Le Tour 2011: Bretagne


Land Of The Lighthouse

Mythical creatures rising defiantly to protect and guide brave sailors who dare to tossle with angry wild seas. That is what my imagination conjures when I view these captivating images of lighthouses from the Brittany region of France..  [see source below]

Strength, Power, Beauty and Endurance are the words that come to mind. Words that could also describe the riders in Le Tour as they battle it out for rankings and stage wins in this feat of endurance..  Our own aussie rider Cadel Evans won the victory of Stage 4 beating out Alberto Contador by an unmeasurable  fraction of a second... A great feat considering only 15kms out from the finish line he had to change bikes and make up lost time to get back to the front of the peloton and on to victory..

No such luck for Victor Fontan back in 1929... At that time the rules stated a rider must complete the stage with the bike he started out on.. After destroying his bike in a tumble.. he borrowed another and amazingly completed the remaining 145kms with his crumpled bike strapped to his back..  That is not only endurance but ferocious determination..  It is stories like these that add to my love of Le Tour.. 

Perhaps it's the ardent love for their sport.. a boyhood pleasure that captured their hearts and was never lost to the burdens of adult life.. I imagine all the riders must retain some of that childhood spirit to conquer the obstacles that exist to train and compete in these events.. and the determination to see it through to the end.. 

Have A Great Week Everyone
'and remember to keep your childhood spirit'

Le Tour Facts: Info sourced from wikipedia
Lighthouse Images: Jean-guichard.com, Aqua door: pulsarwallpapers.com, Vintage Ladies: Glamoursurf.com, Striped Beach Tents: nyaxe.com, Flag of Brittany: commons.wikimedia.org, Map of Brittany: car-hire-europa.com, Vintage photo Victor Fontan: vintagephoto.livejournal.com, Stage 4 Photo Finish: http://www.isport.in, Le Tour Logo: created by [beingRuby©]


ceecee said...

Loved this intriguing history about 'Le Tour'. And the photos of Brittany make me want to pack my bags.

Sharon said...

WoW Julie, what a fantastic post. The photos are wonderful, but it's your love for 'Le Tour' that shines through. I feel so sorry for Victor Fontan. In fact, he did finish that stage with the bike he started on - the hard way: 145KM cycling with his broken bike on his back. Tremendous! Thank you for sharing this. I am beginning to understand why it is such a loved world event.

beachcomber said...

love this post..such beautiful images!!

Julie said...

Dear Julie
Hope you feel better now.
What a lovely photos and great story.

Julie xx

Karena said...

Fascinating Julie!! These images and the story are wonderful.

Art by Karena

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AGAIN....STUNNING IMAGES that not only show an image, but reflect a spirit, no.....a MOMENT. Frozen and chilling, beautiful and full of dreams. Your lens is magical dearest Julie...know that 'cause we love ya.....enjoy every moment. Anita

rjerdee said...

Hey Julie, this is one fantastic post! Fascinating. The story of Victor Fontan riding to the finish line with his broken bike on his back is one for the books! What spirit!
Lots of spirit coming from you down in aussie-land...hope your man comes through with flying colors!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Thanks for sharing your passion in such a beautiful way! :)

Giulia said...

Oh, I love Bretagne. Let's go there together. Can't you see little GG in her stripey shirt right now;)

I love the post, Julie. I'm with Catherine & Sharon.



Loree said...

Hooray for keeping our childhood spirits. Bretagne, Oh you make it sound so special. Loving The Tour :)

Carole said...

Ok you make me want to ride a bike:) no just kidding....but I would like to go to Brittany instead. You'll laugh but a while back a watched a show on tv of a couple buying a home in Brittany.
Well that was it ....it's all I thought about for 2 weeks. How can I buy a house in France? and still work the hours I do.....well i'll let you know what happens:)haha

Just idol dreaming!


Blondie's Journal said...

What a wonderful story on Victor Fontan! Interesting! Your pictures are beautiful...I thought those were glaciers around the lighthouse at first glance! Hope you are enjoying your holiday!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AHHH, but your CHOICE of pictures support your signature style of a play on the light of the moon and the dance of the waves...that is good enough for me dearest..have a splendid Friday. Anita

Gloria said...

