Myopia Utopia or Focus Pocus


Myopia Utopia or Focus Pocus
This weeks photo challenge over at Chania's blog Razmataz was to 'Get up close to your subject'... To play with the blur that exists in up close shots. Sounds like a perfect assignment for a myopically challenged individual like me.. My whole world has blurred edges and indistinct backgrounds.. and lately some of the reverse.
The first shot is clearly not clear at all.. Neither foreground, nor background is in focus.. but being an outcast of perfection, I love it all the more.. The overall blurry effect appeals to me on some psychobabble level.. A haven of blur in the sharp reality of existence.. [or .. I just find it pretty] ... And.. it's a bit like my eyesight at present..
... neither here nor there!! ...




A Bit of Focus Pocus
Oh... here we are back with my lightbulb obsession.
Yes this shot clearly meets the challenge requirements, but ... a tad boring?


A little cheating and voila!


Have a fun weekend everyone
And thanks Chania for keeping me focussed!

And thanks everyone for your continued visits and kind comments.. My internet took a vacation last week and forgot to take me along! Hopefully this week will be better although I think I've been saying that a while now? Non?

Julie b


All text & photography by me - [Being Ruby©]

Post Updated For Katherine!
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[Please: No-one ask me to take a shot whilst jumping off the gap!]
[and can someone lead me to my retinas I seem to have misplaced them after this shot]


Drawn to The Sea said...

j'adore les yeux de votre monde... esprit brillant!
(don't be impressed, I used the translator)

J~ across the sea

the old boathouse said...

You know I totally get your light bulb obsession...I love the last shot. Would like to see how it would look with bulb on or maybe just turned off so element still has after glow, maybe that would be hard...maybe I don't know what I am talking about...I love reflections of things in lightbulbs though too, hope you have a wonderful week, cheers Katherine

Razmataz said...

If I could find a light bulb like that I would take its picture too.! You are incredibly talented. I love your creativity and look forward to your posts.

Mise said...

pink flower + lightbulb = absolutely inspired. it's a beautiful and arresting image. i hope your internet behaves a bit better!

Jeanne Henriques said...

It's all happening here Julie... beautifully, as always :)

Jeanne xx

Ann said...

Delicate beauty, as always. I believe your soul comes out in your photographs, Julie.


Sahildeki Ev said...

I love your little cheatings.. You are creating beautiful images..

Patyclau said...

You are really creative, so nice photos.


Giulia said...

I get it might have noticed I have a thing for history of electricity* & light, lights, night lights, shadow, how, why, what it's done for our world (a lot--many children can now study for school all over the world, even in remote villages...OK, I'm climbing down from my high horse, now:)

Plus, my eye sight is as yours. Oof. I shall return & leave more coherent thoughts, such as they may be (or not), later. I just returned home from a sleep study clinic. Took a shower, checked the email, & now I am actually going to go to sleep. Julie the Cat was home alone from 8.15pm until 8am & I worried most of the time. When I walked in, it was "maman, why would you worry? I had friends over. See? We even cleaned up. No evidence of souris en casserole, oiseaux au gratin, our wine selections..."

OK, I'm tired. xoxoxoxo to you & all.

Susan & GG who is now old enough to stay alone overnight. Sniff.

*I used to cover the subject--I had to make it interest me & that was not difficult

mermaid gallery said...

really lovely. I will look at light bulbs differently now! With the flower is my fave....

erin's art and gardens said...

love, lovbe, love! oh julie, please stop telling us about your internet problems...i wince every time you do, for fear of loosing you.
now, what is this about your eyesight? me thinks you "see" beautifully.......
happy sunday, sweety,

DesignTies said...

Your flower close-ups are beautiful!! I love the blurriness of the first shot, and the flower behind the light bulb is so creative. Especially like the bulb with the element on.

Thanks for visiting DesignTies -- so nice to "meet" you :-)


Blondie's Journal said...

The first shot is very cool...the left side is clear! And I love the lightbulb, lit...sort of an afterthought!

Happy Sunday, Julie!


Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Love, love this! The light bulbs is genius.
Have anice weekend.

Molly said...

Julie - thank you so much for visiting my blog site. These pictures of yours are amazing. My daughter is called Julie too.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

really pretty and clever all at the same time! :)

oldgreymare said...

Me too! What is this about your eyesight? You haven't mentioned it to us...should we worry?

