Taking It To The Streets: Noosa

Beauty is Everywhere
You Just Need To Look

Sometimes Hidden Behind Closed Doors

And Sometimes Right Under Your Nose

Architectural Delights

May Be

Out of Your Reach


Nature's Beauty is Free

Just Look Around

After the lovely comments from my 'Pretty' post.. I thought I'd show you a few more shots from my Noosa trip last year. I know I've probably flogged this subject to death.. I've shown you the beach.. the sea.. the shops.. the river.. the moon.. and even Walt the Turkey... but last up is the streets.. and the pretty view that greeted me each day as I made my way into town..

.. Beauty is Everywhere .. 
We just tend to notice more when on vacation

Thanks also for all the encouragement re last post..
I'll have more to say on that subject when I know myself!!

Have a lovely week everyone.. 

Julie b

Photography, Text & Artwork [beingRUBY.blogspot©]
Location:  [Noosa Queensland Australia] Nov 2010


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

The photos? EXQUISITE as always. Your situation dearest? It will unravel soon. You need not say, just listen to your heart and if you wish, we are here. But your vision and eye sees beauty and that is who you are. Thank you for coming over my friend. Anita

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Gorgeous! I really must add this to my must visit list. Xox

Blondie's Journal said...

I really enjoyed these beautiful, serene pictures, Julie. Such a picturesque town!

I hope you have a wonderful week!


Unknown said...

Thank you and the same to you.....smiles.

the old boathouse said...

Dearest Julie, I somehow managed to miss your last post and have just read.Bad friend me ha. I so feel you have to go for it. We only get one life and it is to be lived. Trust in Ruby and with Ethels help you will find your way my friend. I so love reading your posts and if I need to learn Italian to keep reading them I will do so ha. Your heart is in Italy maybe it needs to be reunited with the rest of you. Whatever you decide your bloggy friends won't be far behind you in the virtual world, xx Katherine Ps I so loved your comment about singing to your great nephew...I know only you will understand today I have been singing
I could have danced all night!
I could have danced all night!
And still have begged for more.
I could have spread my wings
And done a thousand things I've never done before.
I'll never know What made it so exciting;
Why all at once My heart took flight. I only know when he
Began to dance with me I could have danced,
danced, danced all night!
Now if we substituted the he for Italy maybe I was thinking of you ha Oh and sorry for the long comment. You know I like to ramble on ha ha

Francine Gardner said...

This is so lush, green, stunningly beautiful. I could move there in a flash...especially as my house is filled with water from massive rains.(nothing to compare to what you went through in Australia) Where is Noosa..would love to visit. Francine

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Beauty is indeed all around us...and Mother Nature provides all sorts of fascinating details to spark our imagination...if only we could slow down enough to pay attention all the time...not just on vacation! Thanks for allowing us to see the details through your discerning eyes and lens. Your street photos are wonderful! :)

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

These are great pictures, and no, you certainly haven't flogged Noosa to death!! Looks like some amazing property out there.
My turn to be stuck on the thumbnail thing, can't get that google trick to work!! GRRRR!

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Beautiful as always, Julie! The flowers and palms are so lovely.
You always capture such gorgeous images.
Glas you're back.

Ann said...

Mmmm- I bet that plumeria smelled wonderful!

Beauty is definitely in your photos!

Gypsea Nurse said...

Ruby~ another enjoyable stop here.... beautiful!

Loree said...

Such a lovely town. And i agree with you that beauty is everywhere. I just think that sometimes we need to be a bit less distracted and remember to look around us a bit more.

oldgreymare said...

They would have had to drag me kicking and screaming from somewhere this lovely..

so much better to think of this than of my yesterday....

happy week dear friend

michelle said...

I could never tire of these beautiful images! Beauty is all around and sometimes we need a little nudge to open our eyes! :) What a gorgeous place to open them up too! :)
I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Jeanne Henriques said...

I love them Julie, you have such a great eye for beauty but I have told you that many times before!! Great to hear from you today :)

Jeanne xx

**Anne** said...

BEAUTIFUL. Thank you.
Anne xx

Shellbelle said...

Sigh…I wish I were there right now! You not only see the beauty around you, you share your interpretation of it with us and that's why I so enjoy coming by.

The colors of that plumeria are incredible! It would have been hard for me to resist snapping off a piece and spreading it gloriousness (my word, lol) around my part of the world.


Exquisite Accessories said...

Love Noosa I would love to live there drove past it on way to Brisbane last week so wish we could have stopped this year but not enough time unfortunatly!! :( Thanks for the pictures it has made up for me missing it :)

Rhônya Holman said...

Wow ... Julie great selection of photographs in this post, each one is more beautiful than other.

PS; THANK YOU sooOO much for the warm welcome!

Cheers and a lots of smiles for you. (((((((((((((-:

Seaside Style said...

I never tire of you images, fantastic! and the Plumeria...must have filled the sences! One of my favorite scents! Cheers!