Moon If By Sea

'When the moon is full they gather at the sea side.. patiently awaiting La Luna. Awaiting the dappled glow of her smile to light across their wings and sprinkle across the seas..  Even the trees spread their branches lovingly around her softened face... I want to be a wild thing too... I want to swim in the ocean.. and soar through the clouds... To reach up to the sky and dance with La Luna by my side.. I want to be the sea.. and paint my face with her reflection.. and laugh at all the earthbound humans ... dotted along the shores.. wishing they were wild things too' ... [beingRuby©]

To The Moon Alice

Welcome to March's Full Moon Post combining two of my great loves.. The Moon and The Sea.  My second anniversary of blogging is coming up soon.. and looking back over this time.. I've realized I've  never missed a moon post.. Sometimes just a snippet.. sometimes lengthy adulations.. but always present. More than I can say for other themes I've introduced along the way.. In fact I've been so steadfast with my Luna Love that I often receive comments and emails from other bloggers telling me they think of me when they see the moon!! That's quite incredible really... To know that friends all over this vast planet.. associate me with this event.. the power of blogging!! Or is it the power of the moon?

Knowing others of you share this Luna Love... I'm thinking of starting up a blog link each month..  Somewhere we can all gather and share the beauty of the moon.  I'll be posting each month as usual.. but if you feel the urge.. you'll be welcome to link up your own posts to mine.. As I haven't yet sorted out the Mr Linky, I thought we could start next month...  What do you think?  Anyone tempted to join in?  

OK back to the business at hand.. and this month's full moon. Today the moon is perigee and closer to the earth than it has been in 18 years .. BUT.. Once again here in Sydney she is hiding behind the rain clouds we so often see around this time... She is a cheeky girl... I know I'll be out looking again tomorrow night... But.. If you can't see the moon.. I suggest getting oneself to the seaside anyway... get some sand between your toes... look out to the sea and imagine La Luna working her magic on you... 

Here's the stairs.. 
Off you go..

Have a lovely new week

And please pop over and visit 'Life Love Clutter And Other Beautiful Things

who has also posted on the moon this month

All Photography, Text and Artwork [BeingRUBY©]


beachcomber said...

what can i say these photos are so gorgeous!

Martina said...

These are incredible pictures - they really capture the magic of the moon. so well done Ruby! Love your editing too. This full moon i've read, is very special, because, for some reason, the moon is closer to the earth now than ever. Changes can happen! I like your idea of a moon link up!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Thanks Martina... xxxx Julie

rjerdee said...

Hi Julie,
Just came home from my walk under the "Super Moon" (I thought of you out there...I always think of you when I do my moon walks)...and find this WONDERFUL Luna post! I'm sorry she's being cheeky over there in me, I got the full treatment this bright that I can't look for too long.

Love the part of your post that shows us the steps into the sand and the sea :) Very endearing!!! Also that beautiful poem at the beginning. Publishable.

What changes will happen with this awesome full moon, I wonder?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

O.K., are an artiste extraordinaire....the moon is YOURS.. You have made this a trademark and dearest, the combination of the moon, the sea and your vision through photography is stunning. THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT YOU GIVE TO US.....I hope you are well....we love ya, JULIE!!! Anita

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Gorgeous full moon!!! xox

Giulia said...

Oh I'm so happy that I logged on rather early on a Sunday morning. I'm one of those who associate you w/la luna, bella. Little Julie & I are waving pawpads 'cross the earth (& seas) to you. xoxo S.

PS: Yes to moon post party. As I have just the little camera I'll have to think up some way to participate. But I used to post on the moon in early days of Julie's blog. W/out any camera at all. I can do it again.

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello there my friend.
Yes I am one of those who definitely think of you when there is a full moon, and this one we are experiencing now is grand indeed!
I am always very affected by the full moon and this particular one has messed with me in a big way, but it was only today I found out about the 'rare' event that is taking place with our closeness to it. I can definitely see why I am not able to sleep at all at night..

I loved your pictures and they actually felt a bit Japanese at times - the bird silhouettes etc. May the full moon guide the rescue workers up there and also give those affected by the horrible events strength and courage to carry on.

Hope you are well. Hope to hear from you soon.


xx Charlotta

mermaid gallery said...

so lovely! the moon was hidden from us by big, old, gray clouds....glad I could see how it looked on the other side of the world! First day of spring today and it sure feels like winter still. Hope the moon illuminated the rescue efforts in Japan. The world is so worried.....


so very, very BEAUTIFUL!!!


oldgreymare said...

One of your best ever dahlin'. We were only able to see the super moon briefly last evening because of some nasty cloud cover, but I did see a snippet.

I'll just have to enjoy luna here : D


Gypsea Nurse said...

Oh girl...please teach me how to shoot like you do!!!
Simply Brilliant!

Beach House Living said...

I love each and every one of these....
Ribbon tossed? Oh so sad!

Loree said...

Beautiful words and photos. I love the sea and I love the moon too. I think that many women do. I could not glimpse the moon these past two days. It has been cloudy and raining. So I guess I will have to wait another 18 years ...

the old boathouse said...

