Return From Exile and The Week That Was









Internet Exile

Hey everyone... I'm finally back in the land of internet and able to post and visit. It's only been a week without internet yet somehow it felt much longer. Since moving to this new rental my internet has been intermittent if at all ... but it finally gave up the ghost permanently last week.. What changed I don't know.. but it seems I live in the internet equivalent to the twilight zone... some sort of communication no-go zone where my wireless internet [which I've been using for the past four years] has no coverage. The first few days I decided wishful thinking would somehow get it happening... then I built the tower of babylon to accommodate the modem ... but still no cigar ... so after days of a big fat nothing I was climbing the walls. I don't know.. call me crazy .. but I like to be able to send and receive emails.. post and visit blogs... and importantly ... research new providers!! So that's where I've been this last week... The internet not working was just another straw that broke the camel's back of 'this new place isn't really working out for me' .. So... in a need to make the place more comfortable.. and what else to do with all this new found spare time!! I decided to do a bit of decorating... As some of you have asked to see more of Casa Julie... here's another peak. All done with smoke and mirrors... well.. mirrors.
Decorating with White Linen

As my large country dresser is sitting in the garage waiting for a coat of paint I created a temporary fix. My new dresser is actually just a bookshelf turned on it's side and covered with a white sheet. The dresser mirror is a long saved vintage door I've been carting around from place to place. Rescued from my grandmother's vintage robe, waiting for it's moment to be put into service. Although.. in one of those shots, you may think I rescued the lot from the Titanic dining hall.

My linen slip-covered chairs.. are actually just white linen pillowslip slid over the chair backs.. Add a chair-pad and voila... a folding chair gets a face lift.. A 'temporary' solution I put in place over six years ago.. Seems to have stuck. And finally ... my impromptu centerpiece .. just more of my lightbulb obsession. At some point I also decided to paint some photo frames white.. then I found some blue paint.. which then progressed to painting anything that wasn't bolted down.. Maybe if I keep going I will finally get around to painting the dresser and the bookshelf can become a bookshelf once more. And NO.. I didn't paint the shell.. I actually bought it that way...

So there you have it.. My week in exile!!
Thank you all for visiting and commenting in my absence.. Let's hope I'm back on a more permanent basis.
Wishing you all a lovely week..

Julie b


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Sue said...

It is great to have you back! I think your decorating cleverness turned out beautifully. I would never have imagined a bookcase and a mirrored door. I'm really drawn to the frame with the old buttons in it. Ever since I started blogging I've been kicking myself on that huge jar of old buttons that I sold in a garage sale for $10 a few years ago.

Your home looks really pretty even if it is in the Twilight Zone!

Drawn to The Sea said...

Lovely photos, Miss Julie, made all the more lovely by the photos within. And the buttons in the frame... wonderful!

Peaceful day to you, my far away friend.

Stephanie said...

It looks lovely! Welcome back - missed you to pieces, sweets! I am definitely in nesting stage, with an urge to rearrange and redecorate. Now if only I had the time and the money, all would be well! oops! Have a great week!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Che e' bella " La Casa Di Julie", and especially the slipcovers. Genius! Your home looks so inviting. Buona Giornata Ciao Rita mammabellarte

Anne Marie said...

hi Julie!!! poor thing....but good for all of your readers, that you didn't have internet, because you took pictures of your decor!! i love the look you have! very welcoming Julie!
talk soon!

Anne Marie

mermaid gallery said...

very resourceful of you....and you make it all so fresh and homey. I used to give my son heck for being so plugged in and now I am just the same. It's our modern obsession and we love it. You put a great slant on the that! best, Susan

rjerdee said...

Such a busy girl, you've been! Thanks for the charming peak behind the internet curtain. Linen slipcovers...what a luxury! I use my folding church chairs sans covers...all that simplicity, serenity, and bare bones, you know. :)

Back at the beach, it's just sand, sun, and water around my chair...the ultimate in simple living.

Splendid Sass said...

I LOVE this post! I am trying to find french linen that won't break the bank. Any ideas. The idea with the linen pieces is genius! Guess that time away paid off.
Glad to see you back.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hey Julie.
Welcome back! Love your "can do" and "make do" attitude! I hope that things start working in your favor now! Love all your arrangements and your photos are beautiful as always.
Take care, Laura

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Dear Julie,
I'm glad you're back on the web. Then we can admire your beautiful photos! Your decor looks great!
Have a nice day,
Big Hugs,

myletterstoemily said...

welcome back! i have missed your exquisite
photography and witty banter.. love those
slip covers!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

There are still places in the world with not internet connection!! You are super creative so, trying to make it work..., and with your decor. Love the idea of pillowslips slid over chair backs!

oldgreymare said...


Hello dear, so glad to see you here this morning.

Does this mean you have changed providers finally, or did the planets align for just a wee bit and we may lose you again? I sure hope not.
I love the mix of the dark wood with the white. My new favorite.

Make do is right. The lightweight cover on my bed is actually a tablecloth and after trying it there one day, it's been there for years.

Stay with us now ya hear?



Giulia said...

