Le Tour 2011: And So It Begins

And So It Begins

It's that time again..  to pull up the sofa, turn down the lights and be transported by armchair to the mesmerizing landscape of France and the yearly daydream that is Le Tour de France...

Here in Australia we watch Le Tour in the quiet hours of the morning... Yesterday has only just left us.. Today is not yet begun and winter is calling us to find comfort and warmth in slumber.. but just as we practice our last channel flick before retiring.. a glimpse of Le Tour will capture us and find us lingering a bit longer.. Every year I find myself drifting into a meditative state as I watch the rhythmic cycling whiz past never-ending fields of lavender and sunflowers, or wind their way through rustic villages. My mind finds comfort in this yearly ritual, reminding me that a world of dreams  is awaiting  my return and that somewhere summer is alive and well and kissing the landscape with it's warmth.    

Last year I had a blowout on the first leg.. yes a nasty little spill called moving house.. It was over before it begun... I'll try a little harder this year to keep up.. and like any worthy endeavour, I'll start with the end in mind ...  Paris.. The location for success or defeat. Although I suspect all who make it to the finish line are successful no matter their position... These shots of Parisian rooftops are from my last trip to Paris.. 1996.. too long ago.. Time for more photo shoot fodder I think..... OK...

No More Monkey Business

on ya' bike!!

Have A Great Weekend Everyone
'may all your flatlands be dressed with lavender & sunflowers'

And to all my friends in the USA

 Happy 4th July Weekend 

Rooftops of Montmartre: Original Photography & Artwork [BeingRuby©]
Monkey Image: unknown source


Linda Carswell said...

I/we are looking forward to the start of the race...my husband watches for the racing, but I watch for the scenery, towns and villages!
I hope you enjoy watching...I know I shall.

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

HI Julie, don't we all love the rooftops of Paris.
I've always wondered about your attraction to the Tour de France, but now I understand!
You know how welcome you'll be here when you come on your next camera fodder trip!
warmest wishes

The Moerks said...

Gorgeous Paris pics, enjoy the tour.

Ann said...

I honestly never even thought about actually watching Le Tour! I'll have to go find it.

Your rooftops are dreamily stunning!
Nice to be here!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Now here, GRAY SPEAKS TO ME...the gray metal rooves of Paris....only in Paris can antennae look so charming...think PINK MY FRIEND, but listen to the sound of your beloved sea...what colors do you see? Oh, what a wonderful world...Anita

Claudia Lane said...

oh yes Le tour...it's addictive isn't it? I have to admit that I love looking at the landscape (mostly)-all those beautiful villages aren't they just delightful and so picturesque? - and the food segment always puts a smile on my face :)
Your images of Paris are just gorgeous.
Have a lovely rest of the week-end Julie :)
Claudia xo
PS the monkey on the bike pic is a scream!

La Petite Gallery said...

Oh Julie!,
I want to paint the monkey, Can I copy it?? Wish you were here with us we would have a ball. I had a warning on my computer, saying Google csi null or not an object. Well for 2 days I was on Blog help. I got help from a wonderful Aussie called Peter, he is a mail nurse and has a great post.Thanks Peter.
I could live there I like Aussie's

count it all joy said...

I'm not sure which I like better...Le Tour or your posts during Le Tour celebrating it!! Thanks for the reminder. It's Bugsy birthday tomorrow and I've just had an epic cake fail, so no doubt I'll still be up to watch it when it comes on:)

Hope all is well with you. Meredy xo

Kathy Sandler said...

As always, your photographs are stunning. Thanks for sharing!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Julie...I've just been watching the race just now...and loving those roof tops...I'm waiting for Summer also to come back and kiss this part of the world...Happy Le Tour...Dzintra

Giulia said...

Two little monkeys saying hallooo from the States:)

@('_')@ & @('_')@

Yes, we're silly. Recovering (or trying to from wicked cold-flu). Watching Wimbledon & then we will keep up w/la Tour. But it won't be on any channel I can access until the end. The very near-end.