I'm about to storm the internet gods on your behalf... we all want this internet issue to vamoose...enough already .. We want Julie We want Julie!

..but when you do have the internet what magic you create!

BIG hugs


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Gorgeous, as usual.
And I'd love a tweed jacket exactly that colour.

Unknown said...

What FUN! Glad that you are open to open mind...and all that....smiles.

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Wow, what beautiful images!!!! Breathtaking!!!!
Have a wonderful new week, dear Julie!!!!!!

Luiza said...

So wonderful, Julie!!!
I love what I see!!!

Hope you salve the internet problems, so you wont have them comming back =)!

Have a great week!

Carole said...

There is something so magically about closeup images I think and your proves me right. Like you mentioned the lowly lightbulb can seem so grand when it's viewed inches away. I just got back from a fleamarket where I bought one of those huge clear ones ....he threw in the little one for free! how could I resist!!!
I hope at least with lack of internet you've been spending time getting to know your new camera.
I looks like you've mastered it already!!!


Brabourne Farm said...

Who would have thought that a flower and a light bulb would be perfect artistic partners - you obviously! Just gorgeous. Leigh

nerines said...

Hi Julie,
It's so funny that you're taking shots of light bulbs. I had some fascination for them last week, I found a castaway on our coffee table while I was watching the telly and started pulling it to peices for a better look...So anyways I love your lightbulb pictures. And what ever information it is your eyes are receiving, your creativity balances beautifully:) xo

Killiecrankie Farm said...

You must be a dab hand at Photoshop Julie - your images and the imagination in their construction always dumbfound me.
Beautiful as always, and the nostalgic air is always haunting.
And damn that fickle ether!

simon said...

I see..... ( ahahahaha!)

Q. How many cocroaches does it take to change a light bulb

A. Dont know- when the light come on they all run away.... ahahaha!

great shots btw!

debra @ 5th and state said...

love losing myself in the beauty you share and momentarily looking at life thru your lenses, who else would put together a flower and a lightbulb and it be so lovely?

E. Charlotte said...

Love the photos! Very creative and the colors are beautiful. :)

Kit said...

I love you photos! And especially the lite bulbs! Thank you for visiting my site. :) Kit said...

Julie, I hope you never loose your lightbulb obsessions as these pictures are just lovely.

Bree Oliver said...

I think you have passed on the light bulb obsession. I just love your pics of them. Amazing how such a simple house hold item can look so interesting.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

What great photographs Julie......... your new camera is performing brilliantly. I love the content....inspired. XXXX

La Petite Gallery said...

That last shot is fabulous. Is it a Japanese magnolia? I am going to get the eye test this morning. I hope you were kidding about your eyes.
Applause Julie, beautifully done.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hey Julie you certainly know how to turn a tad boring into beautiful, just gorgeous pics as always...Dzintra♥x

Chantal said...


these photographs are absolutely stunning! I'm just learning myself how to use my camera more effectively (for my Etsy shop!!!) I still have alot of practicing to do...Your work is amazing....

nevin said...

Ahhh.. you are killing me... soooo beautiful.. I will have a mix show in October, I wish you were in Melbourne. I wish same thing for my other beautiful blog friends which they are not in Melbourne XXX

rjerdee said...

Oh, that last shot is positively electrifying! Loved this focus-pocus post and your self-deprecating attitude...makes you so adorable and appealing.

red ticking said...

hi friend... lovely... xoxo

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*WOW you are so talented!! :) I LOVE your photos~*~* Rachel

the old boathouse said...

Aww Julie how special do I wonderful, you are too sweet and too clever. It worked out so well. I just love it you clever one. love Katherine xx

Fifi Flowers said...

GORGEOUS floral shots!!!

The Moerks said...

Fantastic shots. I recently went to Kings Park in Perth, they had a macro photography exhibibition of wildflowers, your photos reminded me of them.

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous - I love the color against the grays... lovely!

Ella said...

Love the gorgeous blur and focus! I am having trouble with my eyes! I think I need bifocals...
or perhaps reading glasses for now.

I love the lightbulb and it's representation~

Thanks for the pretty in pink moment~

Beatnheart said...

All the above and more...your new work is inspiring and beautiful...wish I had your eye and skilll and the words to go along with it all. really great Julie. Thank you so much for your visit and comment...

Anonymous said...

I love those picture, and the last even more.

Lise said...

Julie, beautiful, beautiful images and your voila is amazing! Lisa xx