And The Hits Just Keep On Coming!
Never Trust A Folding Chair


How NOT to use a chair as a ladder
Seemed like a good idea at the time
Big Fall
They had better watch their step or I might just make them

Thought I should introduce a new category.. it's called the 'ooops' category. At least once a week I do something particularly silly, or something particularly silly just happens to me. This week's special event was trying to hang some blinds using folding chairs as a 'height elevation tool'.. Not the smartest thing to do.. but have been doing it for years.. Well my luck finally ran out and suffice to say it was not pretty.
The funny thing when you have a big fall.. is it all sort of slows down into a crazed sort of art-noir film.. Although it happens in an instant .. there is that moment when it all seems to be happening in 'slow replay''.. You know you are falling.. you know it is possibly going to be painful.. but there is nothing you can do but wait for the ending..
The ending found me flat on my back.. there was a second or two before the pain came and I thought I'd got off scott free.. but then it came.. the pain.. the blood.. so I just lay their considering my options.. how to drive myself to the doctors with a bloody toe? ... would the doctor still make me wait three hours in the waiting room? ... actually this could be good.. I might get instant service and then I can follow up on that other thing I wanted to discuss but couldn't be bothered waiting three hours to do so.. but hang on.. the pain stopped.. the bleeding stopped.. toenail is still hanging in there.. my disaster game plan didn't pan out...

Somehow the whole event went from disaster .. to an advantage.. and then just back to a pest-y situation...
So all is well.. I think..

No chairs were hurt in the making of this post..
Only one big toe and a now sad and sorry toenail which is touch and go
So... How is your week going?

Julie b


Images: text, photography and editing by me - [Being Ruby©]



The Green Pea said...

Oh my, I am sorry you hurt yourself. I have done that too. There are no short cuts. I hope you are really okay. You better get back in bed with Ralph!!! Be Good. Blessings (you my need them) sandi

nerines said...

Lol, I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that there weren't any chairs hurt during the making of your post;)
It's weird how the extremeties of our bodies can hurt so badly when they're really so small by comparison to the rest. I've broken my little toe kicking the vacuum cleaner, just ran straight into it. you'd think it would teach me to put things away!
I hope your taking it easy now, I'm really glad you're o.k. Beautiful pictures!! You don't have any bar stools floating around, do you?

Jane said...

I am glad you are semi okay that sounds painful. It is funny about toes. They are very painful and sensitive. I broke my big toe 10 years ago, I dropped a tray on it and I can tell you that having a broken toe is more painful than the pain of a drug free child birth of a baby who weighed more than 9 pounds. xoxoxo

Drawn to The Sea said...

Note to Julie: chairs are for sitting ;-))
I'm so sorry you took a spill, but mercy how you tell a story makes me want to giggle... out of respect for your poor ouching toe, just a little giggle.

Love the slipcovered backs.
Take care of you!

Bree Oliver said...

I have that particular klutz gene also.

Julie said...

Oh. NO!!!!!!
I hope your pain went away by now or take some pain killer. I am having a super busy week and had a cut on my index finger while I was cleaning up this morning. Big boo boo..
Having difficulty typing the letters at the moment, but I will survive..(smile)
So this is how my week is going..

Julie in Mel xx

Sahildeki Ev said...

Sorry for you but happy for myself as I finally started to see your pictures :))

Shellbelle said...

Sorry, but I think the whole incident was your chairs, which are gorgeous by the way, seeking revenge on you for stepping all over them on numerous occasions. When you threatened turning them into stools, they were probably thinking, "Sister, if you wanted a 'height elevation tool', you should've bought one in the first place!

Did you know that furniture abuse is considered a misdemeanor in some parts of the world? Tsk, tsk, Julie, you should be ashamed. Oh, the horror those poor chairs must have felt.

btw, my week is going fine so far, thanks for asking.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Thank goodness you weren't seriously hurt!!! I'm a bit of a clutz myself so I'm not pointing any fingers! By the those blue stripe cushions! Take care of that toe...and the rest of you for that matter! :)

Luiza said...

Oh no!!!
This would be just a thing I could have done!
I´m glad the pain stopped and you didn´t hurt yourself really bad!

Now, after this, I hope you´ll learn to use real chairs, when you´re about to hang up curtains or stuff you don´t reach , haha.

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I had that slow-mo feeling coming off the back of a motorcycle once - watching it fly by my head while I was in mid-air. Weird how time slows down when you are about to get hurt. Shouldn't it slow down when something fabulous happens instead?
And really, even if you turned those babies into stools, wouldn't you still use them to stand on? I would. :)

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear Julie, your photos are great! And the chair is just beautiful!
Have a nice day,
Big hugs, Yvonne

Stephanie said...

Julie - I was wavering back in forth between feeling bad for you and wanting to laugh. I would TOTALLY have done the same thing! Glad you're OK, and that no chairs were harmed!

Ella said...