Glad you're enjoying it & I totally understand the idea of comfort that it's summer somewhere in the world.


Splendid Sass said...

Hello Julie!
Did you have to mention the winter weather? Haha...I LVOE WINTER! I am threatening to find a tiny house in Australia for the summer, and be here in the winter.
These images are so creative. As always, gorgeous.
We are watching Wimbledon here. Finals tomorrow.
Have a great COLD weekend.

Martina said...

Vive la (tour de) France! Gosh, akthoough i admire the people who do this, i'll rather drive to Paris in a nice car ot train and eat a lovely lunch there;) Love your pix agai Ruby, très romantique. Happy weekend!

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Ruby
I have been a bit "lost" last month but now I am on holidays and I will get more free time for my blog and my visits and comments
Your images are alawys lovely

rjerdee said...

Hahaha, you're so adorable, Julie! Love the monkey on the bike...and those rooftops in Paris! I wanna be there!

Thank you for thinking of us and our Happy July Fourth weekend...we're all about shooting off fireworks once the rain stops.

And thank you for being such a faithful blog friend, leaving kind comments at every turn!

Love you,

Sharon said...

Hello Julie, love your Paris photos. Paris rooftops - ohhh! So Paris. 'Le Tour de France'? If I were in France, with a bike, I wouldn't be racing toward any finish line! Silly, silly bikers. P-A-R-I-S! P-A-R-I-S! P-A-R-I-S!

Unknown said...

Lavender and sunflowers!...what a nice thought!....smiles...and happy weekend...thank you.

Carole said...

Looking forward to seeing France from a bicycle....and I don't even have to break a sweat!!!! hahaha


lilabraga said...

'may all your flatland be dressed with lavender & sunflowers'... this wish is so generous to some of us(me) this wish is a fantasy considering were I live now! :)
Fabulous and nostalgic post dear, Ruby!

Design Elements said...

gorgeous Paris pics, Julie! Have a wonderful time! "Paris is always a good idea" AUdrey Hepburn


Loree said...

I look forward to your tour. Your photos are gorgeous, as always. I love that chimp :)

marina said...

Hi Julie!!!Cuanto tiempo! El último mes ha sido un poco desorganizado para mi y tuve poco tiempo en mi blog,espero volver a visitarte con mayor frecuencia y disfrutar como siempre de tus imágenes.Hasta pronto!! Marina

Elaine said...

You have your Tour de France and I have my Wimbledon. Both of them are so captivating. I will have to pay more attention to Le Tour this year. I used to date a cyclist so I was very interested years ago.

I have not been to Paris since 1985! Indeed, far too long!

Thanks for your 4th of July wishes!

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Julie.....Your photos are so very lovely...I am always so amazed I can visit an Aussie who lives on the other side of the planet and is in a completely different season and feel an immediate kinship over the tour de France. Don't know if I ever told you, but we went to Australia 2 years ago and loved every minute....well....except the long flight. LOL LOL I wasn't blogging then or I would of tried to track you down.



Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

We had a wonderful weekend at a lake in the country. Hope your weekend was wonderful too!

June said...

I'm watching Le Tour right now Julie! Thank you for your wish to the US for our celebration on the 4th. It's such a wonderful weekend to celebrate here.
Your pictures are stunning of France and I can never seem to get enough of them. I feel transported by your pictures Julie, so I thank you for that. Oh how I hope you are feeling better and that nasty little bug has left you!!!
hugs from here...

cathypentonatelier said...

Oh yes we have been watching...so amazing the beautiful history and scenery.....Hope everything is wonderful with you my friend...Take care c xx

Bree Oliver said...

These pics made me wish I was still on holiday in France.

alaine@éclectique said...

Love your rooftop photos and really enjoying Le Tour, lapping up the beautiful countryside and the ancient towns.