BLACK & WHITE Sunday: St Sophia Basilica PtII

EXCUSE ME! Hello......Hey YOU!

Yes YOU in the bottom right corner of my photo.. You in the blue shirt! Do you think you could take your tour group somewhere else?

NO ?

Ok.. I’ll just take the photo with you in the shot. No problemo!


St Sophia Basilica – PtII

Being Ruby - St Sophia Basilica PTII

[IMAGE SOURCE: Being Ruby]


Well as you can see this is the Sister photo to the St Sophia Basilica photo I posted on a previous Black & White Sunday. [see previous post here]. I took this photo whilst travelling in Turkey in 1993.

Now although Mr Man and his tour group somewhat ruin the shot, I don’t mind the people in the centre of the image. They seem to be walking right into the sunlight streaming through. OH Well, for now I will clobber him with my signature. One day I will get Photo Shop and Mr Man will be History!!!


Thank you for joining me on this Black & White Sunday.

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Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Another beautiful photograph, Julie, which puts mine in the shade.....You're just a little bit good at this photography game, aren't you?
Oh, by the way, I was on that tour and I told the tour guide to move so that you could take your photograph, but he just wouldn't...I said I'd give him a bigger tip, but he still wouldn't...I said that we would all buy him dinner, but he still wouldn't....sorry, I tried. XXXX

Kellie Collis said...

You have seen the world! I am very jealous.... So beautiful x

Unknown said...

Those tourists, they get everywhere don't they ;)

Fabulous photo Julie, I love it, black and white is so beautiful.

Happy Sunday honey :)

Sahildeki Ev said...

A beatiful photo of a place from my hometown.. I went to Hagia Sophia many times, but you have captured it in a marvellous way. They have recently discovered magnificent new frescos there, I should have to post them sometime..

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

Julie, I just love, love your gorgeous photos!

Kalee said...

Stunning image, even with the gentleman in the blue shirt. He adds a bit of personality :). It is a dream of mine to visit this amazing site.

Anne Marie said...

that is a gorgeous photo, no matter who is in the shot.....

and you are quite funny!

have a wonderul day, and thank you SO much for posting your photos for B&W Sunday......I am really enjoying your participation.....

Giulia said...

Julie--One of my favorite buildings -- ever. This is a marvellous shot. I love the people in the center, as well. As for Monsieur M. lol. Oh well, it did make for an amusing post & a gentle smack on the rear.:)

I look forward to seeing the recently discovered frescoes to which Turquoise Diaries refers. That's as close as I will be for at least a year.


Jennifer Beaudet said...

Beautiful photo Julie! I have so many photos that would have been great except for that guy in the blue shirt! Turning it into a b/w makes all those tourist almost disappear;nice job!

Petit Coterie said...

I love your photo!! I think I recognize that man, he is in several of my photos as well. I was told that it is his job to ruin photos.


Decorus Vita said...

I love, love, love your blog, posts, personality and photos. I am glad you let Ruby come out and play.


Lee said...

Hi Julie, yet another amazingly beautiful photo to start the week with - you do spoil us you know. Lee :)

Exquisite Accessories said...

Hee funny there is always one hey!! when I got married in all the shots there was this old man in the back ground no one noticed when they were taking the pictures, turned out it was the wedding celebrants husband that came to watch hee.

The House That A-M Built said...

Beautiful photo Julie. Just wop him with photoshop! A-M xx

Julie B. [Holland] said...

Very pretty indeed Julie..... your pictures always are... Have a good week ..Julie in Holland :)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

This photo is gorgeous, man included. I wish I could walk in your shoes Julie! You inspire me :D

I love Ann Marie's clever blog.


Courtney said...

I love this black and white photo. It has such a surreal quality, almost as though the light is going to beam those people up and out of the ceiling!


There's always that one person who gets in your shot, isn't there? ;)

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

I love B&W photography - especially when the photos are of places I love to visit! Ahhhh Istanbul!

Sarah Klassen said...

Fabulous! You are such a fun and witty writer - I enjoy your posts so much!

Hope your Monday is fabulous~

Carole said...

I think I rather like a little activity going on in this shot. I gives it more humanity or something.????>/ It can't take away the fact that it's absolutely gorgeous and nothing could ruin it.
Carole said...

What a beautiful grand photo this is.