I am sorry you are hurt; glad it wasn't serious!
I have to know which toe...
A couple weeks ago, I buy groceries, get a bottle of wine,vino for dinner. I unload groceries from truck...this bag drops and falls on my toe.
Wine bottle busted on my big left toe. I have silver plum nail polish on it and now a sterling, purple bruise. I, too bled...

Damn chairs! I love the oops, I frequently have them, my Mom's nickname for me is "Lucy", yes the crazy, loony red head!

Did you mishandle these chairs, during the move and they are trying to get even??!

I do hope this is only a cautionary tale...Beware of your household items. I have moved a lot, mine have instilled much pain on me!

KarenB said...

I'm loving the blue cushions too. Sorry about your aches and pains. I can relate!

Karen B

Susie said...

Oh Julie - you poor thing! Hope the toe and nail recover fast and soon - good excuse for putting your feet up (got to keep that toe elevated!) with a good book....
We have a tilt-top table in our sun room which I thought about a year or so ago would be a good base to stand on to reach the window in the roof - it's not called a 'tilt top' table for nothing........! x

Don said...

Life is like this sometimes. I like how you think.
Blame it on the chairs!

oldgreymare said... sure can tell a story.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to see a new post from you. You just have to get the ^%$ internet issue resolved so you can continue to amaze and entertain us often.

I love the chairs, except the frustration grows to see more of your environment. I want to skulk around the outside and peer in the does she decorate? Lots of white, dark or light woods, paintings, collections?

More I tell you, more! I demand more!



If your toenail does what mine did- which is to turn black, hang precariously for weeks until finally falling off, please do not feel the need to share those photos..hehe ...unless prefaced with a warning :-0

Sue said...

Better than yours! I'm glad it was only the toe that was seriously damaged. I guess you could just tag this "lesson learned"!

Princesa Nadie said...

You must be more careful,anyway sometimes I have used folding chairs as you and I have fell too...I know what you felt while you were falling!
Take care of your toenail
and be patient Spring are arriving soon to you, here our Summer is finishing

Carole said...

oh julie i knew as soon as i saw the name of your post and the sideways chair that you must have had an " i just fell and can't get up" incident. so glad it wasn't worse...but i'm positive your putting up a brave front. i did something like that this spring. knew i shouldn't have risked it.

Pooch Purple Reign said...

the thing is... it probably looked really funny from an outside perspective. it just brings this visual... sorry ruby
im glad to hear that the casualties were minimal
~pooch x

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Julie -OUCH!!
I had an OUCH last night too. I was dropping 2yo Riley to his mum and getting back in my car. I had the drivers door open and decided to take my jacket off and as I'm doing that somehow the door flung back whacking me in the back of the head, now that was ouch and I think I saw stars.
Gave someone in the car park a laugh.

simon said...

I tripped over in the garden last year and in slow motion fell, breaking my wrist. Only that I wasn't sure and FAR too busy to have a break so I pushed on with the garden.... ONly to wake the next day with a wrist a funny shape....a day at hospital, and two casts later...

rjerdee said...

In spite of your injury, you've managed to make a wonderful story and illustrations. I'm totally impressed with the intimate and original perspectives (views) of your "ladders."

Pearl Maple said...

Ouch, think we have all been in those slow motion oh no kind of moments at some stage.
But you know your photos are still lovely.

Exquisite Accessories said...

Oh Julie get one of those cute little steps from Ikea next time please!! Thank goodness it was just your toe I was dreading what you were going to say (phew) has the nail gone black yet? Keep safe please :)))))) xxx You did make me smile though your so witty!! :))

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Well, I'm glad you're ok! It could have been a lot worse! I think your new posts will be great though!:) And your Friday the 13th post is-ooooooooo...creeeeepy! I hope there are scary movies on tonight! Take care! Jennifer:)

Angie Muresan said...

Oh, I'm so sorry... I hope you aren't too badly hurt. Hope your weekend is going well, dear you.

Jeanne Henriques said...

You are too much!! My 'ooppss' usually turn into something much worse...hearing that reminds me of the movie 'Notting Hill' when Hugh Grant says 'woopsie' which in turn sends Julia Roberts into hysterics.
Toe aside, was it a 'woopsie' or 'ooops' moment??
Hope you are on the mend...they take a while to settle down ;(

Jeanne xxx

Kerry said...

I hope your toe is doing much better by now Julie. At least you didn't do what I did once and use a chair on rollers as a stable platform! Now THAT was dumb!

C.J. said...

Hi Julie, I am sorry about your spill. I was in my tub(yep) on a ladder trying to paint the ceiling and felt it all starting to tumble. Yes, it is just like slow motion. Paint, all over.... my pride and quite frankly I hurt my tail bone which took quite some time to heal. Take care girl and its nice to have you back, missed you.

Charlotta Ward said...

Neeeej! ('no' in Swedish..!)
You poor thing. Could have gone really really bad my friend! Silly goose, no more folding chairs for you to operate in pursuit of home improvement!!
Though said chairs look divine.. Loving the gauze back covers.. Yum.

How are you feeling now? Toe working?
Will respond to your email soon. Am most interested in the moon shots. Prices seem spot on.

xx C