AWARDS: Numero Duo … e Tre

Today I would like to share with you awards 2 & 3 of my trifecta.

Not just the awards, but more importantly the wonderful friends who passed them my way. And also to say once again to everyone who comments and follows …



Now forgive me for this post being so long.. but I have three friends to thank



#2 Award Numero Duo - Blogger Favorite Friend Award

BFF Award

My friend Tamerie from ‘A Little of This That and the Other’ kindly passed me this award. What a sweetheart she is. Now I understand this award is to recognize your Blogger ‘Favourite Friends’ or ‘Favourite Find’. Either way I am flattered.

Tamerie from ‘A Little of This That and the Other

Tamerie is one entirely special and individual girl. ‘A Little Bit of This, That and the Other’ is exactly what you will find at Tamerie’s blog. If you think I love colour, then wait till you see Tamerie’s. It is a virtual kaleidoscope of colour and energy! And her talents range from upholstery to creating imaginative ‘women’ of tulle and netting. You have to see them to believe it. I wish I had the patience and tenacity to create something like that.

Such energy and dedication cannot help but encourage you to dream up some crafty invention of your own. She also has one mean ‘flip flop’ collection!! Take a walk on the colourful side and visit Tamerie’s blog you find all of this and a little bit of beach loving also.


#3 Award Numero Tre - One Lovely Blog Award

1 LovelyBlogAward_sml

Some weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive the One Lovely Blog Award. Well two of my recipients give as good as they get .... and gave it right back!! Well..that’s gratitude! he he I am though very grateful, not just that they love my blog, but also as it now gives me the opportunity to again pass this award on to others. Here are the two special ladies in question;

Julie from ‘Chic Little Shop

This special friend is the sweetest person in blog world I’m sure. They really do not come much sweeter than Julie. She was one of the first bloggers to come by to visit and leave me a comment. And back she came time and time again. I cannot tell you how much that meant to me. It’s tough when you first start and a little sad to see your own small posts sadly lingering with ‘0 comments’.

Of course I went to visit her blog also. There is always something ‘nice’ to be found there. A nice word about someone else. A nice gesture or thought, and pretty images to remind me that YES there is still ‘nice’ in this world. What a pleasure to bring ‘nice’ back into my life.


Jacqueline from ‘Home

What can I say? My new best friend. I think everyone’s new best friend. Jacqueline is so gregarious and generous with her laughter and compliments, she spreads her joy and witty humour all over blog land. If she hasn’t been to you yet.. it is only a matter of time!! ha ha My comments just aren’t the same since Jacqueline’s been on vacation. Yes the lucky devil’s been off in Italy. The Amalfi Coast to be exact! I wonder what terror she has been up to there? I swear I can hear her tinkling laughter bouncing of the cliffs of Positano.

And .. as much as Jacqueline is fun, she is also warm and genuine, a true friend, and she also has one beautiful blog. I don’t know where she finds them, but she always manages the most wonderful images. Her style is unique and exceptional and her witty banter keeps you amused along the way. It must be the British thing! he he Whatever it is, Jacqueline is a winner in every sense of the word!


PAY It Forward

So here comes the fun part where I get to ‘pay it forward’. I truly want to pass these awards on to each and every one of you. Even those that I have passed awards to previously! But I’m sure you’ll agree these blogs/bloggers are worthy.

So to those special bloggers below, please help yourself to either, or both of the awards above. If you’re not inclined to display or pass the awards on, then that is fine by me. These awards are obligation free! I am just thankful to show you my appreciation. Here is my Baker's Dozen;

Simone @ The Bottom of the Ironing Basket

Deb @ dumbwit tellher

Tamerie @ A Little of This That and the Other

Rita @ Mammabellarte

Kim @ Bella Rustica

Anne Marie @ Na-Da Farm Life with Anne Marie

Carole @ Maynard Greenhouse

Joan @ anything goes here

Kellie @ Ada and Darcy

Elaine @ Cafe Chatelaine


Sarah @ abeachcottage

Simone @ Beach Vintage

And an extra

My only male reader [that I know of] who tirelessly comments on my posts, even the girly ones

Simon @ Bits n Bobs


To show my appreciation to all those who regularly comment and read my blog, I will be doing a little giveaway [so come back soon – this week actually!!]




Ciao Julie


In case you were wondering what happened to Award - Numero Uno, that was yesterday's post [here] and passed to me by the fabulous Deb of Dumbwit Tellher.


Fifi Flowers said...

CONGRATS on all your awards! LOVE the Eiffel tower button award... FAB!

Kellie Collis said...

Ohhhhh thank you!!! Lovely!!! x

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You made me cry again!! Thank you Julie once again & cannot express enough my joy in finding such a fun & terrific friend in you. Your the best!
Can't wait to place the award(s) on my blog!!
All the best,

Giulia said...

We're awake at the same time! How does one do clapping in web lingo? I don't know so...xoxoxoxoxo,

tanti auguri!

Susan & Julie the Cat (aka Giulia G.)

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! As I've said before, I just love getting awards. To me, it just means that people are reading and enjoying my blog. As you know, I've been showing less work and more of 'me' lately and the response has been wonderful. We may be oceans apart, but, in spirit, we are together. I lvoe it. Thank you, Julie! You are a gem!

Carole said...

All those wonderful things you said about everyone goes double for you my friend. You have a way of expressing yourself like no other. I can talk.....boy can I talk (ask anyone who knows me) but when it comes to writing that's a different things all together. I so love the way you write and getting to know you through our emails has been a bright spot of my days.
I'm not usually an awards girl( well I've only gotten 3) so I will hold this in my heart instead and please know that I so appreciate this award coming from YOU!
I look forward to visiting your circle of friends because if they're a friend of yours I'll surely love them too.
Big,big HUG and Kisses!!!


simon said...

well, what can I say? HUGE thanks!

This is what blogging is all about- encouragement and doingther things we like. frankly your photography has really had an impact and it makes my day !!

erin's art and gardens said...

congratulations on your trifecta...all the best!

Courtney said...

You've written such beautiful pieces about your friends that I want to go and meet them for myself right now. Congratulations on your awards, you definitely deserve them!

Unknown said...

Very well deserved every way, congratulations! Your writing is wonderful, I just love your blog.

Thank you so much for my mention/award too.....I am thrilled :)

Love what you said about true.....she is just infectious isn't she :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Simone xo

Anne Marie said...

Oh Julie.......thank you so much...
your kindess is overwhelming. said...

What a wonderful surprise Julie. I have just got back from holidays! I will add your blog on my list from this award. Many thanks again. Simone xx