Hello bella. As you know, I didn't name the one blog bricolage fer nuttin. "Making do" can make art. (It can also make you nuts when you really do need the real whatever-it-is, so I do not romanticize anything like it.) You've done a great job, Julie. Hurrah for you & I hope this is a new internet provider you've found. To be living in Sydney & have the internets not alive is positively absurd. Many people also do not understand that it is not just to be plugged in...there are safety & mental health reasons to be able to reach people. Ow. I almost bit down & cracked another tooth. OK, well, the gattina & I send you big hugs & lurve your ideas.



Carole said...

WoW Julie maybe I need to lose my internet so I can decorate my place that well. I love what you've done with your make-do shelf and the framed art. It's elegant and beachy all at the same time.
I think the dark wood of the table and chairs really looks wonderful with the white linens....please don't paint that....not that you wrote that but I know when I get a paint brush in my hand everything gets a swipe.

Happy you're back in the internet game. Hope that it's finally done giving you a hard time.

Will email you soon,

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Hi Julie! So glad your back on here! Can you come over and decorate my house? I would really love it:) Your photos look great in those frames. Are they for sale yet? Take care!

Patyclau said...

Very nice photos Julie, and wellcome back.


Mise said...

Bless you, Julie, you've given me my second linen revelation: pillowcases as charming French-style chair-covers. My first great discovery from blogging was that duvet covers are best stored inside their matching cases, but I guess they'll no longer have their pillowcases now that your top tip is in the ascendant.

You'll notice from the rushed heartbeat of my typing that I'm already half way to the linen cupboard, excuse me, linen armoire, pausing only to express my high hopes for your Internet connection.

Beach House Living said...

Maybe you didn't have internet, but the en casa looks great. I like how you dressed up the folding chairs.

I noticed the photo on the shelf in the shadow box with the shells...really like how that looks.

simon said...

What can I say? Where I live, in the mountains, my wireless broadband is aweful, often taking hours to upload/download what can be done in moments in my office. It is very frustrating. I bought it because I could not get near the I mac because my teenage kids just sit on the net.... ( another story). I enjoy emails etc and like to keep in touch, so I understand 100% how your past week has been.. :o)

Ange said...

So you're telling me you can actually sleep at the table too? Yay - I've been looking for an excuse to do so. Must pinch the pillow slip idea ;-)
Great to have you back
Be over your way soon Julie


Anonymous said...

Welcome back too...from Hawaii and you inspired me to take pictures of palm trees and teal blue seas....and ofcourse we brought back lots of shells !! Thanks, Cheryl. said...

I week in exile? Sounds like heaven to me. What wonderful photo's.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! love your post, beautiful images

Julie said...

Hi Julie
Welcome back to internet land and blog land.(smile) All of your photos are lovely. You are so talented. Should I envy you? (lol)

Julie xx

vicki archer said...

Glad you are back and connected.....xv

count it all joy said...

Hi Julie, I've been a bit exiled also during the mayhem of rainy school holidays. Your beautiful images with white slipcovers (be still my beating heart) are just the escape I craved! I think the pillow cases are ingenius - clever clogs. Hope all is well in the world with you lovely friend. Meredy xo.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

It all looks lovely Julie. ....and I can see your trinket box in the corner. If this is make do then I want to see it when it's done properly !!!!
It sounds as if you are in the Bermuda Triangle but escape intermittently !!
Hope that you are now permanently connected to the internet and don't have anymore trouble. Mind you, you seem to get an awful lot done when you get disconnected !!
Keep smiling Julie. XXXX

Millie said...

Welcome back mate - only you could make a light globe look sexy!
Millie ^_^

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Julie I love these images and how creative you are with your vintage re purposing of such beautiful objects. My favourite is the mirror door (because of the story as well) and the linen covers are beautiful! So simple but fabulous!

Have a great week xox

Unknown said...

These photos are simply lovely.....thank you so for sharing with us....smiles
and happy weekend!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

lookin good girl.
im in unpack mode also but despite where i am (rural prince edward island) i actually have good DSL internet and good cell reception. whew!!
i got lucky.
your place is beautiful
~pooch x

desde my ventana said...

Hello Julie,
Welcome!!! I love your arrangements with slipcovers,it looks so cosy ,clean and perfect for the springtime,
HAve a lovely weekend,

Renée Finberg said...

i am not completely sure, but.....
i don't know of anything better than white linen.


Mary-Laure said...

I've missed you! Welcome back to the cyberworld!

I too love linen and actually I am writing these words curled up in my bed, where I sleep in linen sheets my mum made for me. I also love buying sturdy old linen nightgowns at French flea markets.

Julie-Ann said...

Your book shelf and mirror look fantastic. I would never have guessed that's what it was. I love your display on the shelf and the linen slipcovers:)
I think I would go crazy without the internet for a week. I'm glad your internet is working again:).

Brabourne Farm said...

Lovely to have you back - everything looks gorgeous! Leigh

Splendid Willow said...

Dear, Julie good being back here again (while you were having internet set backs I was simply running low on energy).

But a new week and life is back where it should be!

Ok, Julie you are both a great photographer AND a stylist. Your future is bright, my friend!

Love to you, Mon