I think the linky thing sounds fabulous. I have never done a linky thing and admit I am very linky challenged but I love it. I admit I am one of those bloggers that always thinks of you when I see the moon. The images are even more beautiful then ever, and I love that INXS song, so haunting, so heart and stomach aching. When the moon is full you ARE by my side Ruby/Julie xx Katherine

michelle said...

Julie my dear, you take my breath away! These images are beautiful beyond words! Seriously! You capture the essence of the moon and the sea and bring such images and feeling to my soul.
I did think of you last night when we went to go gaze upon the moon (and tried to catch it's image) and I think that a moon party would be perfect. :)
I hope that you have a beautiful week my friend.


Julie, my first trip to Florida was last summer, and my favorite image was that of the moon reflecting on the ocean waves. Magical! So happy you visited today and left your hearfelt comment. Means so much! Alzheimer's is truly a devastating disease, yet it won't rule our family's happiness and love for Mom. Thank you for your Photoshop kudos. Today was my first time to use it! Have a wonderful week. ~ Angela

Patsy said...

Ahh, Julie. Once again a lovely moon post. I too can never again look at the moon without thinking of you, such a lovely combination. It would be lovely to post "moon shots" from around the world. I would love to join La Luna.

Claudia Lane said...

Dear Julie, what a gorgeous moon...These pics are incredible...Have a wonderful and magical week :))

Renée Finberg said...

what a kooky and cool post!
i was just talking about the moon and it's effects

hers a big hug xx

Beatnheart said...

I see the Full Moon and it’s off to Being Ruby I go to have a peek at what you have posted. Yes, I think of you now every full moon here in Southern California in the United States of America. If I knew how to do a linky I would maybe I can learn.

Carole said...

Yes I was thinking of you as they talked about the moon being the largest it's been in 18 yrs. Wonder what I was doing then? probably not as intent on the moon as I am now. Boy what a romantic I am now...haha
Love the way you photograph it but I don't seem to have the luck you have. Just went and tried it....yep no good just like I thought.
Happy week to you too!


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

oh julie gorgeous post as always...and of course i thought of you on the full moon...i didn't see her down here either...too cloudy, what a bummer..and it is still cloudy plus rainy...have a great week...dzintra

Design Elements said...

what can I say? simply, sea, inspiration. happy new week, Julie

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, thank you for coming to visit with me! And you like my chair? That is the first picture I have EVER taken that I like! I did have to tweak the exposure however, on PICNIK!!!! But it came out the way I wanted: LIGHT AND ETHEREAL, well, as much as I could get from Picnik!

Have a LOVELY introduction to autumn my dear, and your moon pictures are the most stunning ever....BISES, Anita

Millie said...

I've loved seeing the Super Moon this week Julie, but tonight it's inky black & rainy here in The Hills, so no Moon for me to gaze at. These images are truly some of your best work, they have an ethereal quality about them that is really magical.
Millie x
P.S. Thanks for your beautiful comments over @ The Hedge today, I appreciated them so much.

Stephanie said...

There is something about your photographs that make my heart go pitter-pat! I love them all but the one of the wood stairs leading to the beach really gets me. I have to go back and stare at it for a while. Love it!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

haa you were right...
the moon here was SO huge the last 2 nights. the moonlight actually woke me up last night. incredible.
great post ruby. i love INXS
~laura xx

Bonheur maison said...

Hola Julie!! Hoy me alegré con tu visita.Yo vi la luna magnífica y cercana este sábado,por supuesto que me acordé de ti y yo sin mi cámara!!.El próximo mes espero participar en Alice Moon será un placer.Que tengas linda semana!!!Marina

Completely Coastal said...

I caught the moon on our evening climb up the hill..., it was huge, and right in front of us. I figured that it must be closer than usual. Once upon a time, millions of years ago, the moon was very close to earth..., the waves were huge and wild, can you imagine!

Shellbelle said...

Oh Julie, you know I love every single Full Moon post you do, but this is by far, my most favorite ever and I know you know why! The moon and the sea? What could be better. Sorry you couldn't see clearly, but I know you felt the moon deep in your soul.

I'm one of those who can never look at a full moon without thinking of my dear friend, out there on the other side of the sea, drinking in the glow of the moon and feeling a sense of peace.

You know I'll be there for your linky party next month, can't wait!


Unknown said...

Luna Love....ah yes!

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

So sorry I didn't get over when you posted - I was thinking of you, especially when I heard about the 'super' moon being extra close to the earth. Well doe for keeping up this lovely tradition for two whole years, that's a big thing in our ephemeral blogging world.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Amazing. All of our blogs are the fiber that binds the entire world.
You are going into my favorite season, and we are going into my least favorite.
I saw the moon and it was spectacular. So large, beautiful and powerful. To think it can light up the world. Wow.
Well I am glad I figured out how to get to the posts.
Have a wonderful night, whatever time it is.

Angie Muresan said...

There is such magic in your photos, Julie. I am transported to a land of wishes and dreams.