:Ruby At Home: in bed with Ralph

In Bed With Ralph


You asked for it! Well at least some of you did .. the rest of you are getting it anyway... Some [cleverly edited] photos from around my new villa, starting with the bedroom...

Since moving into the new place I've changed bedrooms twice and re-arranged the direction of the bed at least six times, resulting in me using the smallest of the three bedrooms as the master bedroom. The reason for this is twofold.. a noisy neighbour [Greek version of Tim the Toolman] and the cold damp weather.. So for the time being.. I'm using what should be my home office... It really isn't quite large enough for a Queen size bed and side tables .. so a bit of make do going on.. hence the clever editing... But for now.. it is warm.. quiet... and finally becoming comfortable..

Mamma Strutting Her Stuff

Mamma In Her Youth

Vintage Ralph

As you have probably guessed by now.. the duvet cover is one of my favourite Ralph Lauren designs .. Hither Hills.. Gorgeous linen covered in large cabbage roses... Here in Australia the price of Ralph can be a little prohibitive, so lucky for me, I collected quite a bit of this design whenever it was on sale..

And if I get bored .. the reverse side is blue ticking

If only the walls in the villa were actually white, I'd be one happy chappy.. They are more akin to the colour you see in the next set.. Builder's Beige.. What I'd do to splash out with a can of white paint.. but...I won't rock the boat [yet...]. I will however be painting up a white storm soon on a French Commode and matching bedsides.. Where I am going to put them I don't know.. but they too have been languishing in a builder's beige for too long. More on that post painting...

Internet Update

Before I go I want to thank everyone once again for leaving me such lovely comments and emails.. I am still having trouble with my internet so am grateful to get this post up. I know I have to do something about this soon but still looking at my options before I dive into a twelve month contract..

Have a lovely weekend everyone... Internet permitting I'll be over to visit you soon.

This post is linked to Beverly's Pink Saturday. This is my first Pink Saturday so I will have to dream up some more pink for you in future weeks..

Julie b

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Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Oh, how beautiful your bedroom is! I love Ralph Lauren!
And your photos are stunning!!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Big hugs, Yvonne

Teresa Hatfield said...

Love this Ralph Lauren bedding. Good luck with your internet service. Been there.
Teresa (Splendid Sass)

Kalee said...

Beautiful! The pictures of your stylish mother are just darling!

Stephanie said...

Oh Julie - your mom is STUNNING! What a gorgeous photo! And I like the peek about your new home! Thanks for sharing with us. And yes, Ralph does know his way around a bed! ;) (there is a fabulous Ralph outlet near my sister's house. I got about $1500 worth of merchandise for about $300 once.)
(PS I will trade you your NOISY neighbor for my NOSY neighbor! As I write this he is pretending to trim a bush while peeking into my yard!)

Exquisite Accessories said...

Hi Julie, gosh that bloomig internet what a pain, I hope you get it sorted soon, know what you mean about contracts been locked in you want to get the right one good luck with it!! Hope you are relaxing in your bed after moving it so many times, I wouldnt want to get out of it with the Ralph bedding, how gorgeous it is!! & the blue what a contrast its so lush (my word for luxurious) have a great weekend :)))

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I love Ralph too....he's mine!
He,he.....your bed looks so comfy and cozy...I'm glad you shared your resting place with us...now I can picture you all tucked in slumbering under that full moon! Love the pics of your Mum...
Hope you have a great weekend!

erin's art and gardens said...

how lucky you are to go to bed with ralphy every night! i love him too!
have a good weekend,

Anne Marie said...

it looks perfect from the view you gave us! i like that fabric......looks totally comfy!!

Anne Marie
p.s. have a great weekend......

La Dolfina said...

Your bedroom looks so cosy and I love your photos of Mama! Wishing you a warm relaxing and cosy weekend Julie and best wishes for internet stability.

Anonymous said...

Ralph has a ranch about an hour from here. I keep imagining casually running into him while he's riding his horse. Sigh. :)
Your villa is just what I'd expect, Julie! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
Hope the internet issue gets resolved soon!

Giulia said...

So good to see this, Julie. Clever indeed. I also flip my duvet over...isn't it great to be able to do so? Instant change (& yours is really a big change, very handy). So sorry about continuing internet problems. I gnash my teeth in solidarity. So I better fetch my nightguard. Cheers, bella.

(I love photos of mama...)

oldgreymare said...

Now, I'm a happy girl - thanks for the peek. : 0 Love the bed and who doesn't love RL?

