post of yours I didn't like"!!!

You were absolutely meant to blog and thank you for doing so,

Simone xo

Anonymous said...

Ha Julie or Ruby or....
Anywayyyy..Congratz congratz it's well deserved indeed! You funny woman ;-) I might not comment that often, but I'm one of your fans yeah, so count me in your audience as well... Have a nice weekend!

Joan@anythinsggoeshere said...

CONGRATS! What did I tell you just this morning!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I am so shocked, amazed & humbled dear Julie. I've had my nose in the books and late last night I went to catch up on my email's & found I had received such a terrific one from you! Then today I went to catch up with your incredible blog & low and behold there's my name~
My husband came in & said, "are you crying?"...yes my friend you made me cry!!
I am writing you an email to go into more depth, but I just cannot express my gratitude enough for what your kind words. It means the world to me. What is so totally ironic is when I found your blog through our friend Jackie, I was amazed by your talent, to be honest, also a bit discouraged. This is the truth. I thought I can never compare to that kind of writing and content ability, let alone your wit; so for you to say the things you did overwhelm me.
I need to shut-up now, but I promise you that email & again, incredibly honored.You deserved that award more than you realize.
Hugs XX deb

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Big Kudos to you! Much deserved...and the quote of Deb's is fabulous! Words to live by!

Carole said...

Julie you are very well desiring of ALL the awards out there. They just haven't found you yet. I love your style ....what ever you want to call it. It isn't one thing... just like you it is multie faceted and full of life. I love your sense of humor and the way you look at things.
Your friend Debs blog is wonderful and I loved her confesses of a windowdresser and learned a lot about the famed "Anthropologie"
Please never stop blogging!!!
Your friend.

Millie said...

Totally deserved Julie! I loved the comment about your blog 'I am still not sure of style, nor subject matter'. Hey girl, join the club - The Hedge wanders all over the place like drunk sailor most days, still trying to find its little niche. As MOTH would say 'Mills there's a blog post in that!'
Millie ^_^

simon said...

well done! I got an a "make my day Award" ( no..not from Clint Eastwood), and I was so pleased. Blogging is great fun, and rewarding too.
BTW I am writing this sitting near Narrabeen Lake waiting for the next auction! hows that for technology

Well done again Julie! :o)

Julie B. [Holland] said...

Congratulations.. Julie.. I love your posts and comments , youre always fun and have a great spirit. Here's to many more posts to come .... Julie in Holland........... :) Happy Weekend

Shaz said...

Oh what a treat. I too feel the same way, I only have been blogging for two months, never know what I am going to blog about and if anyone out there would even care, but they do and I have met some lovely people. Congratulations Julie, here's to many more lovely and interesting posts.

PIGNOUF said...

Congratulations and good weekend to you ...:) Pignouf

vicki archer said...

Congrats Julie on your awards, so well deserved....Have a wonderful weekend, xv

Petit Coterie said...

This is my first visit to your lovely blog. Your writing is beautiful, it is easy to see why you won the award. Congrats!

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

Congratulations on another well-deserved award!

koralee said...

Congratulations on all your awards...and thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.. You asked me if that was my wallpaper in one of my images...well it is a shower curtian!...which I use quiet often as a backdrop ...I love it! Happy weekend to you!

Giulia said...

You ARE magnifique, Mlle Julie-Ruby.



Cassie said...

Congrats! Blogging has an amazing way of restoring passion, like you said!

Thank you also for stopping by and giving all your kind comments. They are much appreciated! :)

Alicia said...

Brava Julie you deserve it!!!! Deb is my rock of read always taking a great deal of time to inform me then bamm!!!
She hits us with her wacky sense of humor. Love her, love you.
Happy Sunday across the marble!!!!