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My heart is aching to travel again.. Aching to venture away from my small cloistered life and run free in a world of possibilities .... Aching to once again become a child of the world not bound by convention & expectation. To once again feel the power of hope and potential. Truth becomes fluid, Can't becomes Can, Hate becomes Hope and anything is possible.. All is past.. All is future... All is now... Life is waiting.

This recent mood comes from thinking about our friend Ange who is about to embark on what might be a life changing experience .. Any travel is life changing... sometimes small changes noticeable only to ourselves .. and sometimes paradigm shifts that forever change our molecular structure. When I get in these moods I go down to the sea.. and look out to the horizon and know that the world is still out there... waiting for me to jump!!

All this yearning has inspired me to play with my travel shots. Travel shots of the sea. I might make this a new series..'SEA The World', starting with Italy [of course!!! Let's hope I don't abandon it. Although who could abandon the sea?

Dedicated to Ange

Travel Safe & Live Large

And to everyone else
Have a lovely weekend

Julie b

All text, photography and artwork by [Being Ruby©]
Apologies if you have already seen the shots above. But I do believe the one below Taormina Sicily, is new on my blog

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rjerdee said...

O, I know what you mean...what a lovely retrospective, a looking inward as well as backward.

I'd love to travel again...another trip to London is on my wish list...sigh. But, as you say, the sea is a getaway of sorts. I'll get myself there this weekend--after Saturday's dinner party...right now, it's time to clean and cook.

TGIF Have a great weekend, Julie!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Wonderful post Julie! My thoughts and prayers are with Ange at this exciting time for her....
You and your beautiful aching heart are also in my prayers Julie...
These photographs are beyond exquisite...really I do not have the words...they are like paintings...wonderful, poignant, beautiful works of art.
Your time is coming!

erin's art and gardens said...

i'll go with you...let's leave right now.

Sue said...

I always say that if I were to fly, my 2 places to visit would be Italy and Australia. I'm not a "must go to Paris" girl like many bloggers. But, I won't be making those trips. I do however love to travel my own country. We will never be rich because any time we have a few extra dollars (and sometimes when we don't) we road trip. I don't regret it at all. Experiences are worth so much more to me than things!

Your photography is of course just beautiful.

I say you should pack your bag and jump!

Stephanie said...

So so gorgeous. Your art speaks to my heart. And today, it really needed that soothing beauty.

mermaid gallery said...

Somehow you mute the edges and the images seem to hover there and blur with the past. I too love, and miss, travel. When I travelled alone close to 40 years ago I wandered with abandon.... Now our travels are much more contained by time and responsibility. Freedom will return....just not yet....

Jeanne Henriques said...

Brilliant Julie and I love your SEA the world concept. You could not be starting in a more perfect spot! Our Ange certainly gets around...will you get a chance to see her when she comes thru OZ?

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend Julie!!

jeanne xxx

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear Julie, this photos are so artful! Italy is one of my favorite country!
Have a wonderful weekend

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Hi Julie, I'm more and more sure you were a watercolour artist in a former life, your photo treatments are so subtle and light handed, they are really beautiful.
It's a good thing to have this will for change and movement, if we don't fee like that I think it means we're getting boring and too set in our ways.
Hope you have a good weekend

Splendid Sass said...

Great idea. These photographs are beautiful. I wish I could just pick up and travel for a year! Love this post.
Have a nice day, Julie.

oldgreymare said...

The first time I heard of Positano was reading Under the Tuscan Sun or maybe Positano was only in the movie. Regardless, it was breathtaking.

So are these. I hope you are able to travel soon. I want my friend's heart to be happy.



Carole said...

Good luck to Ange though I'm not sure where she is off to. Change is always exciting when it involves traveling. I have found that it isn't always in the moment that you always appreciate what you're experiencing it's when you are home and the memories come back to you.
In your case it's not only the memories but the gorgeous photographs that you now can share with all of us! We are the lucky ones!

desde my ventana said...

Another wonderful post Julie,always a pleasure to visit you.This time I enjoy your Positano's wiew,
Hugs and great weekend,

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Julie,
Well, each and every one of your photographs brings back many, many memories of my last three years of holiday's, when we travelled to all and more of the places in your beautiful photographs.Such captivating places.....I know just why you yearn to be back there.
.....and, my best wishes to Ange and her great adventure. XXXX


WOW! Julie, AMAZING photos!! Love them! You are sooo talented!


Giulia said...

You know how I feel...(& I'm trying to win the lottery + more sensible money-making ideas = Julie-trip to States & Italy of course. I'd meet you there & drag you back here before we release you back into the wild sea.)


Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Wow. I love these images, Like modern water paintings. Gorgeous.

I know what you men about travel; I have been having some "anywhere but here" moments myself. Dreaming of distant shores and exciting new experiences...
I love Italy too! I visited a few years ago and would love to return one day.

Have a lovely weekend xox

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Your words are so inspiring Julie! Not to mention how beautiful your images are! The composition is perfect and I love the way you made them look like paintings. I want to go there! Jennifer:)

Patyclau said...

The pictures you show us are really beautifull.
To travel and know new places is the best thing we can do.

Have a nice weekend

Trish @ A dream house for Trish said...

I love these images, very beautiful. My sister is heading off for her first travel experience today, 1 month in Europe & Italy is one of her destinations, Im very envious!!!

Killiecrankie Farm said...

oh you tease julie !

your tweaks for the watercolur effects have worked wonderfully - the shapes and colours are succinct in capturing a mediteranean vista.

itchy itchy itchy feet :)

Pooch Purple Reign said...

i think i even look different since i moved :)
and bravo ange. you rock!
~laura xx

D. Jean Quarles said...

Such wonderful photos. Yes, it would be great to take off and enjoy the traveler's world.

Mise said...

And I'm adding my good wishes to dear Ange. The daubed look of the houses overlooking the sea in some of those shots is lovely, as though each window was carefully brushed in by someone who loved them well.

Lise said...

Julie, I know exactly how you feel!! I ache for Italy. Really beautiful images, loved going back to the Amalfi coast with you ;)

simon said...

I agree 100% Travel is life changing and should be attempted at all costs in my opinion- the more the better! :o)

Elaine said...

Your photos are masterpieces. I so want to go to Italy now. Was Positano featured in the movie Under a Tuscan Sky? I am sure you love that movie as much as I do.

beachvintage.com said...

For some strange reason I am aching for an overseas holiday. Maybe Hong Kong. Thanks for reminding me to get there....

Greet Lefèvre said...

Beautiful pictures! As I said before, you are a real artist! Just gorgeous!

Drawn to The Sea said...

Again, we're in sync... I too gaze at the horizon remembering, & imagining, places beyond it. I love these images & think a "Sea The World" series is a dreamy idea.

Peaceful day to you, Miss Julie.


Another inspiring artful works!Wonderful retrospective!Positive and cheerful attitude towards life that is YOU Julie.Thanks for sharing.

Margaret said...

WAAAAAAAH i want to be there :( having said that, your work is amazing
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx
take a peek at my giveaway while you're at it!