Hurry and decide something about the Internet because we all miss you like crazy.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'm off to paint furniture myself today.



Know what you could consider? a blue ceiling..I adore my blue bedroom ceiling

From the Old InkWell said...

My first time to your blog and I'm loving it. Came by way of Erin's blog. Love your bedding, the whole setting and your photography is just wonderful! Have a wonderful weekend!

Shellbelle said...

Oh, your linens are gorgeous and the photos of your mom are fabulous! Sorry to hear you're still having internet woes, hopefully they'll clear up before the next full moon!


Carole said...

My heart went pitter pat when I saw you posted. Julie your bedroom is so dreamy I think I'd have a real hard time leaving.
You know how much I love white but I rather like the beige with the background of those bedsheets.
I have a few sets of Ralph too....love them!
What a treat to see the framed pictures of your mom.
Hey without ps your editing is incredible but your photos have always been great.
miss you!

the old boathouse said...

Hey julie...very rubylicous room!! Your villa sounds big...lots of rooms...now I won't scare you and say...guest room haha. How fun it would be to catch up in person!! Have fun with the decorating....is the toolman goodlooking?? or more importantly set to inherit greek isle haha couldn't resist, cheers Katherine

rjerdee said...

Oh, crawling into bed with Ralphie is the finest! I adore small bedrooms and always pick the smallest one in each one of my houses. I leave the more spacious ones for guests and kids who have toys. There's something comfortable, intimate and simple about a small bedroom...it limits the distracting stuff you can drag in, resulting in wonderful sleep. One of my mantras: Keep it simple, stupid. Bedrooms are for rest and recovery.
Relaxing post, Julie

The House That A-M Built said...

Oh Julie, it's beautiful. I don't mind the builder's beige for a change! A-M xx

La Petite Gallery said...

I love rose fabric, I never tire of it especially Chintz. My weekness is cotton bedding
and a beautiful comforter.
Your new place sound like it was a good move for you..Enjoy the weekend.

Pooch Purple Reign said...

nice post ruby...
i love setting up and figuring out a new space. im looking forward to that myself this fall
have fun
~pooch xx


Love the Ralph bedding! Your photos, especially the photos including those of your mother, are all so beautiful! So glad you posted this. And so glad to see you at my place. ~ Angela

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so enjoyed this post. A beautiful bedroom.......just lovely. I especially love the photos of your mother. The dancing one is fabulous!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my site. Am wondering if you live anywhere near where Whaledreamers was filmed, if so you'll spot whales one of these days!

June said...

Oh how I would love a night with Ralph myself. This is a beautiful, yummy pattern. Your pictures are amazing as usual!
Your mum is a beautiful woman...just like her daughter.

Jane said...

You are so lucky to have such a lovely picture of your mother and dancing too!!

Love that linen, it is quite stunning and not as preppy and stripey as Ralph usually is.

But best of all is the bed head. How I would like to trade my bed. Too scandinavian for my taste.

As for internet - just go for it. Aren't all the deals basically the same!!???


Fabulously French said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love the RL linen and that headbaord is tres belle.

So is the photo of your Mum as a child!

Bon week-end a toi,

Leeann x

Kellie Collis said...

What a beautiful bedroom!!! The linen is stunning! xx

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Julie,
Oh how quickly you have made your apartment your own. It looks wonderful. .....I love how diverse the two patterns are on your bedlinen, so you can really change the look....... and what a beautiful photograph of your mum....is that your dad she's dancing with ? A wonderful memory to see everyday.
I, like Jane, think that the bedhead is the star of the show. It looks perfect. It also sounds as if you have more room now. Although it has been hard work,you are having a few teething troubles and it was rather sudden, it sounds as if it was meant to be and a really good move.
I await with eager anticipation to see the next room and a glimpsse of your garden !! XXXX

Julie said...

Hi Hi..Stranger..(smile)
Lovely photos! Beautiful Bed! Gorgouse Bedding.
What can a girl ask for me..!!!!

Julie in Melbourne.

Catharina Maria said...

You have beautiful pinks in your pink Saturday post !
Have a nice weekend .
love ♥RINI♥ the Netherlands

Pamela Kellogg said...

Hello and Happy Pink Saturday! What creative photos you've shared!!! Gorgeous! Hope you get your internet fixed soon!!!

BrushedByAnAngel said...

Beautiful, makes you want to snuggle in.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Julie...

Oh my goodness.........soooo lovely. I think tiny rooms are so charming (good thing, my entire house is composed of them)... I always feel like huge rooms are difficult to make cozy....although, some bloggie girlies sure have the knack.