Hola Julie!!!! me encantó leerte en estos recuerdos.....Y yo también siento placer cuando veo estas bicicletas en ese entorno perfumado como tú dices....Y todo ese esfuerzo... Mi padre fue un gran atleta, y sé de ése amor al deporte.Me encantaron tus fotos! Un placer! Besos!Gloria.

debra @ 5th and state said...

wonderful memories of brittany came flooding back, something not thought of for years. but your story was a great twist; the power of the waves and lighthouses and the power of the cyclists. thanks julie, my fav; history and beauty

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Very interesting and beautiful images! I am drawn to the lighthouse with the ocean waves crashing up on it! Awesome! ♥

Claudia Lane said...

thanks for another fascinating post Julie...love the unique way in which you put it all together, just brilliant!
Have a fantastic week end :)
Claudia xo

Ann said...

Julie- How did you get that photo of my 7 sisters and me? Amazing!

I've never been to Brittany, but it's on my short list. Of course, you make it so romantically beautiful.

simon said...

brilliant post!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Your Tour posts are always some of your finest Julie. You know that I'm a huge Tour watcher and as I type this comment we are watching Le Tour faithfully. I read your post to Graham and we both felt a real twang of compassion for Fontan. These men like you said (so very well), must have the spirits of children to put their bodies and spirits through such rigor? True..true dedication that I admire greatly. Now if we all could meet in France one year and watch the peloton fly bye as we wave our flags, ring cow bells and take in all the excitement. Only to be followed up with sight- seeing and French wine! Sound good? Thanks for the great reads, now back to the boys & their bikes!

XO happy weekend Julie

Killiecrankie Farm said...

Viva la tour !
hasn' it been carnage this year Julie !
Our boys are doing very well so far, and isn't it amazing to see so many Aussie Team Managers and Directors.
Love the piccies, I especailly like your roof tops from the otehr day - got em all inspired :)
Hope you catch up on some sleep on the rest day !

Renée Finberg said...


i am sitting here with mom.
we talk about you often and,
the first thing she said when i got off the egg beater plane was....
"i wish julie was here too"
isn't that sweet?
the photos that you sent here are now here treasures. she shows everyone.

all of our love...i wish you were here too!!
maybe someday.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh beautiful Julie,

YOU CAME TO MY HOME!!! THANK YOU MY FRIEND! And the checkered floors just SPEAK TO ME! I notice that in old Dutch paintings and of course French châteaux, checkered floors are quite the beautiful element. That marble fireplace you saw in my studio? A CONSIGNMENT SHOP FIND!!!! Oh the fun of creativity.

Love to you, Anita

mermaid gallery said...

such a dramatic post!...a fierce spirit resounds with childish enthusiasm...life is great!....the tour rocks....wish i had time to follow it...so glad to read that story...i'll keep that determination close for when i need a little encouragement...we are capable of so much if we go full out....the best weekend ever for you dear, julie!...later, susan xoxx

Splendid Sass said...

This is such a sad story! At least you ended with these spectacular images of the lighthouses!
So beautiful. I think I could live in a lighthouse.
As always, a great post you share.
Have a great, cold (lucky) weekend.

Michelle Wells Grant said...

Magnificent! So glad I found you via my good buddy, Midlife Jobhunter. I must add you to my blog roll!

Elaine said...

and Le Tour continues. I still have not seen it televised here.
Will have to get my updates from you.

That photo with the crashing waves is unbelievable. It looks so real I can almost feel the gentle spray. Magnificent!

lilabraga said...

fabulous!!!!!! what else can be said about theis great post today?

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

I always love reading your tour posts Julie!
I think the first time I stumbled on your blog, you were doing a tour post ... and I was so intrigued, I just couldn't keep away.
My brother was and still is a huge tour fan ... so I grew up watching it (when they started televising it in Australia)
Happy touring ...

alaine@éclectique said...

A great post; loved the story about Victor Fontan and the hairstyles of the beach beauties have been revived a few times since then!

I still have my childhood spirit but wonder if I could still ride a bike!

Going through withdrawals this morning as I don't have Le Tour to watch with my muesli and coffee! Those boys really needed that rest day though!

Thanks for your visiting me and have a great week, Julie! xa

Oliveaux said...

I love Le Tour and the image of the black and white tents is gorgeous! I'm happy to savour some more of the beautiful French countryside again tonight! Ax

Design Elements said...

fascinating, Julie! the image of Victor Fontan is incredible! beautiful

bih hugs