Love your bedding ... both sides.... And, am happy to see that you've finally found one that works the best for you.

Have a great day!

Warm blessings,

NanE said...

Hi Julie, welcome to PINK Saturday. Your pictures of your bedroom are phenomenal! But what really caught my eye was the picture of your Mom dancing, that is priceless! Have a wonderful weekend, Nan

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Dear Julie,
Welcome to Pink Saturday! Your photos are fabulous! I especially like the ones of your momma! Thank you for sharing.
Regards, Laura

Mary-Laure said...

How wonderful.... Those flower prints are lovely, I suppose it's like going to bed in a garden every night... Sweet dreams....

Simply Debbie said...


Jorgelina said...

What a beautiful bedroom!
Happy pink saturday.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Julie Sweetie...
Welcome to the world of pinkies. Here you will find the best of the best, who know all about the color PINK.

I have so enjoyed my visit today. Your linens are just devine. What a beautiful share. The roses are so pretty and inviting. Who would want to be sleeping with Ralph?

Your photos today are phenomenal. I love the angles of the bed that you shot. The photo of your Mum dancing, so exquisite. What a beautiful gift to see each and every day and know that at that moment in time, she was so happy and care free.

Love the headboard and the little lamp, oh-la-la. I love it. Especially the little crystals on the base. The sheer wrap (is it a scarf) and the flower on the shade are so elegant and pretty.

Thank you for allowing me stroll through Being Ruby. I am Country Wings your newest follower. Please stop by and let me share my pink post with you as well. I love meeting new friends and sharing ideas. I would be honored if you signed up to follow my blog as well. I can't wait to see what you write next.

Have a beautiful Pink Saturday.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Hi Julie!
Your new bedroom looks so gorgeous! I think I would have chosen the exact same Ralph Lauren design as you have! I love it! I also adore the photograph of your mother dancing; it's almost magical(I don't really know how to describe it).

Moving is hard; it takes a while to get used to your new digs and all the quirks. And with your internet problems...that would drive me crazy! It'll get better though. I replied to your comment on my blog too! Take care Julie! I'm so happy to see your posts! Jennifer:)

Sherry from Alabama said...

What a lovely post for your first Pink Saturday. Your photography is wonderful. Welcome!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

GwendolynKay said...

Positively gorgeous!! Love the shabby whites with the sweet prints. I imagine a wonderful dreamy sleep it must be.

My name is Riet said...

HI.Welcome and happy pink Saturday. I love your Ralph Lauren bedset and the bedhead is a beauty.
Thank you for sharing.
Have a nice day,
The Netherlands

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah, Julie.... I have a Ralph linen floral all over my bedroom, too! Yours is gorgeous, and I love that old wedding dance photograph. Your parents, I suppose?

D. Jean Quarles said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday. Lovely room. I adore the old photos.

Unknown said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday, I love the lamp shade by the way, great Vintage! Have a pinky fun weekend!

Unknown said...

I'm inspired now to decorate with the old pictures I have of family members. Thank you!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!


{oc cottage} said...

WELCOME to Pink Saturday!!! Your bedroom is just lovely!

m ^..^

desde my ventana said...

Hi Julie,
I like your bedroom, I find it very warm for the cold time that now you are spending. I would pass hours there, I looooove sleeping.
Brilliant the dancing photo of your mami, totally Ginger!!!!
I hope that he is enjoying your weekend

nerines said...

Hahaha...Your headliner really pulled me in and then I was all like where's Ralph? But oh that fabric!! Beautiful! That is a very beautiful photo of your mamma too! I think that internet thing is catching, grumble, grumble:)) xo

Lise said...

Julie, it looks gorgeous, what a beautiful quilt cover. I love the old photos of your mum particularly the one where she is dancing. The dress, the poise....think I was born in the wrong era!! Hope the internet holds up for you. Lisa xx

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

From what I got to see..., it's just so lovely, peaceful and nostalgic. Love the headboard too!

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Ruby
I love your bedroom and your duvet cover...You know I love flowers so I would be really happy in that bed!
Your mother´s photographs are lovely too with the enchant of the ancient images
I think we now have a very different life ,Better? Sometimes I don´t think so.
Spring will arrive soon to you,be patient while Autumm are comming here

Alison Gibbs said...

Julie bad luck about the noisy neighbour.
Love 'Ralph'
Gorgoeus pics of your Mum

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Julie as always your photography is gorgeous. I so enjoyed the special photos of your mum. You having me longing now for some Ralph, such a beautiful pattern no matter how you flip it! I'm so glad your getting settled and putting your stamp on the place. I send you all my best and hope the internet issue works itself out soon. Have a great new week ahead and take care. xxx

Sahildeki Ev said...

I still have the same problem. I cant see your photos. So I dont have a visual image of Ralph and you :))

Karena said...

Hi Julie, I love the design as well. Maybe usse the cabbage Rose in fall/winter and the ticking in spring summer and coordiante around it!!

I gave a friend in need a set of blue and white RL bedding which I adored!

Hop over to see my latest Giveaway!

Art by Karena!

Valrie said...

I love your photography. What program do you use for the overlay scripts? Welcome to PS. Bev is the best. I have two blogs and this week I have started a campaign event to send cookies and peanut brittle to US TROOPS. My other blog is a poetry and life happens type of blog. Please come over for a visit.

Valrie http://poemsmyway-valrie.blogspot.com

Happy PS!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Loving the color palette!! You must have the sweetest dreams under those fluffy perfectly pretty covers, Julie. .^_^.

Sue said...

It is so nice to see a little bit of "you" around here. I realize that you share your gorgeous trip photos and a few vignettes, but we see a lot more of Ruby than Julie. It was fun to see a little bit of how Julie lives! Love the bedding.

simon said...


Millie said...

Noisy TtT neighbour moves in with noisy Serial Renovator husband, Millie moves into noisy TtT neighbour's unit, becomes lovely Julie's new neighbour. Problem Solvered!
M ^_^

Beverly said...

Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Julie. I am so glad you decided to join us.

Your room looks so pretty. And, you have a gorgeous place of relaxing and dreaming of pink.

Sarah Klassen said...

Oh, Julie, this looks beautiful! You have lovely taste, just as I might have expected. I bet your entire space is as lovely as this...

Hope you had a great weekend—thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes :)


The Celebration Co. said...

Thank you so much,yes the resort was wonderful the ocean air was great...Blessings Emilie

Angie Muresan said...

Oh my, Julie! May I take a nap? You have a gorgeous bed!!! More photos, please!

Dash said...

Hi Julie, sorry for the absence, currently experiencing computer problems, MG and I are sharing one laptop, which is proving, umm, challenging to say the least as we both need it to work!

That linen is simply gorgeous, I hope you are having lots of fun in your new villa.

julietk said...

I see you are enjoying your new space even if you are forced into the smallest room. It looks beautiful.

Drawn to The Sea said...

Well Miss Julie, I finally realized why I couldn’t leave comments on many blogs. My new laptop was set to reject 3rd party cookies. I was starting to get a complex.

You captured the light beautifully here; how lucky to have that gorgeous glow to do lovely linens justice. Until you change the beige, think of it as sand :-) One thing about it, it really makes the white painted furniture pop.

And what a sweet way to start each day... watching mama dance in that wonderful gown. Wonder what music was playing?

Hope you had a restful weekend in your new nest.

Drawn to The Sea said...

(p.s. Yes, I did take the photo of the full moon with the gazebo... how fortunate to have a light in the foreground shining on the structure, eh?)

Ange said...

Julie, sitting as I am here spattered in white paint I can only offer to come over and continue on your walls... The place looks great though and I do hope you get internet up and running properly soon. I have a great internet connection but just can't bring myself to come inside and sit for long periods at the Mac. It's soo nice outside and summer will be over soon. NO matter - autumn will be here soon and I'll be back.

Settle in well, I'll be checking out more soon


Shaz said...

Oh Julie, I haven't seen this design before. It's my new fave RL. It's just gorgeous. Those photos of your mum are priceless. Lovely post.

Elaine said...

Quite the scintillating post title! You really can't go wrong with Ralph. Always classy, elegant, timeless. I do love your choice of bedding. It looks great. I am on the lookout for something new myself and perhaps a paint job for the bedroom.

I hope you resolve your internet problems. It can be so frustrating.

Charlotta Ward said...

Julie this is lovely! I know what you mean about changing and turning things around.. it's part of the 'nesting phase'.. I am sure you'll find the perfect spot for the bed and the gorgeous Ralph covers once the warm sun returns soon.

xx C

maría cecilia said...

Hola Julia, gorgeous blog you have, have loved browsing around it!!! and oh sooooo love these R. Lauren bedding set, beautiful!!!!
By the way, here in Chile we are at same season that you in Australia and the flowers are just tiny ones from my garden in winter time.... but s soon spring and blooms will be here!!!
Thank you so much for your visit.
Greetings from Chile,
maria cecilia